4 Conditions That Can Cause Major Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Every disorder or injury that affects our movement or musculoskeletal system is an MSD, and it is one of the most common problems people encounter. That is why thoroughly understanding what it is and how to prevent and treat it is of vast importance, and that’s also why we will further focus on some conditions that can cause major musculoskeletal disorders.

1. Broken bones

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Many people have broken at least one bone and have dealt with a long recovery process at least once in their lifetime. Understandably, we are all different, meaning that the recovery process differs as well, as it depends on the structure of the bones, bone density, and age, as when we are young, everything heals much faster. Regardless of how long the recovery process lasts from bone fracture, it can be pretty annoying and time-consuming, as you are limited to doing even the basic things. On the other hand, those lucky enough who haven’t ever experienced such an injury are not aware of how painful and limiting it can be and how many complications it can cause.

There are a million ways to break the bone, and although some of them are pretty funny, the pain one person experience because of it is not funny at all. It can happen because of some trauma, but unfortunately, it can also happen due to overuse or due to some disease that slowly weakens bones. No matter the reason, recovery is painful, and sometimes it results in the absolute impossibility of moving the limb or limited movement, which can cause musculoskeletal disorders, especially if not treated properly. It’s needless to say how bad this might get, and the most important thing here is to find out the true cause of bone fracture, as it is the only way to treat that something in time so that you avoid getting injured in the same way again.

2. Joint dislocation

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Similar to bone fractures, joint dislocation can cause major musculoskeletal disorders as well. It also often happens because of a fall collision, car crash, etc., and it’s when the end of your bones gets dislocated from its place. It is a painful injury, and depending on the part of the body, the recovery time can be up to several months. If you are lucky enough, there would be no dislocation, as a much less severe case is subluxation, when the bone gets partly out of position. Overall, it is not a pleasant injury, and the symptoms are inability to move, constant fatigue, soreness, and pain that gets worse when you move and are physically active.

Luckily, there are many treatments to help you speed up the entire process, and if there are any signs of musculoskeletal disorder due to such injury, consult the professionals about the best possible therapy and treatment so that this doesn’t become a much bigger problem than it needs to be.

3. Different forms of arthritis

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Arthritis is a pretty unpleasant condition that causes a lot of pain, and it, unfortunately, comes in different forms. The first form we will mention is juvenile arthritis because many people believe that children cannot suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. It is not true, and since this condition affects young children during their growth, it can cause a lot of pain and affect their development.

Another form is the one that we simply call arthritis, but the real name is osteoarthritis, and although it is more common among the elderly, there is no strict rule, and many younger people are dealing with its symptoms. Each of our bones has a protective tissue that protects it, and when this condition progresses, that tissue is slowly wearing down, which causes a lot of pain and limited movement of our joints.

The third form that we will mention is rheumatic arthritis, one of the most common autoimmune diseases. Since the main characteristic of autoimmune diseases is that our immune system attacks our own body cells, when it comes to rheumatic arthritis, it attacks our bones and causes joint deformities. If it is not treated properly, it can affect other organs, cause much more damage, and cause severe health issues. That is why it is of utmost importance to treat it right away so that any possible inconveniences and further complications can be avoided.

4. Fibromyalgia

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Speaking about muscle pain, one of the most common conditions that cause it and causes musculoskeletal disorders surely is fibromyalgia. Besides unpleasant pain, it also affects mood, sleep, and even memory, which hinders normal functioning and makes everyday life much more difficult. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that can cause severe health issues if not treated in time, so neglecting the first symptoms and hoping they will stop on their own is never a good idea. As for what these symptoms are, constant tiredness, trouble sleeping, stiffness of the body, migraines, and even depression and anxiety are high on that list.

Understandably, one health problem usually causes others. That’s the best example of why reacting on time and consulting medical professionals if any of these things occur is simply a must and how doing so can improve your overall well-being.

Final thoughts

Living with pain is never a solution, and when it comes to musculoskeletal disorders, each of them is painful in its own way. Because of that, it is crucial to find professional help as soon as possible, as neglecting the symptoms can cause difficulties in everyday life and make normal functioning almost impossible. Ignoring the problem is never a good idea, regardless of what that problem might be, but things get even more urgent when it is something about our health.

Overall, there is no need to delay going to the medical professional and doing some tests, just to be sure everything is okay, and if there is any problem, to act and react on time. If you think you need professional help but do not know where to search for it, Orthopedic Doctor can help you reduce the pain and get back to your normal life.