The Benefits of Hiring a 2D Animator


Do you have a passion for animation? Are you looking to expand your horizons and create a new art form for yourself? 2D animation could be perfect for you. Animation is a popular art form with an ever-growing presence in the media world. It’s often used in film, television and video games, but its roots go far beyond these platforms. Animation can also be found in graphic design, physical theater and even museums. And within the animation genre, 2D animation or traditional cel animation is an iconic style of movement that has been around for almost a century.

Through this article, we will introduce the basics of 2D animation and why it may just be the right path for those looking to pursue their creative dreams. We will explore the key principles of 2D animation as well as discuss what makes it so different from other forms of visualization. Finally, we will give insight into where one can learn more about this fascinating craft and how they can start creating their own stunning pieces of work.

The Benefits of Hiring a 2D Animator

As long as there has been advertising, companies have been using animation as part of their strategy. The reason why is simple: it works! An animation is an excellent tool for getting people’s attention because it captures them visually and holds their interest with its colorful characters and movement (or lack thereof). Once someone has watched some form of animated content, whether it’s on TV or online, they are likely going remember who created that piece after seeing it again later down the line when looking into buying something from said company/brand/personality etcetera…

When creating a digital video or animation for your marketing campaign, you may think of a 2D animator for hire. However, in the world of digital media, more and more businesses are turning to 2D animators to provide high-quality and visually engaging content. Here are some of the benefits that come with hiring a 2D animator.

  • Improved Visual Quality

2D animation is especially suited for on-screen display due to its higher quality visuals compared to other forms of animation. The use of color, shading and lighting techniques makes it possible for a 2D animator to create stunning visuals that can really captivate an audience and draw attention. This can be especially useful if you’re trying to make an impact with your advertisements or online videos.

  • Faster Completion Time

Hiring a 2D animator means faster completion time as they have all the necessary tools and resources at their disposal. Many modern animation programs can automate parts of the process and make production easier than ever before. A 2D animator can also quickly adapt different styles depending on what works best for your project, further cutting down on production time.

  • Ability to Create High-Quality Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated visuals that use sophisticated software programs such as After Effects or Cinema 4D to create complex animations from text and shapes. By hiring a 2D animator with experience in motion graphics, you can create innovative designs that really stand out from the competition – something that would require much more time if done by hand with traditional animation methods.

  • Lower Cost

2D animation is relatively cost-effective when compared to 3D or hand-drawn animations/illustrations which usually require more complex equipment and manpower in order for them to work effectively. By leveraging existing technology, 2d animation projects are often able to keep costs considerably lower without sacrificing visual quality or features you would otherwise get from 3d animation companies.


The Qualities to Look for in a 2D Animator

2D animation is a great way to bring ideas to life and tell stories quickly and cost-effectively. Whether the animation is for advertisement, video games, or instructional videos, there are some specific qualities to look for in a 2D animator that will ensure you find the best fit for your project.

  • Good Drawing Skills: Drawing is at the heart of all animation success. A good 2D animator must have an eye for detail, a clear understanding of anatomy, perspective and posing; knowledge of light and shadow; and exceptional balance between different elements within the frame.
  • Storytelling Ability: An animator needs to be able to bring characters alive with movement and action that tells a story. The ability to read and interpret scripts into animated sequences is essential, so they can create scenes that flow naturally from one scene to another while conveying a clear message.
  • Experience with Animation Software: Animators should keep up-to-date with the latest techniques in digital technology. They should be proficient in software such as Adobe After Effects, Maya or Cinema 4D which are used by professionals in the industry today. Knowing computer scripting languages like JavaScript or ActionScript would also come handy when coding interactive animations.
  • Strong Conceptualizing Ability: Before starting work on any project, animators should be able to conceptualize it well—understanding ideas and concepts easily before visualizing them through sketches or models or designs created digitally or by hand drawing on paper; including mood boards if necessary — Ready precise outlines complete with maps detailing out each stages production process until its completion.

Hiring the right talent is important, and it can be difficult to find. 2D animators are highly sought after because they’re able to handle a variety of tasks. This means that if you hire a 2D animator, you’ll be able to attract more talented people than if you had an opening for just one job description.

The right talent can help your company grow and stay competitive in today’s business world, and it’s also crucial for increasing sales!



The benefits of hiring a 2D animator are many, and they can help your business in a variety of ways. From increasing brand awareness to improving employee communication, there are many reasons why hiring an animator is worth considering. If you’re unsure about whether this type of animation is right for your company or not, take some time to research what options are available before making any decisions about hiring an artist or agency.