How Does It Hurt Your Eyes to Look at the Computer Screen in the Dark

Using a computer is a really common thing nowadays, especially after the first wave of the pandemic which is a period where most of us started working from home. Even though working on a PC happens mostly during the day, we use a computer for many different purposes as well, such as watching Netflix, chatting with friends, and many other activities that are mostly done when the lights are low.

Ever since we were younger, doctors warned us about watching too much TV or staring at a PC screen for extensive amounts of time. However, back then technology was quite undeveloped as well, which made it more dangerous for us to do that. We had CRT monitors with low refresh rates and TV’s were a lot more harmful as well. However, even though today’s technology is quite improved, we still can’t allow ourselves to sit in front of a screen for unlimited amounts of time.

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Why is looking at a screen in the dark different?

Not that staring at a computer or smartphone screen during the day is the healthiest thing a person can do, but it gets significantly worse when the lights are out, and this is due to the contrast. Your eyes adapt to the environment, and this is something we learn and even test at a very young age in school. When you are in a completely dark room your eyes get a “signal” from the brain that it’s time to switch to “night mode”, but then all of a sudden an incredibly bright screen comes across and causes huge eyestrain.

According to a few tests performed in the past, people who were exposed to the same number of hours in front of a screen while in the dark versus those in a well-lit environment, experienced pain, eye soreness, and difficulty blinking. So, both ways are bad but being in the dark is far worse, so give your best to avoid it if possible.

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The “Dry Eyes” syndrome

Ever wondered why your eyes are so dry and red after looking at a computer screen for a very long time? Well, this is because you are not blinking enough since your brain is trying to put all focus and attention towards the thing you’re looking at. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing video games or studying on your computer, so we can safely eliminate the “video games are bad” ideology. Your eyes can’t recognize what type of content you’re viewing on the screen.

When staring at a screen for a very long time, your oil-secreting glands in your eyes are not working with the same frequency, meaning there’s a blockage. Shortly and simply said, a lack of tears is a reason for the dry eyes syndrome. Although this doesn’t directly impact your vision quality, it makes you look quite bad and gives it out that you were using the PC a long time the day before and you can discover more here.

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Becoming “shortsighted” with time

Now, this is something that isn’t directly connected with screens but we rarely stare at something for so long so it’s basically about screens after all. When we’re looking in a computer monitor, especially during the dark, after many hours, days, weeks, and finally years, we become shortsighted. Go out and try to focus on a mountain or a hill that’s far away. You’ll immediately notice that it looks blurry and you’ll find it difficult to focus on it. This is because our eyes are so used to looking at something that’s just a few inches away from our face. People who spend a lot of time on their PC because their profession depends on it, such as programmers, for example, are given an eyes-exercise routine by their doctors and they need to follow it to save their eyesight. Along with that, they’re given blue-light-filter type of glasses that contribute greatly towards the prevention of eyesight damage.

It’s not just “one screen” nowadays

We sit in front of a computer screen at work for eight hours, then while we are on our way back home we scroll social media platforms on our smartphone. Upon getting back home we watch some Netflix and before sleep, we use our smartphone for a few more hours. So, the excuse of being in front of “only one” screen for “only” a few hours is not legitimate at all. We’re using screens for a lot more than we’re supposed to, but we’ve got so used to it that we don’t think it’s a problem anymore.

Along with staring at a PC screen comes something else which is equally as bad, if not even worse. Yes, we’re talking about sitting for long periods. Sitting down for so many hours a day eventually becomes a complicated health issue. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is just one of the negative things, along with worsened posture, neck pain, and a lot more.

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What is the best solution for the issue?

The best solution for this is blue-light-filter glasses. Nothing helps more, except reducing the time you spend in front of a screen, which isn’t an option for everyone. Blue light filter glasses are the best investment you can get if you are a power PC user. And, since they are not so expensive nowadays, you can get them without having to save money for months.


Protecting your eyesight is important, and if you want to do a small investment that will take you a long way, Muunel is a brand that you should check out. They offer stylish blue-light-filter glasses that won’t make you look nerdy. Instead, you can preserve your classy look while protecting the single most valuable thing a person can have, which is your eyesight. Muunel’s website is convenient and easy to navigate through, so just open it and sort products by “computer glasses.” Get yourself a pair and enjoy the modern digital era without worrying about your health.

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As always, we thank you for the time you took off to read this piece. We hope you’ll stay healthy and productive in the future.