Online Goods and Services You Can Buy With Bitcoin

The nature of bitcoin is digital, so it is only fitting that it is easy to use on websites. As a result, the majority of spending options for bitcoin are online rather than in-store. Many companies have made large investments to directly set up bitcoin payment processes on their website. Even small businesses that use Shopify or PayPal can accept digital currency.

So, what type of online goods and services are we talking about? These are a few to keep on your shortlist.


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One option is to buy a domain with crypto. The process of purchasing a domain with crypto is relatively simple and similar to any other online purchase. With so many domain providers now accepting bitcoin, consumers must consider which platforms offer the greatest reliability and the most privacy. In theory, many choose to purchase a domain name on sites like for the sole purpose of having some anonymity.

Users can browse through available domains on several cryptocurrency marketplaces, although it is recommended to conduct the transaction through a platform with escrow services. Alternatively, if a buyer finds a domain on a third-party site, a third-party escrow service to help facilitate the transaction.

Online artwork or one-of-a-kind trading cards

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the definition of an online good you can buy with bitcoin. An NFT is an online asset like bitcoin, but it is non-fungible, meaning each one is unique. Users can compare NFTs to a rare baseball card that may only have a few in existence or a painting like the Mona Lisa. Some popular NFTs are your own Kitty on CryptoKitties or a clip of your favourite NBA scene from TopShot. The unique thing is NFTs can be anything digital, from music to drawings.

Website hosting

Source: Bocain Designs proudly announced that they support avid bloggers from around the world by providing a bitcoin option. The company’s mission has continued to be making publishing easy for anyone and has since become the go-to place to start a blog. That said, custom design and going ad-free are upgrades that users can purchase with bitcoin.

Online video games

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Some organizations like Microsoft have made their games and other apps available in exchange for bitcoin. Even a known Minecraft server uses the bitcoin network to power their virtual currency in the game.

Other platforms like Bitrefill also make it easy to use your cryptocurrency and earn 10% rewards for doing so. On Bitrefill, gamers can use bitcoin or other altcoins in exchange for Fortnite V-Bucks. The platform will deliver v-bucks through email without an account and 1% rewards. The option to purchase Xbox gift cards also exists to use the latest new games and apps for a 2% reward bonus.

Zynga is another popular gaming developer specializing in social video game services. The platform has offerings from popular casino games to Farmville and just about anything in between. Since 2014, Zynga has accepted bitcoin for in-game payments.

SEO services

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As of 2013, SEOClerks has accepted Bitcoin as a payment option for its services. When users click to order the service, they will notice an additional option to pay with bitcoin. The process is simple and will return users to a thank you page the same way as any other payment option.

For those unfamiliar with SEOClerks, the platform is known as the largest SEO marketplace in the world. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic you receive from a search engine like Google. Achieving a high position on a search engine results page (SERP) can be done in a few ways, including back-end programming, high-value content writing, link building, guest posting, strategy research, or promotion through social networks.

SEOClerks also has options to hire a virtual assistant to help out with data entry, sales, sending emails, managing your calendar, or anything else that will help you focus on big picture company tasks.

Access to dating sites

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OkCupid is known as online dating, friendship, and social networking platform. Although the platform is free to use, the website has several paid services as well.

Users can pay for A-List premium subscription services through the payment processor, Coinbase. Premium website features include message read receipts and the ability to creep on profiles without the person knowing. Back in 2013, the concept of a dating site accepting bitcoin was revolutionary since this isn’t necessarily the crowd one might expect to be holding onto bitcoin.

At the time, bitcoin was trading at around 60 USD, meaning that users were paying about 0.5 bitcoin for a six-month subscription. Now, a single bitcoin may pay your subscription for life.

Home improvement products

Source: Buy Direct USA is a well-known internet retailer specializing in household items like bath mats, lighting fixtures, backsplashes and wallpaper. The company has been accepting digital currency since 2014. The decision wasn’t random; this happened the same year that Overstock purchased Medici Ventures to start backing blockchain-based startups. Investing in blockchain technology has since become a part of the company’s long-term strategy.

Financial services software

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Intuit is a popular California-based financial management solution software company. The company specializes in products including Quickbooks, TurboTax and Mint for creating budgets. To accept bitcoin, the company uses a trusted third-party payment processor.

Virtual educational resources

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The platform, Treehouse, has gained popularity as an online technology offering a range of courses from beginner to advanced. With these programs, aspiring techies can learn the skills necessary to be successful in the industry. Their courses are set up as miniature programs, each targeting a specific skill set. Learners may also choose a track where Treehouse generates a learning program.

The company launched in 2011 and began accepting bitcoin shortly after in 2014. At first, the team admits they weren’t sure if accepting bitcoin made the most sense for their strategy. They quickly realized this wasn’t the case and added digital currency as a payment option along with PayPal and traditional credit cards.

Donations to support Wikipedia

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You might decide you want to give back. One not-for-profit that will accept digital currency donations is the largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The organization continues to depend on donations to keep its online library up to date. Since 2014, users have been able to use the donation page to make payments in bitcoin on a one-time or recurring basis. The process is simple to follow and resembles many online storefronts to which users have grown accustomed.

With more online products and services adding bitcoin to their payment options, it is only a matter of time before this digital currency becomes the preferred online payment method. When it does, just remember you heard it here first.