What Is Intelligent Video Surveillance?

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Have you been racking your brains lately to provide fool-proof protection for your property? We suggest getting an intelligent video surveillance system! It offers an intelligent scrutiny system that can record criminal activities in and around your property. And the best part? They are super affordable too! Who has ever thought that there will be systems in the future which will aid us in getting live streams and real-time footage of the places we need to keep a check on in our dwelling or working area?

That will detect unwanted activities and will be operated remotely with just a click on our mobile or laptop screens. But technology has made things possible and helped every individual and business to make the most of it. These various tech tools have made our life more manageable than ever!

Wish to know more about them before you install one? Then read on as we walk you through its features, benefits, and how they work. So let’s get started!

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Features of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

Traditional video surveillance is limited in various ways. They operate on an on and off button, provide unusable fuzzy videos, and are often unreliable. All these problems can be easily overcome with the help of intelligent video surveillance systems. Here are some of the features of the system that provide better protection:

  • Vehicle license plate recognition
  • Notification alerts to field personnel or operators
  • Can detect camera tampering
  • Enhanced searching for specific event displays for a particular time frame.
  • Can count people coming and leaving
  • Can track a moving object
  • Automatic visual and audio detection of suspicious activities
  • Triggers alerts and alarms to notify business owners and homeowners of possible threats
  • Initiates actions like alerts, alarms, and video recording
  • Top-notch picture quality, including night vision technology

Now let’s look at how the intelligent video surveillance system works.

How Do They Work?

Like voice commands and video doorbells, intelligent video surveillance systems are fast becoming essential in our homes and offices. They come with wireless surveillance systems and hardwired cameras to provide better protection. Here’s how the system works.

Your security professional from consulting security services will set up the wireless communication system protocol. It connects the surveillance system to the security company facilitating communication between the hub and the sensor. It can be done via cellular technology and wifi.

The wireless system ensures that you do not need extreme electrical expenses and avoid extra wires and holes in your home. You can read more to know some great benefits of intelligent video surveillance systems.

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Benefits of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

Let’s see some elaborated benefits of Video surveillance systems!

  • Reduce the cases of theft & vandalism

Intelligent video surveillance systems are the best way to protect one’s property. They reduce the number of person-hours required for monitoring the system while making it easier to detect crimes. These intelligent surveillance systems provide the best video quality and capture and store more video as compared to analogue systems. In addition, these systems capture high-definition images with better clarity and wider viewing angles. So it becomes easier for you to keep an eye on what activities are going on near your dwelling or working area.

  • Easy to install and maintain

Small businesses and homeowners who cannot afford elaborate security systems can use these systems to protect themselves against crimes. In addition, today’s intelligent video surveillance systems are much easier to install and maintain than conventional cameras, requiring complex wiring to see multiple video feeds. As a result, these intelligent surveillance systems need less effort to establish and sustain. Moreover, these novice systems are easy to operate, and you can check them simply without getting any technical detail.

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  • Entails remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the best advantages of these intelligent video surveillance systems. For example, suppose you’re out of your home/office, and you need to have the footage of what activity is going on there. You can easily watch it through your mobile device or laptop, whichever is connected to the systems, without worrying about theft or any unusual activity. These highly integrated digital video systems can keep track of activities from anywhere in the world. So, you need a good internet connection to access it. Moreover, you can access these security systems from any connected devices and view live streams or access the footage you’ve archived.

  • Lowers the cost

Any individual or company needs to get a cost-effective security system, yet it provides a better security framework. These intelligent video security cameras fulfil this purpose. These don’t require huge spaces like conventional surveillance systems. As digital systems have a more comprehensive view with a higher resolution, you need fewer cameras to cover vast areas.

As future integration of traditional surveillance systems has become troublesome because of complex wiring, digital cameras are much easier to integrate into existing networks. Moreover, it implies that all the additional operational costs can be reduced, resulting in enhanced productivity, as this new system needs only a few people to monitor them.

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While you can install a surveillance system yourself, it is always advisable to take the help of a professional. They can provide demonstrations, advice and handle the most complicated installations. In addition, they can work around your design and decor features to make the installation organic and seamless.

Also, if you end up damaging the equipment yourself, you won’t have any other option but to get rid of the entire system.


Intelligent video surveillance is the future of security systems. It is prevailing right now and will expand in the coming time. As technology rises, we will need robust security systems for all our facilities, including houses, offices, or industries. As the market is laden with tons of these systems with varied features, all you need is to choose the correct one that fulfills your purpose and caters to the need for reliable security services.

So, that is all you need to know about intelligent video surveillance systems! These are useful, affordable, and provide the best protection for your property. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on an intelligent video surveillance system today!