8 Best Places for Lunch in Seattle – 2024 Guide

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While good food is vital, ensuring you select your eating spot carefully is always recommendable. Unfortunately, spotting the best food space in a new region is not easy. We understand this fact, and therefore, we have researched the best lunch places in Seattle for you. Thus, all you have to do is read through this article and select one that pleases you. For more information visit https://www.itsallbee.com/.

The Best Lunch Spots in Seattle:

1. Cafe Hitchcock

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Café Hitchcock is one of Brendan McGill’s fine dining restaurants – the Hitchcock Delis. It is located in the Exchange Building, 818 1st Ave, Seattle.

In this all-day fine-dining spot, you can get almost all Seattle market-inspired salads and dishes, including Tuna Salad, roast beef, roasted chicken salad, smoked turkey sandwiches, among other ideal foods for lunch. Also, the café offers light dishes such as Tartines and sandwiches if you prefer light meals for lunch.

If you love complimenting your meals with a drink, café Hitchcock offers jun, kombucha, and smoothies. The café Hitchcock also offers bar services where you can enjoy your favorite beer, wine, or cocktail in the evenings from 3 pm; if you will hang out till evening.

2. Salty’s on Alki Beach

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Salty’s is also an incredible eatery in Seattle. The restaurant is located at 1936 Harbor Avenue SW Seattle, giving you fantastic views of Elliott Bay and the Seattle city skyline. Additionally, the restaurant features an incredible atmosphere that you can barely get anywhere else. Remarkably, the atmosphere and the views are just the supplements of the unbeatable experience you will have when you visit the restaurant.

The Salty’s on Alki Beach restaurant menu is also on another level. It features various cuisines ranging from seafood to land-based recipes like beef steak, pasta, grilled asparagus, chicken or luncheon salads, sandwiches, among other world-class cuisines. Kinds of seafood include Dungeness Crab, Maine Lobster, Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, Oysters, Clams, among other recipes.

Additionally, the restaurant features an outstanding selection of wines and professionally made cocktails that you can use to complement your meals.

3. Matt’s in the Market

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Matt’s in the Market is located at 94 Pike Street, Seattle. Its location lets it offer an incredible view of the market and the ocean and an incomparable comfortable atmosphere.

Matt’s in the Market is a fine-dining spot famous for classic seafood. It offers unbeatable recipes such as catfish sandwiches, steamed mussels, clams, oysters, among other seafood recipes.

Additionally, the restaurant serves land-based cuisines that include salt-pepper chips, caramelized onion dip, deviled eggs, and bacon. In addition to cuisines, you can enjoy a variety of world-class drinks and cocktails like Bolsa Nueva, Robbie’s Bloody Mary, The Last Word, among other blends.

4. Pike Place Chowder

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Looking for the best lunch in Seattle? Try out a meal from pike place chowder. We are confident you will love it. The restaurant is located in the Pike Place Market, 1530 Post Alley, Seattle. It is one of the top ten most visited diners in Seattle.

The café has been in the market for over a decade, providing world-class services and excellent cuisines. If you are far from the pike place market, you can visit Chowder’s sister café at Pacific Place Shopping Center, 600 Pine Street, Seattle.

As the name suggests, Pike Place Chowder specializes in chowder recipes. It is famous for its award-winning New England Chowder. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Chowder in Seattle, Pike Place Chowder got you covered.

Usually, your chowder is prepared carefully according to your preferences. Examples of chowders you might want to try include Seafood Bisque, Smoked Salmon Chowder, and Seared Scallop Chowder.

You can order your Chowder with accompaniments like Maine Lobster Roll, Dungeness Crab Roll, Bay Shrimp Roll, salads, among other side dishes.

5. Din Tai Fung Seatle

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Din Tai Fung is the other Seattle’s best lunch spot. It is located at 2621 NE 46th Street, University Village, Seattle. It is one of the many Din Tai Fung diners in 171 locations.

The Din Tai Fung dine-in is highlighted by most popular Taiwanese dishes such as Xiao Long Bao. Other famous cuisines include shrimp recipes, Kurobuta Pork, Vegan Wontons, Jidori chicken, Kimchi, and sticky rice, among other delicacies.

Additionally, the restaurant features various beverages, including iced tea, smoothies, slushes, and lemonades.

6. Mamnoon Street

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If you love middle east – Syrian-Lebanese – foods, then Mamnoon Street is your ideal spot. It is located at 2024 6th Avenue, Seattle. Wassef and Racha Haroun operates the diner.

The dining spot offers an exquisite lunch menu with unique dishes like hummus, muhammara, chicken shawarma, halal, and other Arabic delicacies. Also, this Seattle’s lunch spot offers drinks and cocktails such as rose hibiscus and sangria sour

7. Japonessa

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This is the other best and most accessible lunch spot in Seattle. It is located at 1400 1st Avenue Seattle.

As the name suggests, this diner is commonly known for its Japanese-inspired dishes such as sushi. Other available cuisines include cilantro Tres Diablos roll, spicy tuna tataki, and cream cheese double dragon. You can also have Japonessa’s carefully crafted salad recipes, including Sashimi salad, Sunomono salad, and crispy salmon skin salad.

8. Cafe Flora

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Located at 2901 E Madison Street, Seattle, Café Flora is indeed one of the best lunch spots in Seattle. This standalone café is famous for perfectly prepared vegetarian cuisines. Therefore, if you are on a diet or a vegetarian, ensure to try the café Flora’s delicacies.

The café specializes in a variety of veg recipes. Under the café’s enticing atmosphere, you can enjoy plant-filled dishes such as rosemary biscuits, gluten-free yam fries, avocado toast, vegan cinnamon rolls, among other veg cuisines.


Regardless of why you are in Seattle, having some good food for your lunch is highly recommendable. The fact is, food boosts your morale considerably. Foods also influence your health, shape, and fitness significantly. Also, good food from the best dining spot can complement your tour greatly and create an everlasting memory of a particular place. Remarkably, Seattle hosts a variety of diners that offers varied types of cuisines. Therefore, spotting the best lunch places in Seattle may not be a challenge. Ensure to visit one of the mentioned spots for the best experience.