Jen Selter Net Worth 2020

Jen Selter is an American fitness trainer and social media influencer. She is mostly famous for her fit figure and fitness couching on social media. Today she lives and works in New York.

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Early Life and Career

Jen Selter is born on 8th August 1993, in Roslyn, New York. She grew up with her mother in Long Island, where she attended high school and started taking classes in cosmetology. However, she wasn’t interested in that so much. She decided to skip college, as “it will be only a distraction for the career and future business plan,” as Jen once stated.

Jen started to invest in herself so that she could look perfect. Therefore, while being fifteen years old, she had her first nose job.

After graduation, Jen started to work in a city gym, as a front desk receptionist. Not long after that, she got attracted to the workout lifestyle, and she began to exercise every day after work. Soon she noticed how her body is changing and becoming more beautiful, and since then, she never stopped.

In 2013, Instagram appeared as the first sensation, and Jen decided to use it as a tool for her self – prosperity. She posted pictures of her working out and improving her body, which gained a lot of popularity, and soon people started to notice her everywhere. After her account reached over a million followers, Jen quit her job and started her fitness business.

Source: Instagram

In the meantime, Jen became a fitness model, and she covered beauty and sports magazines all across the U.S. Her popularity grew. Her Instagram account reached over 12.8m followers.

Jen is a good entrepreneur, and she made a contract with several healthy food companies and clothing brands. Therefore, she became a spokeswoman for Game Plan Nutrition, and she promotes brands like Alo Yoga, Avocado Activewear, Beats by Dre, Cirrus Fitness, FitMissand many more.

As a model, Jen worked for Nike, New Balance, Lululemon, and others. She mostly promotes fitness clothes, shoes, and sportswear, which can be used for cycling, yoga, running, etc.

Moreover, Jen is a social media personality, and everything she does goes viral, and it is her primary source of success. As follows, Jen takes a lot of pictures, and she has a specific way of the pose, to express her bottom, which became famous as belfie – a selfie of your base. Also, she started a hashtag mania #seltering, which means that you are taking a pose in which your butt looks the best. It went viral and became popular among celebrities and young women who are centered around fit and slim looking body.

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Personal Life

Jen is still living with her mother, and they are settled in Upper West Side. The good looking fitness model is still single, and she receives hundreds of dating offers over social media, daily. Yet, Jen is waiting for someone special, as she is usually turning them all down. What can be expected more from a girl who is listed among the 99 most beautiful women in the AskMenpoll list.

Source: Instagram

Jen Selter Net Worth 2020

The talented young entrepreneur, Jen is currently making around $1 million only for her fitness plan program and diet plan that goes online, over her website. Besides that, she has her promoting business, where she makes around $60,000 per month. Also, as the number of her followers grows, the price of her promotion goes higher, and today she makes $720,000 only by posting her promo pictures. Overall, her net worth for this year is around $2 million.


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