How Rolex Has Kept Their Name for Years

If you talk about luxury mechanical watches with anyone, Rolex is sure to come into the conversation. This brand is so deeply embedded in the minds of any watch enthusiast that the name has become synonymous with a luxury watch itself.

You can see it worn on the wrist of A-list celebrities, from Ian Fleming and Paul Newman to the coolest secret agent (in the movies) James Bond. A Rolex watch is not merely a timepiece but a symbol of success, prestige, and sophistication.

Indeed, Rolex is a globally trusted watchmaker with many international awards and recognitions to its name. But how this watch brand get to be on top of the watchmaking game? In this article, we will discuss the history of Rolex and the reasons why it’s one of the most reputable watchmakers in the world.

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A Brief History of the World’s Top Watchmaker

In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis established the brand, which is now known as Rolex, in London, England. Originally, the company was registered as Wilsdorf and Davis until, in 1908, the brand name was changed to Rolex. The earliest timepieces produced by the company had the “W&D” stamped on the inside of the case back.

Wilsdorf and Davis imported quality movements from Hermann Aegler and put them in watch cases created by companies like Dennison. In 1910, the very own watch movement by Rolex was introduced.

The Rolex movement received the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision given by Bienne’s Official Watch Rating. It was the very first watch movement in the world to receive this recognition. In 1920, Wilsdorf parted ways with Davis and relocated to Geneva, Switzerland.

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Genius Marketing

With his mind for innovation and marketing expertise, Wilsdorf worked hard to transform the brand into what it is today. His marketing knowledge was ahead of his time. He used testimonials from satisfied customers to drive the early promotion of Rolex watches.

The watchmaker also did a successful promotional stunt featuring the first Rolex waterproof watch. The company hired Mercedes Gleitze, a British professional swimmer who swam across the English Channel wearing the Rolex Oyster timepiece. This stunt was to prove that the watch was indeed waterproof. And after several hours in the water, the wristwatch still worked perfectly.

This feat was then advertised on the front page of the Daily Mail. Since then, the hiring of athletes and celebrities to promote Rolex timepieces became a marketing strategy that contributed to the success of the brand.

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Innovation at Its Best

Another thing that contributes to the success of Rolex is the constant innovation of its products. From inventing the first waterproof wristwatch to creating the first timepiece with a multi-purpose command bezel, it’s no wonder that the Swiss watchmaker is the best in the world.

Rolex is also a pioneer in the self-winding caliber. In 1931, the company introduced a self-winding Rolex watch known as the “bubble back.” The self-winding component of this timepiece takes cues from the movement of the wearer’s arm. This innovative technology made timekeeping more convenient and reliable.

In the 1960s, the meticulous watchmakers of the company wanted to improve the quartz movement technology. Then a collaboration with other watch manufacturers happened, which resulted in the production of Beta 21 quartz movement, a caliber used in the Rolex Quartz Date reference 5100.

A few years later, the clean-slate 5035/5055 movement was introduced and utilized in the Oysterquartz models. Over its long and rich history, Rolex has already produced countless timepieces. You can even find both classic and modern variations of Rolex watches. They have timepieces specially designed for diving, swimming, racing, etc.

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World-Class Quality

Of course, you need to back up your innovation with quality, and Rolex can be trusted when it comes to this. Since its founding, the company has a reputation for creating top-quality and reliable watches that the world has ever known.

The most innovative timepieces produced by Rolex are world-class when it comes to function, durability, and reliability. Most of them can last a lifetime and become vintage collectibles. Wear them deep into the water, and they can still function properly after. Use a Rolex watch as a tool for your adventure, and you won’t regret it. Rolex is quality at its finest.



Do you want to know why Rolex is a reputable company? Well, it’s because its products are valuable items. Buy a Rolex timepiece today, and it will hold its value for years or decades to come.

The Swiss watchmaker only produces fewer than a million wristwatches annually. When supply is flat, the demand and price increases, that’s why if you want to set aside your money for investment, buy a Rolex watch.

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If you want to build a company that can last for decades or centuries, you should take the lead of Rolex. Rolex is one of the top luxury brands in the world. That’s because of genius marketing, continued innovation, and producing valuable and top-quality products. To learn even more about Rolex, you can also visit