3 Lifestyle Items That Make a Real Difference

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There are a lot of lifestyle items out there that only end up wasting money. However, there are also those that come with real, tangible benefits. These are the items that make you healthier, more productive, and more resilient. If whatever you are thinking of getting can boost your self-esteem, help clear your head, or make cosmetics safer, then it’s worth getting.

First up is temporary tattoos of both the metallic and the regular kind. These are perfect for trying out this major lifestyle choice before going for the permanent route. Next is aromatherapy candles, which help calm you down and keep you focused. Finally, there are cosmetic cleansers, which literally clean makeup and make them safe to use. Below, we look at them in detail to ensure you are guided as you consider your choices.

Gorgeous Temp Tattoos

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Getting a real tattoo is an enormous lifestyle choice that too many people have not given much thought about. It’s not something to take lightly for a few reasons:

  • It’s permanent and can only be removed by drastic measures.
  • Tattoo removal is more painful than getting it.
  • Tattoos can be a major disadvantage in the workplace.
  • Many still see tattoos as cultural taboo.
  • People tend to make instant assumptions about you if you have a tattoo.
  • Your family may express disapproval or disappointment.

It would be great if you can get a tattoo and not worry about how folks are going to react. On the other hand, there is a way for you to find out while risking little. Simply use temporary tattoos.

Now, you can get the fun and excitement of rocking some ink without the consequences! On a more serious note, temp tattoos can be excellent fashion additions. They come in all sizes and colors. Some even have beautiful metallic sheens such as silver and gold.

What makes temporary tattoos ideal is that you can get the experience of having a tattoo. This means getting reactions from people, expressing your individuality, and standing out from the crowd. However, unlike with real tattoos, you can easily remove these washable additions to your body.

You can literally put them on and take them off at any time. This is already a huge plus, but you can also get them in any shape, color, and style you desire. This way, you won’t have the same tattoo in the same place in the same week.

Therapy Through Sense of Smell

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There is a huge misconception about aromatherapy candles that suggest they are only for yoga or meditation. However, while they are used for those activities, they have very real benefits when used every day. Before that, these candles also take on multiple shapes and forms, which influence how they can help you.

The most straightforward benefits of using aromatherapy candles include:

  • Relaxation
  • Better focus
  • Calming nerves and jitters
  • Finding emotional balance
  • Reducing stress
  • Nostalgia
  • Deeper sleep

Aesthetics are also another huge plus for using aromatherapy candles. Some of them look so beautiful, especially when paired with the right containers. Put them in gorgeous vintage 8-oz milk bottles, tie a ribbon to them, and sit back to relax, you can go to this website to find out more.

Moving on to the various types of aromatherapy candles, different scents lead to different results. Some are meant to sharpen your mind. Examples include citrusy varieties with some mint thrown in.

Others are meant to clear your mind and relax your muscles. You can choose from a wide selection that can include vanilla and more floral flavors.

Then there are the candles meant to evoke feelings of peaceful or happy memories. These would be the woody, smokey, or even herbal types.

Aromatherapy candles are a lot more versatile than a lot of people give them credit for. They can be the perfect antidote to a stressful, scary world.

Removing Bacteria from Makeup

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Last but not least are solutions for removing harmful microbes that are present in cosmetic products. Have you ever considered that the brushes, powders, and creams you are using might be filled with bacteria? If you haven’t, they often are, especially cosmetics that aren’t stored properly.

On many occasions, they won’t do too much damage, but the harmful results can accumulate. This would then result in pigmentation, rashes, and acne. You don’t want that, do you?

This is why you need bacterial sanitizers specifically meant for your makeup items. They often come in the form of tiny spray bottles and are formulated to not clash with the cosmetic ingredients.

This ensures that using the sanitizer will not accidentally result in even more damage through harmful chemical reactions. With that said, do make sure that the sanitizer you get will be safe to use. Only get from trusted brands and read reviews first.


Lifestyle items can come in many forms and functions. Some are useful and some are less so. If money is tight, you need to make sure that the items you get worth the money. They need to be of real benefit, whether for your self-esteem, your peace of mind, or your health.