5 Tips to Make Your Recipe App Look More Professional

In the world so dominated by modern technology in the form of both software and hardware novelties, everything that appears on the market has to be special in some way in order to attract users. Tech is advancing at a rapid pace and stuff that was considered groundbreaking just a few years ago is nowadays normal or even old. The things improve, the faster these cycles will become, which is why those in charge of design and development have to constantly come up with new ways to make their product better.

While all of this is the most obvious with gadgets like computer components, smartphones, and other commonly used tech, it is also widely spread in the world of applications and software. These days there is seemingly an app for anything. If you want to make the lives of your users and customers easier, you have an app built for your business and allow them to get your products or services faster, on the move, and more conveniently.

Apps and Cooking

If we take a step back from tech talk for a bit and think about what some of the most important things in life are to people, it is easy to realize that food is on top of the list more often than not. Food is more than a means to stay alive and survive, it is a part of our culture, tradition, and life in general. A lot revolves around meals and cooking, and to do that properly you need recipes.

By combining modern tech and cooking knowledge, developers of recipe apps have cracked the code and given us all what we need to eat better and cook easier. In this article we talk about how such and should help the people using it and what needs to be done in order for one to look and feel more professional. Keep reading to learn about the tips to make your recipe app better, and make sure to check out this page for even more info on the matter and get the tools you need to make a recipe app.

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  1. Have a Recipe Database

The number one thing people will want to see on your recipe app is a lot of recipes, duh. Joking aside, there needs to be a quality back catalogue section where any sort of recipe will be easy to find and locate. Whatever you post should go there for later reference and for the people who may have missed or who have just downloaded the app to go and check out what you posted months ago. This shows care for your users and allows them to cook whatever they want whenever they want. It will also help you come up with new ideas and prevent you from posting the same recipe multiple times. If you want to, you can always do it though by simply finding it in the library!

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  1. Quality Search Option and Filters

A search bar is a no-brainer for any type of website and synonymous with a useful piece of software. Being able to look for anything by typing is the most basic of internet concepts, so you must have it. Apart from that, you also need filter search so that the users can move around the recipes quicker and narrow down their searches. Think of smart ones to use and pick the words that describe the food most people enjoy. For example, you can have filters like burger, pizza, vegan, vegetarian, Italian, Chinese, sushi, Oriental, dessert, and so on. This will make it more fun and help the people decide what kind of meal they want to prepare.

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  1. Quality Photos and Videos

Internet is becoming largely visual and less and less people are willing to open and use pages and apps that have limited amount or limited quality of snaps and clips. Since your app will be dealing with food, you really need to give it your all for every photo you take of both the preparation stages and the final dish. More importantly, the videos should be clear, short, and to the point. The latest trends are the so-called shorts, videos of a few seconds to a half a minute that are popular on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Make use of this amount of time and your app will become very popular among foodies, amateur cooks, food critics, and perhaps even some professionals.

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  1. Descriptions Are Crucial

If you take care of the visuals, you will be ready to take over the recipe app world. However, do not neglect the written portion of the recipes. People need instructions and the right sizes and amounts of ingredients. Without them they will not be able to cook the food you are showing them. Be clear, polite, and to the point with your description. Professionalism is key but sprinkle some humor and lightheartedness in there too. Keep it semi-formal if you will. Separate every recipe into stages, have dedicated ingredient lists, and organize it in a way that it is easy to follow and understand. Together with the snaps and clips, you will offer modern multimedia recipes.

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  1. Design, Colors, and Optimization

Last but not least, we must talk about the technical stuff every app has to have. Speed and optimization for multiple systems and devices is crucial if you wish to reach a wider customer base. The team that builds and maintains your app needs to be at the top of their game and their server must be up at all times. The design choices can vary according to the theme you like but keep it simple and do not use too many different elements. Minimalism is the way to go right now, with nude or pastel color palletes, or perhaps white, black, gold, and silver finishes. It is smart to think about the fonts too, so take some classic and modern recipe books and look for what you like. First impression matters as it will be what keeps the users from choosing a competitor over you.