Everything You Need To Know About Medical Answering Services In Healthcare

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Medical Answering Services (MAS) takes up calls related to the medical field. The medical answering services provide help for hospitals and health institutions.

The service’s primary purpose is to answer customers’ calls. These calls are usually during hours when hospitals or healthcare facilities cannot answer.

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Medical Answering Services are necessary for customers of many healthcare institutions. It is a functional aid that provides efficient and effective process streamlining in the medical field.

For full details, here is everything you need to know about medical answering services:

What are the services provided in MAS?

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Here are the services provided under the medical answering services:

Scheduling Of Patient Appointments

A medical answering service will allow patients to manage their appointments anytime through a system. The system is an internet-based calendar that is controllable anywhere in the world. It shows dates when doctors in a healthcare institution are available to take patients. Thus, the calendar shows dates when a patient and doctor can compromise with a schedule that both fits.

The medical appointment scheduling system is a great tool to ensure patients come again to the facility. This way, they can receive proper treatment in the healthcare facility. It also serves as an innovative way to decrease the waiting time for the patient to see a doctor or a medical officer.

Appointment Reminders

The Medical Answering Services also provides appointment reminders to patients in the healthcare facility. The medical agents call patients two or three days before their hospital appointment to remind them.

The medical answering service agent gives a breakdown of fees to the patient. It enables the patient to be ready with the cost of the appointment date.

The agents can also re-schedule if the patient or doctor needs a new appointment date during emergencies.

Emergency Service During After-Hours

Some healthcare facilities have difficulty operating in the wee hours. That is because some healthcare professionals should not work for 24 hours straight shifts.

Medical answering services agents help healthcare professionals using intelligent scripting and decision trees during emergencies. It enables faster and more accurate dispatch of doctors or healthcare professionals to emergencies during after-hours.

Secure Messaging

Medical answering services enable a more secure way of providing information and data to the healthcare facility.

Medical answering services use a platform that is safe and secure. It keeps the contents of the messaging or conservation confidential and private among parties.

The messaging function of MAS provides an encrypted form of messaging. Thus, it will prevent leaks of sensitive data of the healthcare patient.

It is necessary to have the highest form of patient-doctor confidentiality. That is because it will enhance and enable patients to trust the practice and reputation of the healthcare facility.

Pre-Screen Messages

Medical answering services issues pre-screen messages to patients. The pre-screen message service usually gives callers or patients salient information regarding the medical call. It usually relays information regarding the clinic or the healthcare facility’s operating hours, contact people, and details necessary for the patient.

The pre-screen message is a movement towards more professional help from the healthcare facility. It also enables the provision of proper SOP to the callers.

How does the service work?

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There are several ways a medical answering service can work. Here are some of them:

Automated Answering Service

The automated answering service is a computer-generated response to callers to a medical answering services hotline.

It will essentially include pressing numbers from one to four. The numbers may indicate necessary information for technical support, billing, facility hours, or reaching a live operating agent. The automated answering service helps customers, even if they do not speak with a live operator or agent.

Live Telephone Answering

Live telephone answering offers a service to receive calls from various clients, patients, and callers of the healthcare facility.

In the medical field, live telephone answering services process inbound calls. The calls go through a call center where agents answer the caller’s queries.

Live telephone answering is highly necessary as it shows that the healthcare facility provides a genuine service to its patients and clients. It also enhances patient satisfaction and can benefit the healthcare facility’s reputation.

How Can An Answering Service Benefit Your Practice?

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There are many ways a medical answering service can benefit a healthcare practice. Here are some of them:

Cut Overhead Costs

Having a medical answering service for your healthcare clinic can help you to cut off the high expenses of hiring in-house staff.

Remote agents or workers are relatively cheaper to hire. If you want to save money in your medical practice, hiring one can help you.

Further, the call center agents who provide medical answering services come offshore. The hiring process of agents will also not be your problem as the agency manages it.

Always Full On Coverage

As a physician or owner of a healthcare facility, you cannot always be available to take calls.

The 24/7 service covers no matter any time of any day. A medical answering service agent can provide proper patient assistance. Thus, you will be comfortable that your facility’s reputation is still good.

Experienced Agents

You will have a well-rounded team by having medical answering service agents. The agents are competent and professional.

You will need a call center agent to handle all your medical call center programs. It is necessary to look for a call center agent that understands your patient’s needs.

When finding a reputable medical answering service provider, be wary and funnel your candidates. This way, you will get the best one for your healthcare practice.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

When you want your patients or callers to follow a process, having a medical answering service is a way.

Patient satisfaction will improve when your patients or callers can feel the professionalism and see that there are SOPs in place. It can help your practice to cut off issues that usually happen, like long hold times.

With medical answering services, you can ensure that your callers can feel an improved caller experience.

Language Proficiency

Despite having an outsourced team, you can also ensure that the agents know the universal language. These agents undergo training so they can converse naturally.

A medical answering service provides bilingual agents for callers who are not fluent in English. There are also native speaker agents that can help the callers in medical answering service.