Lauren Bullen Net Worth 2020

Lauren Bullen is a very successful blogger that has an exceptional story from Australia. She is best known as a traveling blogger. However, at the same time, she even writes about fashion topics. She gained a lot of following through her Instagram profile, gypsea_lust. She is posting pictures and videos from all around the world. She is a traveling blogger after all.

Along with her, Chris Burkard is frequently featured on her travel images. Lauren opened her Instagram account back in 2013 and her popularity started growing almost instantly. Today, she is one of the most successful traveling bloggers in the whole world. Later, she became popular for her fashion entries on her profile, even though they are a minority when compared to her traveling blog posts. If you are interested in learning more about her private life, career, and net worth, stay with us until the end of the article. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, let us start.

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Private Life

Lauren Bullen was born on the 2nd of April 1993 in Lennox Head, Australia. Her hometown is located in the Northern Rivers region located in New South Wales. She is 26 years old and has the birth sign of Aries. She currently lives in her native Bali, Indonesia. Her boyfriend is her fellow Instagram personality, Jack Morris. He has his own Instagram profile called @doyoutravel. He has more than 2.6 million followers on his account. Before she started posting on Instagram, she worked as a Dental Assistant. She has one sibling, a twin sister, Ellie, that is also an Instagram personality.

After she visited Canada and the United States, she became interested in photography. Pretty soon, she improved her skills in advanced photography and editing. Her first take at doing what she does now was when she was contacted by Student Flights, which sponsored her travels to Europe. This is where it all began for this lovely young woman.


Back in 2016, when she was traveling to Fiji, she met her boyfriend Jack Morris. With him being an Instagram star, he is frequently featured on all of the images she posts on her profile. With her boyfriend, she traveled to more than 45 countries throughout the world. Nine months after they started traveling together, Lauren earned 700k more followers, while Morris got 1.5 million more. According to “The Daily Mail”, they are earning roughly $9,000 per month from their accounts, and $7,500 per one sponsored Instagram posts.

After that, Morris stated that they will not post a sponsored post on their profiles if the offer is lower than $3,000. Throughout time, there were some controversies that followed her. However, it wasn’t anything serious and those passed pretty quickly.

Source: Instagram

Lauren Bullen Net Worth 2020

As of 2020, Lauren Bullen’s estimated net worth is not known. It has been speculated that it goes between $100k – $1 million. All of her wealth comes from her Instagram posts from her travels from all over the world. She is only 26 years old. We are pretty certain that her net worth will increase in the future, along with her popularity.


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