How To Know If Your Backyard Is Big Enough For A Swimming Pool


Are you thinking of getting a pool? Well, before you dive in (pun intended), there are some things you need to consider. For instance, is your backyard big enough? How big should it be? And where should you put it?

If you’d like answers to these pressing questions – keep reading! We’ve got them prepared for you!

What To Consider Before Getting A Pool

First things first, you can’t just say “Oh, my yard’s (not) big enough for this project”. That’s nonsense. Sure, your yard probably can’t fit an Olympic-sized pool, but do really need such a monstrosity in the back? No, of course, you don’t. Unless you’re a professional swimmer, in which case, we take back what we said.

But, we’re getting side-tracked.

What we want to say is that you have to keep a few things in mind when settling situations like these, and in this case – there are three thing you must decide upon before you try and ponder the question – is your backyard big enough for a pool?



Not that we’d recommend it, but you could have a custom poo made in the shape of a star if you wanted to. So, before you ask yourself if your backyard is big enough, you need to decide on the shape of the pool.

The most common shapes are:

  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Round
  • L-Shape
  • Kidney bean
  • Tubular

But, there are also many more unique ones as well.

Once you’ve decided on a shape – only then can you start measuring the yard and see if it’s big enough.


Now, the depth and the size of your yard can’t really clash. You could probably dig a 1×1 hole that’s 20m deep, but if we’re being honest, that would be a well, not a pool.

So, why do we even mention this then?

Well, you can’t really dig a pool that’s 10 meters deep but keep it at 2×2, can you? That doesn’t make any sense.

Most of the time, the depth is proportional to the size, so if you want to get a really deep pool – you kind of have to get a big one, too.


Extra Features

Do you want a slide? A jacuzzi or a hot tub? Maybe a few sun loungers to lay on when you’re not swimming?

All of these things need extra space, which means that they’ll reduce the amount of space you have for the actual pool or make your yard look and feel cramped.

So, if you want all the bells and whistles – be prepared to make some sacrifices in terms of the size of your pool or the size of your yard.

How Big Should A Pool Be?

As a general rule of thumb, or at least according to, you should aim for a pool that’s less than a third of the size of your backyard. For example, a 2400-square-foot yard could fit an 800-square-foot pool.

Or just do the following. If you have a small yard – get a small pool. And if you have a big one – well, knock yourself out.

Of course, these are just guidelines and you should always consult with a professional before making any decisions.

But at the same time – it’s your backyard. If you’re tired of mowing the lawn and you want to dive into the water directly from your patio, nothing’s stopping you from turning every inch of your lawn into a blue haven.


What Size Pool Is Right For You?

Here’s another thing to keep in mind, and this is probably the most important thing, that’s kind of related to what we just said, and that’s – what do you want? What works for you?

After all, it’s your backyard and you should do whatever you want with it.

According to Flōridian, if you don’t have the space for a full-sized pool, there’s always the option of getting a plunge pool or an above-ground one. These are usually small and compact and they don’t take up that much space. But at the same time – they’re still pools and they’ll still give you that refreshing feeling on a hot day.

Of course, if you have a big family or you like to throw parties – a small pool might not be the best idea. In that case, you should probably get a bigger one. But, if you just want to take a dip from time to time – a miniature one will probably do the trick.

How To Choose The Perfect Location For Your Pool?

Here’s something else to take into consideration, and that’s the location of your pool.

You might have a really big backyard, but if the pool is in the corner – it’s going to look really small and out of place.

On the other hand, if you have a small yard – but you position it in the middle – it’s going to look really good and it’s going to be the focal point of your entire property.

So, when choosing the location for your pool – always keep in mind how it’s going to look from different angles and how it will fit in with the rest of your property.


What About Landscape?

Here’s a biggie – what do you do about landscaping? Are you satisfied with just two lounge beds or do you want to go flashier? Fountains maybe? A pergola?

Landscaping can really make or break the look of your pool area. And it can also have a big impact on the size of your pool.

If you want to go big with landscaping – you might have to sacrifice the size of your pool. But, if you’re okay with a more simple approach – you could probably get away with a bigger one. You can consult Michaelangelo for professional advice on this matter.


It all comes down to what you want and what works for you. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the size of your pool. Just keep all of these things in mind and you’ll always know whether your yard is big enough for a pool.