6 Tips to Improve Your Website Design

Few people get the perfect result after doing something for the first time. As for websites, this rule works for 100%. In 2024, search engines will continue to improve their algorithms by considering more and more factors for ranking results. So, it’s time to look at your site from another angle and think about what else you can do to get more traffic and sales.

To make it easier, we have created a list of basic things you can do to improve your website design with iMatrix. You can be sure that at least one of the points is relevant to your project.

1. Mobile Responsiveness

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We live in a time when mobile users want to get the same experience as provided by desktop devices. If your goal is to obtain a sufficient amount of traffic, you have to make your site convenient and easy to use both on smartphones and computers. And there are two objective reasons for that:

  • During the past 7 years, mobile web traffic has grown up by 222%. This year, 51% of all internet traffic was generated by mobile devices. Experts say that this number will only increase.
  • Representatives of the Google search engine have officially included the quality of site optimization for mobile devices into their ranking system. So, web resources that do not meet this requirement are positioned lower in the search result list.

In case you cannot make your site mobile-friendly all by yourself (and most people can’t), it’s better to leave this task to professionals like the Alice Wonder team.

2. Quick Loading

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A website feature that disappoints visitors most of all is the slow loading speed. It’s a well-known fact that users decide whether to stay or leave a web page within a few seconds. And if the page doesn’t open during that time – goodbye for good! You can lose up to 25% of potential clients within a moment just because of slow loading.

Therefore, when upgrading your site, pay special attention to videos, photos, and other graphic content that needs to be optimized. Plus, make sure the hosting plan you signed up for can provide the necessary loading speed.

3. Trendy Design

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You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king”. That’s quite right. But the look of the website plays an equally important role. The studies show that a site’s visual appearance has a significant impact on its value. And given the fact that a visitor doesn’t have much time to create a positive impression, this aspect is worth taking care of.

For instance, a web page created in 2010 is obviously behind the project that was launched in 2024. And between these two sites, a potential client will always choose the new one because its trendy design is a sign of successful business operation.

You can start upgrading your web resource by applying popular color combinations, playing with fonts, or adding some artwork and animation. But remember that every piece of content on your web page should be original. Nothing looks as unprofessional and cheap as smiling friends and men in suites copied from photo stocks.

4. Action Triggers

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Calls to action (CTAs) are the elements whose purpose is to attract visitors’ attention and encourage them to perform a certain action: fill out a special form or subscribe to a newsletter, order a product or send an application form, etc.

Banners, buttons, icons, or just funny headlines can be used as calls to action. Use bright and contrasting colors to make them stand out. You can also experiment with words because even slightly different purchase buttons like “Buy”, “Order,” or “Add to cart” give different conversion results.

5. Updated Content

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Content is the area that requires constant improvement. Unique and specialized content that provides detailed information on the topic has always been highly evaluated by search engines. A comprehensive, well-formatted article usually receives a higher ranking than a hasty news story. But you need to write and post on a regular basis. Even if you publish one article per week, do it according to the schedule because the audience expects it.

Here are a few more tips on how you can improve the content on your website:

  • Write and publish new articles based on the semantic core;
  • Rewrite existing materials and make them more informative (add important details and updated research);
  • Check if the content of category pages and product cards is unique; if not, rewrite it too;
  • Make the texts reader-friendly by dividing them into logical parts and using formatting elements like subheadings, lists, and highlights;
  • Apply online services for professional proofreading;
  • Improve readability by changing the background color or font size;
  • Add infographics and videos as examples.

And don’t forget to speak the same language as your clients do. Don’t use complicated word combinations or professional terms that are not explained in the same text. Always check if the content is understandable for a person who is not an expert in your field.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

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Do you know why chatbots have become so popular? Because they offer constant online support that is available round the clock and don’t even ask for a salary. It’s like having a virtual assistant who speaks with customers instead of you. Chatbots are a cheap and effective way to respond to users’ requests, and they ensure that your potential clients feel good about visiting your website.

Instead of Conclusion

The goal of all the suggested changes is to make your web resource more valuable and useful for visitors. Keep in mind that modern users are picky, and if they don’t like something, they’ll go to another site.

The distance between you and your closest competitor is measured in a few clicks. So, do not skimp on quality. Do less but better. This investment always pays off!