How To Lose Weight Fast With Personal Training

Losing weight and cutting fat is a gain on every side. You feel more confident, healthier, energetic, happier, and ready to dominate the world. The mere transformational process is therapy for your mind.

Considerably, losing weight isn’t an easy task for some people as it is a piece of cake for personal trainers. Some of them started training as a hobby and soon, expanded to helping others lose weight fast.

So, if you belong to the class of “non-self-motivated weight loss enthusiasts”, you’ve got to read this guide till the end.

We understand that everyone cannot be ‘iron benders’ and ‘get fit passionate beings’, however, weight lifting and cardio exercise are requirements to keep the fat off and stay in shape.

According to statistics, over 60% of people who start their weight loss journey, especially on the wrong foot end up regaining all that weight after the process is complete.


By this, we mean, starting on the wrong foot without:

  • A personal trainers
  • Long lasting motivation
  • Healthy and flexible diet plan
  • Workout schedules
  • Fun and free health, fitness routine

Perhaps, they started the weight loss process because of an event or special occasion. The moment everything starts to appear like work and the goal is reached. Naturally, a lot of people start to disassociate from it. Hence the need over 20% of clients chooses to work with personal trainers.

The goal of the personal person is to help you:

  • Lose weight fast and consistently
  • Stay in shape
  • Provide you with personalized and flexible workout schedules
  • Healthy and easy meal plan
  • Some even go as far as providing you with personal training devices and MyPTHub personal training software. To ensure that you monitor your progress and stay on track.

Simply put, the benefits of having a personal trainer to help you lose weight are endless.

In this article, we’ve put together eight tips to show you how to lose weight fast with personal training.

Ready? let’s jump right into it.


How To Lose Weight Fast With Personal Training

Personalized meal plan

The saying is true, a good body is made in the kitchen, not the gym. A lot of people on a weight loss journey end up more hungry than usual.

Typically, they starve themselves or eat lesser than their body can take for the day. The sudden introduction of a strict meal plan is only effective for the short period.

The adverse effect of this kind of weight loss process is that you end up gaining more weight than you previously lost. This is eventually not beneficial for your goal.

It is heartbreaking to find yourself gaining extra weight after an intense two weeks of a strict meal plan. Plus, the fact that you are left with dull foods and eating plans.

Everyone wants to lose weight but nobody wants to do that while giving up their favorite foods. By, favorite foods, we mean whole foods that are healthy for you, not junk and frizzy drinks.

Hence, with personal training, you’ll be given personalized meal plans to help you meet your target. By personalized, we mean, a meal plan that is specifically tailored with a few considerations:

  • Body type
  • Metabolism rate
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Medical history
  • Work schedules
  • Movement rate

And other healthy considerations

Personal trainers are specially equipped with the necessary knowledge to serve every individual regardless of their history or target.

In your meal plan, you might find:

  • Zero processed foods
  • More whole foods
  • Water intake. Staying hydrated is an expert personal training tip for weight loss
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein

And more healthy options

To lose weight, fast, you need a meal plan that keeps the fat off, helps you keep fit, and still leaves you energetic.

Reduced Calorie count

Keeping fit isn’t a matter of having meal plans alone. You need to consume fewer calories than you used to. The average, active adult needs about 2000 calorie counts per day for women and 2,500 for men. This means that if you need to lose weight, you may need to eat lesser calories, say 1500, depending on your body mass index.

Personal trainers understand this well, having worked with all kinds of people with peculiar challenges. All you need is to find yourself, a trained and certified personal trainer who is concerned about your calorie, such as one from One Body Personal Training will prove to be a great assistance in your endeavor.

As we established before, calorie deficit and healthy eating can be fun with the right personal trainer. The major objective is that personal training helps you put away those extra hidden calories you may not know if you were to lose weight alone.


Well-organized workout schedule

How we love this one. Whether it’s high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or cardio exercise, we love good exercise. Especially well-organized workout schedules specifically made for us.

You see, the thing with exercising, is that too much or less of it isn’t great. It could make or break your weight loss journey.

Furthermore, it could attract a few effects and damage your body. There is a right way to go about workouts. With personal training, you can find out what your body can handle at a time.

Few people don’t know this before jumping into planks, reps, and sets of burpees and other impact exercises for advanced trainers. For women on a weight loss journey, you’ll find a few have the common diastasis recti.

This affects the result you can get if not properly taken care of. It is the job of your trainer to ensure that you lose weight while considering your unique health challenges.

Your personal trainer can also tailor a workout schedule depending on what you need and the time you have. Hence, you’ll find a 4-week workout schedule or a two-week workout schedule. You can use them over and over or switch them up after a few weeks.

Healthy boast and motivation

You may have noticed that weight loss journeys can get quite lonely at some point. Suddenly, you start to feel less motivated or even unhappy with your progress. It happens to nearly everyone at some point.

In case, you feel like that, at this moment, you shouldn’t allow that to weigh you down. Yes, even if your family is eating a different meal or enjoying your favorite pizza and burger.

Personal training supplies the healthy kick and motivation you need to stay on track and keep going. Alone, you may quickly abandon the whole process especially when discouragements sets in. Also, you’re able to last longer than most people.

Stay motivated, inspired, and spurred in the right direction with personal training if you wish to lose weight fast.


Track progress and improvement

Tracking your weekly or monthly progress is healthy and beneficial to your weight loss journey. By this we mean, monitoring how well you’ve managed to stay off carbs or commit to your workout schedules.

Just like you need a personal trainer for motivation, you also need one to help you track your progress. What so many people count as progress is typically losing dress size, becoming lean, building visible muscles, or toned abs.

For a personal trainer, it’s different. They’re able to track other areas you may be ignoring. For example, your strength and flexibility. Tracking progress is the right kick to ensure that you’re not weighing yourself down with unnecessary negative thoughts.

Also, with personal training, you can meet your target faster. Say you want to achieve a certain weight within a certain time, the personal trainer tracks that for you to reach your goal right on time.

Guidance and accountability

Accountability is the chief of great results and advancement. If you want to stay consistent and not fall back into old habits even after hitting your goals, you need a personal trainer. Personal trainers are gifted with the skills of managing your excesses and drawing you back to the treadmill even when you feel like you don’t need it anymore.

With the right accountability partner, you can even maintain a healthy lifestyle forever. The goal of weight loss isn’t just for a short time of pleasure or to show off rather stay fit and healthy.

Working with personal trainees is always a delight because they become your fitness partners. Seeing them work hard at what they need spurs you to do the same.

When you feel down, you can always trust them to kick you back to life. Inst that what we all need? Someone to pat us on the pack and assure us of how far we’ve come on our goals.



Once you’re ready to lose weight, you need to get in touch with a personal trainer. Not just any random person parading themselves as one rather a certified personal trainer who is ready to stay committed to your progress.

More than that, you need to decide to commit time and resources to personal training. Having a personal trainer is beautiful only if you decide to stay committed, eyes on the prize. Knowing that your pain is your gain.