How to Make Money Online As a Couple

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Earning money online together can be a wonderful way for a couple to spend quality time together while pursuing a common goal. Couples have a variety of online career options they can explore together. These days, couples can start a joint business based on almost anything, as you will see in this post.

Although many of these career options are also available to singles, working with your life partner adds an extra element of fun. In addition, you could even end up making a lot of money. Read on to know how you and your partner can make money online in 2024.


Join OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a platform that gives subscribers/users free or paid access to content, mostly in the adult niche. But don’t worry; OnlyFans supports other forms of SFW content if you do not fancy the idea of being overly explicit. On OnlyFans, there is no limitation on how much a couple can make. Onlyfans offer an average annual income of $994,319, with wages ranging from $866,135 to $1,140,534. The platform keeps 20% of each transaction as a charge, leaving the authors with the remaining 80%. But couples can still make good money even with a low subscriber base.

There are many users on the OnlyFans website including couples, as you can see for yourself on This is because OnlyFans subscribers pay outrageously high amounts of money to watch sexual or romantic videos of their favorite naughty couple. As couples, you and your partner can make a lot of money on OnlyFans by creating romantic videos and images. You could, for example, sell content on anything from your morning kiss to sex.

Also,  as an onlyfans couple, you and your partner can make money on OnlyFans by advising on how couples can sustain their marriage or relationship. This is because counseling unhappy couples is one popular couples-related topic on Onlyfans. Smart move would be to hire an OnlyFans Management company to help you with managing your schedule, maximizing your profits and increasing your growth so you can scale your profile quickly without any trouble.

Start a YouTube Channel

For a couple, starting a YouTube channel could be an excellent side business to make money online. With two individuals working on your videos rather than one,  your YouTube Channel could be more engaging and entertaining. YouTubing also allows you and your partner to choose any topic you both want to make a video on.

As couples, there are many ways you can make money on YouTube channels. The YouTube Partner Program is one example. Other examples include affiliate marketing, direct sponsorships, and selling your products/writeups. You can also include a pastime or activity you enjoy doing with your partner. For instance, you and your partner can start a travel channel documenting your trips to different tourist destinations.

Note that YouTubing requires the patience and commitment of the YouTuber to grow, and you’re probably not going to achieve an immediate financial breakthrough. However, you shouldn’t get worried; there’s a chance for you to make profits over time.


Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has finally emerged as a credible way of making money online for couples. Although learning the basis of crypto could be somewhat difficult, the result is usually amazing. A lot of couples on the internet earn hundreds of dollars every day on the crypto market.

The good thing about this is that you’re able to combine and apply your knowledge of crypto with your partner, thus reducing the losses you might have incurred if it was only you.

Set Up a blog

Setting up a blog is a fantastic way to make money online as a couple, especially if one of you is a talented writer, editor, and digital marketer.

It’s crucial to realize, though, that you probably won’t make any money from blogging right away. Before you start thinking about making money from your blog, you’ll want to establish yourself as a reliable source of content and offer lots of good helpful information to readers. Also, you’ll want to constantly advertise your blog through newsletters, social media, and other channels.

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Work as Virtual Assistants

Working as virtual assistants is another way for you and your partner to make money with the help of internet technology. If you and your partner possess good administrative and organizational skills, then the position of a virtual assistant is ideal for both of you.  The average fees for Virtual Assistants start at $20 and go up to $40 per hour, depending on your qualifications. However, you can charge more if you’re a specialist.

Your duties as virtual assistants might include:

  • scheduling business travel
  • addressing customer service inquiries
  • updating reports
  • handling a person’s calendar and mailbox

Set Up a Web Design Company

This is a great option if one of you has a talent for writing and the other is good with tech. Together, you can form a team that offers a complete web design service to businesses of all sizes. The tech person can deal with the set-up of the website, while the writer populates it with content for the client. This is a great way to set up a business that will see high demand, earn good money, and work as a team.

Of course, you might need to do some training for the web design side of things, and you will find plenty of courses to choose from  online. This then means that you can create awesome websites for businesses, and the person with the writing talent can then create all the copy so the client gets a website that is basically ready to go. You can also both enjoy the comfort of working together from a home office, as this type of work can be done completely remotely from the comfort of your own home.


Start Earning a Great Income as a Couple Today

As you can see, making money online for couples depends on the needs, wants, and objectives of both partners. For instance, starting a YouTube channel as a side business could make sense for certain couples. However, that can be a frustrating experience for some couples. Above all, just find what you and your partner are comfortable with, and go for it.