7 Benefits of Playing Video Games With Professional Gamers

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Playing video games in 2024 is more than just a hobby. Sure, a lot of people do it casually with the purpose of relaxing, but there’s a massive Esport scene which by the way is slowly becoming noticed by large corporations and investors. With all this being said, it’s more than clear that gaming for many is a way of life, and a possible career choice. Whether you play casually or competitively doesn’t matter to us, as long as you are part of this amazing community we’re more than glad to help you find the answers you are looking for.

Today we’ll help you learn more about the advantages of playing with professional players by your side. As you all know most team-based games are a lot more enjoyable and easier to progress at when you have a team of skilled individuals by your side. Nothing against those who play games casually, but competition is a huge part of today’s scene. Some people want to improve and for that you need to learn from the best.

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1. No frustrations – More enjoyable game experience

We’re not sure how experienced you are with online multiplayer games but most of them are quite unplayable without a group of solid teammates. Unless you have a premade fivestack you will be spending a lot of time and nerves frustrating over the behavior of randoms. Some people that will be in your team during a ranked match will not play to win, or they will simply not perform like they should be performing for their rank. Shortly put, you’ll end up losing the game. Then you’ll become frustrated and lose your other games as well.

This doesn’t happen when you play with other people who are giving their best to win. You’ll find that your win rate will improve drastically when you start playing with premades, especially if they are professional gamers.

2. You get to higher ranks faster – You learn the game faster

If you want to become better or eventually go pro in a video game, you have to reach the highest ranks as soon as possible, because that’s where you really start improving and learning the secrets. However, you cannot really reach these ranks if you constantly get matched with bad teammates. A lot of talents are stuck in low ranks because this. If you feel like you are one of these people, being bottlenecked by teammates, feel free to check nextlvl.gg

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3. Asking for tips is much easier – Someone to guide you at all times

You can’t learn from others if there’s nothing to learn from them in the first place. Nothing against low-rank players but you can’t see a new move, a trick or anything useful from them. You need to be surrounded by players who are already too good at the game to be able to learn and improve with each new match. Whenever you need to ask something that’s not clear to you, you can do it instantly instead of searching for answers on the internet. As we all know, games nowadays are pretty complex and there’s a lot to know about them if you want to become a successful player. For one thing, pro gamers use dedicated gaming servers to ensure that their games are lag-free. There’s a lot to learn about which servers are great for which games, and you can find a lot of that information on this page.

4. You get to experience how pros play – Adapting the pro mindset

Once you play with a professional, you discover an entire new dimension. All you knew about the game suddenly changes. Pros have totally different mindsets and they do things that you as a beginner never even thought about doing. In order to adapt the pro mindset you need to play with professionals, there’s no other way around it, which is why we recommend this so much. Not everyone has the chance to play with a top-tier player, not unless you become on yourself, but if you have a close friend or you are willing to pay for tutoring by pros, we definitely recommend it. It will take you a long way.

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5. More insight on career choices – Information about the pro gaming career

Are you constantly asking yourself whether pursuing a career in pro gaming is a worthy thing to do or not? Well, nobody can give you a better answer than a pro who already lives that life. You can talk these things with someone who already walked the road filled with obstacles and managed to make a living out of playing video games. You’ll get to know how things are at the beginning, how they change as you progress and finally how life is like when you get signed by a larger Esport organization. And, to be signed by a larger, reputable Esport organization, you need to be recognized and build a name for yourself.

6. Reputation of playing with the best – You’ll get recognized easier

Those who play with pros are usually considered really good players, because otherwise why would a pro player waste their time playing with someone who doesn’t know anything about the game. It’s like stepping in the spotlight alongside the pros and that’s what can boost your career a lot. A lot of newer players became famous and recognized, even signed by an organization because they were in the highlights montage video of a pro, or featured on a livestream.

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7. It’s quality time – You focus on improving instead of worrying about losing

Winning feels amazing, and it makes the game you are playing a lot more enjoyable as well. Instead of worrying whether your teammates will lose the fight you get to focus on playing the game and improving, because you know the rest of your team will win either way. It’s much more enjoyable when you have someone who can lead and win.


Playing video games is amazing and it can be a great career choice as well. But, you need to play with someone who knows a lot about the game, instead of playing with random people who may or may not be as good as you want them to be.