How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Effectively

Video is emerging as the most sought-after media type in the world. This can be partially due to the massive rise of video and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Nowadays, people watch more than 1 billion hours of videos every single day. The popularity of these services is predicted to rise even more in the coming years.

With all the emphasis put off social media platforms as the predominant way to grow your brand, none beats YouTube as the platform to create videos for your brand. Sure Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have video players, but none match the capability and functionality of YouTube.

With more and more people choosing to consume content in the form of videos, it’s’ becoming a no brainer decision to invest your time in creating a YouTube channel.

However, your channel needs to grow if you are to make money off it through ads, sponsorships, and brand deals. And with all that said, we’re going to tell you how to grow your YouTube channel effectively. So, let’s start this journey together.

1. Focus on Specific Keywords

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Much like creating website content, YouTube also allows each content creator to insert relevant keywords so that other users can find their videos.

SEO works for YouTube as much as it does for Google and other search engines. YouTube videos oftentimes come up as the solution to a Google search, since each video is a part of a website that specializes in video content creation.

However, before starting your own YouTube channel, you have to figure out what you’re going to be doing with it. Do you plan on becoming a vlogger, gamer, DIY-er? You can choose hundreds of thousands of niches within all of these categories, but it is important to stick to it or at least within the niche.

For example, if want to become a vlogger, you can create content based on your daily life. This could be shopping, doing your makeup, or any other activity that you do in the day. But as a vlogger, you will be creating content around everything you do, so traveling content isn’t a far stretch for a vlogger.

But to grow your vlogging channel, you have to focus your videos on specific keywords that are relevant to your niche.

2. Create Quality Content

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You don’t need us to tell you that the only way to grow is by creating quality content. As a YouTuber, you are competing with hundreds of thousands of people every single day. The amount of content creators within your niche is also very high, and you have to be better than those people if you are to become the number one YouTube channel in your niche.

The one, and probably best, way to do this is to focus most of your attention on creating quality content. There are many ways to do this, and each person should discover his own style of content creation.

3. Advertise Your Videos


Simply inputting relevant keywords isn’t enough when you want to become the best in your niche. A great deal of marketing goes behind the curtains of each and every single famous content creator’s YouTube channel. While it does take a lot of patience and time for people to start noticing you, you can always hasten the process by employing a strong marketing strategy.

There are dozens of tools out there that can help you get your videos out there. From SEO tools to marketing tools, the options are truly limitless.

But you cannot throw your hard-earned money on something that will ultimately prove futile. You have to do your own research on which tool will work for you the most.

However, you can always have other people test things out and see what they say. And we can safely say that one tool that you should definitely use to grow your YouTube channel is Viboom.

Viboom is a platform that grows your YouTube channel by putting it under the radar. Their strong algorithms make it pop up in YouTube recommendations, and it’s not even that expensive.

There are a host of features you can choose when using this tool such as regions where to advertise, how many views, sharing options, subscribing options, etc. If you want to grow your YouTube channel effectively, make sure to visit this platform.

4. Start Talking to Your Subscribers

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If there is one way for your loyal subscribers to be even more loyal is to start engaging with them. At the begging, this is something that you absolutely must do; there is no way around it.

You want your first hundred subscribers to feel special, as they will be a part of your journey to fame. To make them feel special, however, you have to start talking to them.

This can be easily done if you simply take a look at the comments after each video and start replying back. If some of your subscribers encourage you to make more videos than write back and thank them for their love and honesty. Trust us when we tell you this, your subscribers are dying to talk to you, and they will appreciate every opportunity they get.

5. Show Your Face

Source: YouTube

In the case of your YouTube channel being part of a smaller organization, then there are also ways that you can grow the channel besides being owned by that set company/organization.

The best way to do this would be to take a look at number 4, but not exactly the way we’ve talked above.

Namely, if you’re running a YouTube channel for your organization/company, then start showing up in person so that people can see who you are. It’s very difficult for a YouTube channel to grow if there is no person behind it.

While there have been some amazing examples of YouTube channels that have hit untold fame even if there is no one showing their faces, the problem still persists. In the case of your company/organization creates informative content for its listeners, then start personalizing it so that more people would show up for your cool graphics and animations.

You can even do a monthly face-off with your audience and even do a Q & A.