Hytale Game – Most Anticipated Game of the Year

If polling players about the most anticipated game, they probably won’t reach consensus. Each player is waiting for the continuation of their favorite game or something new in their preferred genre. In the meantime, one game managed to get the title of the most anticipated game. It is known as Hytale, an RPG game with sandbox genre elements.

The RPG genre presupposes a global plot, a lot of characters (NPC or companions), side quests, and a more or less open world. Dragon Age, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are the greatest examples. But what about the second part in genre terminology?

Sometimes, the sandbox is used as a synonym to the “open world.” While a player can explore the game’s universe freely in sandbox games, they are not a truly open world. For example, one can remember The Sims and Minecraft. Players are allowed to choose missions and change or destroy elements of the world. Also, they have access to the whole world from the very beginning.

In this way, Hytale is a child of RPG and sandbox genres. So no wonder that people have been anticipating this game for about two years since the announcement. Besides, published in December 2018, the game’s trailer has collected more than 57 million views and 103,000 comments. What is the formula for its success? Why not explore it.

Recipe for Success

  • Birth from a popular sandbox game

Probably, the popular game has an important impact on the high level of players’ expectations. Hypixel Studio, the developer of Hytale Game, initially worked on the separate server for Minecraft. Hence, one can expect such main game modes as:

  1. survival: exploring the world, creating tools, and mining resources while remembering about indicators affecting the state of the character;
  2. creative: access to all game elements with the player’s imagination as the only limitation of the gameplay;
  3. hardcore: similar to survival, but with no second chances to fix something affecting the death of the character.

Hytale has a chance to become a separate game and not just a server because of particular changes in 2014. Roughly speaking, Hypixel Studio has been working on it for six years. The studio promises to release the game in 2024, but passionate players can sign up for the beta test. Read more on Insider.Games about Hytale beta release date and first impressions to decide what to do next: wait till the actual version of the game or try to become a tester.

Source: Gamereactor
  • Setting

Little is known about the game world. From the available information, it can be assumed that it will combine elements of the fantasy world (ice giants, ogres, undead, and magic). Perhaps the world will be named after the game, but it’s only a mere assumption. However, certainly, players can explore forests, dungeons, and underwater realms.

  • Another popular game giant behind

On the one hand, Minecraft fans are waiting for this Hypixel game. On the other hand, the fans of League of Legends can be counted as well. It’s difficult to imagine sandbox and MOBA in one sentence, but it’s a reality. The thing is that Riot Games, the League of Legends developers, bought Hypixel Studios in spring 2024.

Of course, players shouldn’t expect MOBA elements in the sandbox RPG game. There will be too many things, and Hytale is unlikely to turn out the way it was intended. It’s more about the name Riot Games built for themselves and their understanding that the game will be quite successful.

Secret Ingredients

  • Gameplay

Possible main game modes have already been mentioned. But additionally, Hytale will have a lot of mini-games. The official trailer reveals at least three of them:

  1. Sky Wars: a player has to fight on clouds. The final goal is to defeat the rest of the players. One can play solo or with a company.
  2. Mega Walls: four teams have time to prepare behind the castle walls. When time runs out, the walls disappear, and the teams must face each other in a “deadly” match.
  3. Hunger Games: players are spawning on the tops of the pedestals. Pedestals are placed around resource chests. In addition, chests with resources such as food, weapons, and armor are scattered throughout the map.

The mentioned mini-games can already be played online.

  • RPG fights

From the genres, it’s possible to assume that fights will be one of Hypixel game’s peculiarities. Most likely, the developed characteristics will affect the outcome of the battle as well as dices. Divinity: Original Sin has a classic RPG fighting style that resembles chess. there can be an unlimited number of moves, but the battle is affected by:

  1. development and level of the characters and their companions;
  2. equipment (weapons, armor, accessories);
  3. learned skills and spells;
  4. environment;
  5. race characteristics.

Of course, one can also assume that fights won’t be a main part of Hytale. But when it comes to them, they will probably have a nice old-school RPG flavor.

Source: APKPure.com
  • Graphics

Don’t expect much from the graphics. It will be improved, obviously. The creators will make sure that the graphics are clean and pleasant to the eye. But all this will be in the familiar Minecraft cubic world. Still, the trailer’s screenshots impress the future players with the work done.

Besides, Hytale will be open to fan modifications. So, one can expect a lot of modes adjusting the graphics and gameplay to the preferences of the players.

Final Seasoning

If nothing changes, Windows and macOS users will play Hytale next year. As for now, the developers were able to create their own special recipe for a game to be expected. Simple yet sophisticated graphics appeal to nostalgia, level of game funding influences the level of graphics. Nice music promises long hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

General friendliness allows players to create their own codes and modifications to change the universe to suit their preferences. And it’s great to see an already positive attitude. Of course, creators will never have enough time to please everyone. But they allow players to do their bit.

Source: markfasr

One can feel it even at the stage of creating the game. And at the stage of becoming a game tester. Hytale promises to be quite enjoyable and pleasant, and that’s why it is the most anticipated game of the year.