How Many Times Can You Fail Before Inventing a New Product?

You have probably heard many times that failure is just another lesson. This is also true when it comes to fail before inventing a new product. We know that failure, in this case, can mean a big drop in self-confidence, loss of hope and similar moods. However, we must not forget how some innovations have taken place in the past that have pushed the boundaries of research. Instead of focusing on failure, you need to strive for new answers, methods and the entire organization.

Don’t worry about a few failures, because when it comes to creating a new product, mistakes are a normal occurrence. They happen to everyone and they certainly will to you. All you can do is work on the approach as much as possible. Make an effort to think about each segment of the business and improve it over time. Read more about it below and find some useful information to help you on the path to success.



No matter how many times you are defeated, you must not feel that way. You will most likely face several defeats, but you should use that in the best way. How to do it? So this doesn’t have to be bad. Use it as an opportunity to learn something new from it, because you really learn best from a trial and error approach. This is a much more common occurrence than you think. The secret is to stick to your goal, pushing endlessly. Remember some of the most famous innovators and inventors throughout history.

A lot of them have a lot of failures behind them, and then they achieved incredible goals by which everyone remembers them today. Remember that you may succeed 100 times, but it is enough to be right once and succeed. Of course, it is advisable to use all the guidelines that can help you reduce the number of failures. You can also learn from other people’s mistakes, and read below why they generally fail a new product.

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The approach you use when troubleshooting is crucial. If you constantly use the same approach that is wrong, you will only stagnate. That way you will never get out of the vicious circle of wrongdoers. Therefore, innovations arise as a result of solving the most basic problems. Therefore, it requires all the necessary research that is previously performed. In this way, reverse engineering is achieved, because it successfully identifies differentiated and valuable information. However, in order to obtain the necessary information, it is necessary to consider every step in using the product or service.

In this case, it is recommended to conduct a value chain analysis. Only in this way will you be able to solve real problems and needs of people. Just do your best at it. You will succeed if you approach customer research, distillation of customer needs and insights, idea generation, etc. correctly. Do not create time pressure for yourself. Speed ​​is important, but not at the cost of poor innovation travel management. So they will never lose interest in you product. You can also opt to ask for help from professionals like InventHelp who are very experienced and can help you overcome some early hurdles.

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Custom product development methodology

This step differs depending on the industry and the company. Therefore, there is no universal formula that can be applied to everyone when it comes to product development methodology. However, it is important that the approach involves structured and careful consideration. The product should not be transferred from one phase to another until the previous one is completely finished. However, a well-established product development methodology that suits your business and the entire management team will not lead to corporate disruption. There are several methodologies that can help all teams become more customer-focused and successfully master the initial part of innovation.

So, it refers to thinking about design, business model canvas and startup. It is important to use the method in the right way and at the right time. After the necessary research is done, it is desirable to generate it as soon as possible and test solutions for certain needs. After that, the sustainability of the solution is checked and everything else, such as prototypes, testing, etc. Only after you find a desirable, feasible and sustainable solution do you achieve success.

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It is necessary to single out the key assumptions immediately, Many people happen to simply ignore this and make a decision late. Then wrong assumptions about products happen because there is not enough time to question them. Instead of such a bad approach, be aware of the importance of assessment. This refers to estimates of materials, labor costs, legal implications, etc.

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Coordination of different sectors

Another wrong thing that can happen to you is narrow-mindedness. This is mostly done by small companies that involve insufficient people in the process of incubating the idea. There is a big shortcoming when it comes to functioning between sectors. For example, it happens that marketing is introduced into the process only after a long time. You miss a lot this way. It was the marketing person who may have had a useful insight into a process that has to do with design, utility, or something else. That is why coordination between the departments is of great importance from the very beginning.

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In the end, we must not forget the proper rhythm. Many squares and developers get too excited or create time pressure on themselves. The consequences generally involve reckless actions such as the premature release of too many products. In this way, the quality of new products and its chain is reduced. Instead, it is important to focus on internal resources, production, constraints, and better time management.


So, a person must constantly expand his horizons and that applies to every part of his life. When it comes to inventing a new product, it is important to stay motivated and focused on the right things. We hope we have helped you find the answer to your question, but more than that.