11 Tips For Keeping Multiple Hamsters As Pets

Source: scmp.com

Hamsters are common house pets, and as we all know, most of them are solo riders. So what happens when you want to keep more than one hamster?

Well, you need to be prepared. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but you really have to know your stuff if you want to keep multiple hamsters – especially if you want to keep them in the same cage.

On that note, here are eleven key tips that will help you keep multiple hamsters as pets!

1. Plan Ahead – Before You Get Multiple Hamsters, Make Sure You Have Enough Space For Them And The Necessary Supplies

Source: scmp.com

Preparation is key. Without it, you can say goodbye to keeping more than one hamster. So – plan ahead. Keep in mind you’ll need to get on top of several things – from cages, toys, food, actual hamsters and so on. Do your research. On the second thought, you’re already here, so you’ve already started. Good for you!

2. Buy A Large Enough Cage Or Habitat – Hamsters Need Plenty Of Space To Run Around And Play

We’ve consulted with aivituvin.com, a professional in this field, about how much space you need to give to your hamster. And, they say that a hamster needs at least 2 square feet (or about 300 square inches) of space to live in, preferably more. This is to allow them plenty of room to play and exercise. Without enough space, a hamster can become stressed and may even become ill, and we know you wouldn’t want that for your pet, right?

3. Provide Plenty Of Toys And Hiding Places – Hamsters Love To Play And Hide, So Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Toys And Places To Hide In Their Home

If you were a hamster, you would run inside of a wheel all day, too, wouldn’t you? You know you would. Hamsters are very active creatures, so they need plenty of toys and space to run around. This will also help these little rascals stay healthy and fit, and possibly even live longer.

4. Keep The Habitat Clean – Hamsters Like To Live In A Clean Environment, So Be Sure To Clean Their Habitat Regularly

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Hamsters need their cages clean because they like to live in a clean environment. It’s as simple as that. Also, it’s necessary to keep their cage clean to keep them healthy. You should completely clean their cage (change their bedding entirely) at least once a week, but if you have more than one hamster, you may need to clean it twice a week. Of course, this doesn’t mean cleaning out dirty bedding each day. That goes without saying.

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5. Make Sure Each Hamster Has Its Own Food And Water Dishes – They Really Don’t Know How To Share

Well, we’ve kind of already told you all there is to say about this one, but we’ll reiterate. Each hamster needs their own food and water dish because if they share, one may end up hogging all the food or water, leaving the others without. So make sure each little friend has their own designated eating and drinking area and dishes to avoid any conflict. This kind of applies to toys, hideouts, and wheels, too.

6. Be Gentle – Hamsters Are Very Delicate And Can Be Easily Injured, So It’s Best To Avoid Handling Them Too Much

We get it that you want to cuddle with your fuzzy little friend, but you have to be careful. They don’t mind petting, in fact, they crave it, but you have to be really gentle. Use your fingers and just run them down their backs – that should do the trick. Cradling them in your palms is fine, but please keep your palms open.

7. Be Careful When Introducing New Hamsters – When Adding New Hamsters To The Group, Make Sure You Add Them Young

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We wouldn’t recommend just adding a new hamster to the cage, no matter how ample the space is. If you want the hamsters to get along, you have to start them early and give them time to bond. If possible, put the hamsters from the same litter together.

8. Keep An Eye On Their Health – If One Hamster Seems Sick, Take It To The Vet Right Away As It Could Spread Its Illness To The Others

This is pretty important, obviously. If you see one hamster acting strange or different in any way, take it to the vet right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry and catch an illness early on before it has a chance to spread. And, believe us, if one of them is sick – the disease will spread like a wildfire. You’ll be out of your furry little friends very quickly if this happens.

9. Know Which Hamsters Can Live Together – Only A Few Species Of Hamsters Can Live Together

First things first – Syrian hamsters and bother large ones don’t get along. They’re solitary animals and they don’t appreciate companionship. So, if you want to keep your hamsters together, go with smaller breeds, like dwarf hamsters. They’re the ones that are fairly social and will get along just fine.

10. Keep Same-Sex Hamsters Separate – Unless You Want An Entire Army Of Hamsters, You’ll Want To Keep The Boys Away From The Girls

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If you’ve watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you know what happens when you leave guinea pigs all alone. They multiply. Fast! Well, the same thing happens with hamsters. And, it doesn’t really matter if they’re from the same littler – these little Lannisters will breed to their hearts’ content. And then, when the food runs out – they’ll eat their babies. So, keep the boys and girls separate!

11. Be Prepared For The Worst – It Is Not Uncommon For Hamsters That Live Together To End Up In A Fight To The Death

This is, unfortunately, a thing. Hamsters are known to fight each other to death. They’re territorial, possessive, and if they lack space, resources, or if they’re simply stressed – they’ll fight to the bitter end. So, if you house multiple hamsters together, be prepared for the worst. It might not happen, but it’s always best to be prepared for heartbreak.


So, there you have it – our tips for keeping multiple hamsters as pets. It’s not easy, but it can be done if you’re prepared for the challenges. Just remember to give them enough space, resources, and attention! Good luck!