Offshore Company, the Evergreen Tree of Business


Offshore companies are as popular as ever. Far-sighted people use them to get access to world markets, reduce the tax burden, protect their assets, and a handful of other purposes we will discuss later on.

Like any project, offshore company formation is all about answering simple questions:

  • Where to start a company?
  • Which legal form to choose?
  • Who will help me?

And the answers are not as easy as they may seem. Of course, the better you know your business needs, the more obvious they are – for an offshore expert who can help you open a company online in a matter of 7 to 10 days.

Let’s look at some basic considerations that determine your choice in this short post. However, you can find more information on the setup of an offshore company on our portal.

What is the best jurisdiction to start an offshore company?

Potential offshore locations are divided into three categories, which may either complicate or simplify the choice for you. Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks of each of them.

First of all, there are developed countries that may be used as offshore jurisdictions. Did you know, for example, that you can establish an offshore company in the US? You just need to choose the right state (Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, or Florida) and set about it.

You will surely have a well-reputed economy behind your back and probably some respect from your partners, but we would not recommend choosing this option: these countries are natural points of attraction that don’t need to create any additional perks for aspiring businessmen.

As opposed to the first option, you may consider developing nations that need human resources and do their best to attract them. These may have been blacklisted in the past, but now they apply every effort to create pro-business legislation, attractive tax incentives, and confidentiality that many offshore entrepreneurs are after. And this is what you can take advantage of.

If you opt for any island nation, like Bermuda, just make sure it is not on the black or grey list as these countries are under great pressure from international regulators. As for any other conditions, the consultants of our portal can provide all the information you need.

The third group can be conditionally called evergreen offshores, and these include such highly-recommended destinations as Nevis, Belize, or the Marshall Islands. They are always on top of our customers’ choices, and they are absolutely right in benefitting from a combination of a good reputation and really beneficial conditions for businessmen.

Some people who register a company are on a tight budget as there are too many other costs to consider. They ask us for the cheapest countries to start a business, and here are the main points (read more by following the link):

  • First of all, “cheapest” in the short-term and in the long-term can mean different things. What if you pay less for company registration and will later have to deal with high tax rates and enormous costs of company maintenance? Just think of what you mean by “cheapest” or talk to our experts who will help you balance all indicators.
  • The reputation of the jurisdiction comes first! No gray- or blacklisted destinations for the sake of low cost.
  • Find a trusted intermediary to open a company for you. Beware of cheap offers as they may come with unexpected consequences. Double-check all the information to make sure you get what you want.

Which legal form to choose?

The answer to this question will depend on your business priorities.

  • You may put limited liability first, and an LLC would be a logical choice.
  • A Limited Partnership means that each partner files their own tax return, and this may be exactly what is right for you.
  • Or you may choose the form that suits your partners best, and this may be the International Business Company.

You can think of it on your own, with a cup of coffee as your silent partner, or engage our expert who will ask you the questions to decide on your priorities.

Who will help me?

We recommend starting with a free consultation that can be booked at our portal.

Offshore Pro Group has a team of experts who offer turnkey package solutions for your business. We can also provide customized services upon request, from starting a company online or opening a bank account for your offshore company in Europe to obtaining a gambling license in Curacao.

You will also need to engage a Registered Agent – a specialist who has a license enabling him or her to help foreign investors.

An expert from our team and a Registered Agent will make it possible to make all arrangements online, without a visit to the destination.

Why do people start offshore companies?


Here are some practical examples to show you what our clients want when they come to us:

  • I have some money to leave to my children and grandchildren, and I heard that trusts can help manage the inheritance in the best way. I need more information about it.
  • I intend to buy real estate abroad and I want to manage it with the help of an offshore company.
  • I am planning to trade products across the globe. I have the products and I found several partners, and now I need an offshore company that will be best suited for seamless import and export operations.

In a nutshell, here are the benefits that may become available to you after you form an offshore company:

  • Access to markets across the globe
  • More effective cooperation with international partners
  • Diversification of assets, investment in really promising projects
  • Better banking opportunities
  • Running a company remotely
  • Better ownership rights and personal data protection

Offshores retain their popularity in 2024, and we can help you get the most out of them. Click on the above link to our portal to find more info on offshores, bank accounts, and citizenship by investment. Our team of experts can be reached in no time.