4 Signs You Need to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills – 2024 Guide

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Sometimes you think you can do it, but realize that you need help when it is too late. After all, there are so many people and tools that can salvage your essay writing skills. According to homework experts at writemypaper123.com services online, every student should know when to ask for help.

Interestingly, help is not for the amateurs. You could have written numerous papers before yet get to a point where you need help. A topic could prove difficult even with your experience and expertise.

Ignoring help leaves you vulnerable to a low grade or late submission. However, asking for help will allow you to meet deadlines, submit the best paper, and safeguard your grades. The most important point is for a student to recognize that he or she needs help on time to save the situation. Here are a few signs that you need help to improve essay writing.

1. Poor Grades

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Poor academic grades are an indication that your writing skills are wanting. Most of the essays will test your understanding of a topic and how well you express ideas on a subject. Poor grades are a sign that you do not understand the instructions or cannot express answers satisfactorily. It is time to see a coach who will guide you on writing.

Poor grades could be on narrative-based subjects or all units. For instance, subjects that require you to write extensively descriptive essays like literature, history, and social sciences are the best in weighing your writing skills. If the problem extends to other subjects or units, you will need help beyond the specific units.

In some cases, your performance may dip instead of remaining constant or improving. It is time to review your essay writing skills. Change in performance comes because you are not living up to the expectations of your new grade. In other cases, you fail to adjust your skills to fit the requirements of the new topic or subject. Such cases require a little awareness to understand the different expectations.

2. Taking Too Much Time on an Essay

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A guru in academic writing will only take a reasonable time on an essay. The amount of time taken depends on the topic, especially the existence of unique instructions regarding the essay. For this reason, some essays take a shorter time than others. However, the overall time taken on an essay must be reasonable.

When you take more time than is reasonable, it could be time to get help with your writing skills. Several reasons increase the time taken to complete an essay and will be addressed when you go looking for help.

  • Understanding of instructions- the instructions issued could be alien to your understanding. Failure to understand instructions will delay commencement, eventually costing you through late submission. The helper will clarify fuzzy areas, helping you to work faster and execute the instructions accurately.
  • Time management- how are you using your time when writing? Taking too much time on an assignment is dangerous because it causes fatigue. If you do not allocate enough or quality time to essay writing, you will end up with a low-quality paper. Set specific and reasonable time for each paper or chapter of your essay.
  • Execution of instruction- can you cite materials accurately or format the paper as required? Students doubting their ability to format or execute instructions will take more time on very simple tasks.
  • Research and reference materials- you write your essay based on deductions from the reference materials used. If you do not know where to find them or how to use them, you will take a lot of time working on a simple paper. Look for quality databases that will help you to deliver a compelling paper in record time.

The body and mind could also be tired, causing you to work slowly. All these factors will be addressed once you get help with your essay writing.

3. Repetitive Mistakes

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What mistakes have been highlighted in your writing over the past semester? Analyze these mistakes and seek the right help. Some students have a problem with grammar while others cannot choose the right words. In other cases, citations are a big problem. Monitor your mistakes to find a solution.

Discuss your performance at the end of every essay. Your tutor will highlight some of the areas that could be diluting your essays, resulting in a poor grade. Tutors understand students better and have seen many others improve from worse positions or go down because of simple mistakes.

The tutor will recommend exercises, books, or tools to help you to improve the particular areas of difficulty. Luckily for college students, apps have integrated AI technology that can help you to analyze your main weaknesses. From the data, you have a solid foundation to improve your work.

4. Procrastination

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It is displayed when the enthusiasm to complete your assignment is gone. At this point, you are only pushed to work by a looming deadline. You end up rushing to complete the assignment at the last minute. You will produce very poor quality work that lowers your grade.

Procrastination is cured by deliberate planning. Begin working on the essay immediately after it is issued. You give yourself ample time to rest as well as search for the best reference materials. You can also beat procrastination by working in a group. The members become a source of motivation to complete the assignment.

Once you recognize that you need help, you must choose the right sources of assistance. Check reviews of websites and professionals offering essay writing help. You may also want to test their services with a small exercise before allowing them to work on lengthy papers. You are guaranteed quality help that does not compromise your performance.