Justin Ryan Simpson Net Worth 2024

Justin Ryan Simpson is a 31-year old entrepreneur and realtor. It’s safe to say that he’s a self-made man, despite coming from famous parents. However, unlike most children of celebrities, he had a tough life. To many, being a child of famous parents is probably great. You get the best toys, schools, and the best vacations. But if your parents are part of a murder investigation, where your mom died and your father was convicted as the murderer, life can be quite challenging.

Well, life can’t be that good, no matter how much money you have. Or it can be? No one knows this better than Justin Ryan Simpson, child of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson.

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Justin Ryan Simpson was born on August 6, 1998. It’s no secret that he came a long way to becoming today’s famous businessman and real estate agent. Justin is one of the three living children of O.J. Simpson, a legendary former NFL player, actor, and media personality. While many may have expected Justin to follow in the footsteps of his father, he chose a completely different path instead, all with his own efforts. Before O.J Simpson was convicted, he was a role model to many and you could have found numerous posters and fanart. Now, there are none to be found, but if you are looking for some other celebs or players, you might as well visit musaartgallery.com where there’s also cool wall art for your room.

His mom was Nicole Brown Simpson, a German-American model, who was stabbed to death outside of her condominium in L.A. Nicole was killed together will her friend Ron Goldman, on June 13, 1994. Due to tragic family circumstances, little Justin was raised by his grandparents, Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. He has an older sister, Sidney Brooke Simpson.

When Justin was only four, his parents divorced. Two years later, his mother was murdered, and his father was accused of killing her. O.J. Simpson was released in 2017.

These circumstances are, by no means, something that any normal child should ever have to go through. But his troubled childhood didn’t stop him from leaning towards the road to success in real estate.

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Relationship With His Father

Because of the tragic circumstances that their family has gone through, Justin didn’t have a close relationship with his father while growing up. He was only a young boy, at age six, when his mother was found murdered. Adding up to the gruesome details of the story is the fact that his father was also the prime suspect for the homicide.

There’s no evidence as of writing whether or not Justin, together with his siblings, may have reconciled with their father after his release. He chose to live a life so different from that of his father’s, and with a different career, too.

Justin’s Private Life

Not much is known online or in the public eye about Justin’s life, other than his career. He chooses to live a private life and does not disclose personal details in any of his social media accounts, which appear to be rather inactive.

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Justin attended Gulliver Preparatory School in Pinecrest, Florida. He then moved forward to his college studies at Florida State University, where he graduated in 2010.


Little is known, but Justin lives on his own money. He didn’t want to do anything with his father’s money. Maybe JR used that determination to build his empire. Once Simpson graduated from Florida State University, he started his career in the real estate business. That being said, this young entrepreneur started serving as a Real Estate Sales Professional at Muffley & Associates Real Estate.

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In 2015, he started working as the Real Estate Sales for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, where he was known for his fantastic negotiation skills. From 2018, Justin is a full-time employee as a real estate sales agent for DHM real estate group. At the same time, he started his own company, Bolder Property Management.

Justin enjoys his everyday life in the Sunshine State and keeps a low-key life.

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Justin Ryan Simpson Net Worth 2024

Just through his business, JR made quite a name for himself. After all, he is nowadays known as the most prominent businessman. His negotiation and communication skills, next to impeccable customer support mindset, launched Justin Ryan Simpson into the real estate fame and fortune. At the time, his net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Also, Justin owns a three-bedroom property value of $226,000. His sister, Sidney, is also in the real estate business and is the owner of the company that provides drinks and food for gathering or social events. Her net worth is $10 thousand. Although they are a powerful sister-brother duo, at the time, Justin’s net worth is sure to have a massive boost shortly. It seems that his bank account is on a great way to grow more and more in time to come.