Are Laser Hair Growth Treatments Worth Your Time


Do you feel like you’re losing hair and dealing with some annoying side effects due to age or medication? Do you smoke or feel as if this is a hereditary issue? The truth is, this state will happen to all of us and we can’t prevent it. However, what you can do is slow down the process of it and make an impact in the beginning and as soon as you spot this happening.

You can also try to check any alternatives online such as Allurium Beauty to help with growing back your hair. There is also something that you should try out and give it a go is the laser hair treatment. Something that you should try out and give it a go is the laser hair treatment.

Both men and women can benefit from it and get luscious hair. Keep on reading to learn all there’s to it.

How does the laser hair growth treatment work?

Laser hair growth treatments or LLLT can be used to improve your hair growth process. You will improve and speed up your blood circulation and enjoy new fresh baby hairs. This is because near-infrared or red laser light can promote, repair, and regenerate tissue. Low-level laser light stimulates cellular activity in your follicles to help diminish hair loss while helping you regrow healthy, shiny & new strands. Most of these devices work by emitting a light that penetrates the scalp while the process itself is done by a skilled technician or at your very own home, but only with the right tool.

What are the benefits of this treatment?


You can benefit quite a lot from this treatment and laser therapies, it is only crucial and vital that you cater it per your skin type, hair type & needs. Make sure that you talk to your doctor or esthetician to confirm that you’re a good candidate. Here are just some of the reasons why men and women tend to do and go for this approach:

  1. A) It can stimulate and help your hair grow in the long run while having minimal side effects
  2. B) This treatment reduces further and future hair loss
  3. C) Your hair will become a lot more thick & healthy, as well as shiny
  4. D) It is non-invasive and not painful while being highly effective in almost every case
  5. Who is a good candidate for laser treatments?

Low-level laser therapy works best for people who truly struggle with noticeable and visible signs of baldness and hair loss despite their age and previously used medication or remedies. Here is a list of potentially good candidates for laser therapy:

  • Those with androgenetic alopecia
  • Those who have Ludwig (Savin)
  • Anyone who sees the signs of frontal patterns of hair loss
  • Men & women with receding hairlines
  • Women who are in their menopause
  • Bald people

What are some of the most popular laser growth options?


There is not just one type of laser, but several options out in the market. This means that you can choose between different kinds that suit your preference, wear, and budget. Some of them are:

Laser caps

If you want to go with something simpler yet highly effective and affordable laser caps are for you. These feature built-in low-level lasers with a total power output ranging from 410 to 1,560 milliwatts. When wearing them regularly (around 15-20 weeks straight) men and women will notice a 51% change in their texture and growth. These laser caps are quite easy to wear, set up, and carry around. They are safe and FDA-approved.

Bands combs & helmets

A variety of bands, combs, helmets and other products containing lasers can all be placed in one category. This is because differences and varieties are minimal among them. These laser products can be used with ease on your own and in the comfort of your home. All three of these are mostly used 1-3 times a week and for 8-10 minutes. You will have to charge them to keep them up and running. Enjoy their medical-grade laser for a full transformation.



If you have severe hair loss or want a more permanent option for restoring your hair, you may want to consider hair transplant surgery. This surgery can vary in results, price & approach. This solution is for men or women who are looking at their last resort and they can’t wait to see an immediate change. If you are dealing with severe bold patches and money is not an issue for you consider this option.


So, how does the laser work exactly?

Red light therapy increases blood flow to the scalp to maintain hair follicles. It works by exposing the scalp to a low level of laser that has been scientifically known to promote your hair growth by stimulating your circulation. It is non-invasive yet fast and functional.

Do you need to add anything else to the treatment to make it work?

If you want to experience the best results and you want to invest in yourself we recommend adding specialized hair shampoos, masks, and conditioners to your routine. These can help with your growth when combined with the laser cap. Do not use cheap drugstore options since they will irritate your hair cuticles and follicles.

Does laser help with hair thinning?


It is always a good method and a pre-caution approach for anyone who wishes to be safe than sorry. If you notice your hair thinning around your forehead area you can still try out the cap approach for faster & seamless results, as well as maximal efficiency.

Want to give it a go and see flawless results?

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