14 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer 

Summer is just around your corner, and it is time to make sure that your home is completely ready for the following season. Not only can these preparations turn your home into your very own oasis during those hot days, but they can also bring down your energy bills, increase the safety of your home and even improve your quality of life. Here are 14 clever tips to help you prepare your home for summer.

Source: Elle Decor

1. Clean gutters and drains

It is safe to say that this chore is widely disliked among homeowners. No one likes to climb the ladder and stick their hands into filthy gutters, but it is just something that needs to be done. Debris such as fallen leaves, mud, dirt, and dust can clog your drains and lead to leaks into the wall and roof. With clean gutters, you can avoid water damage and costly repairs.

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2. Protect your foundation

Flowerbeds next to your home’s perimeter can really increase the curb appeal and emphasize the beauty of your home, but during summer plants need to be heavily watered, and often. Why is this a problem? The water from your garden hose can soak the soil around your home’s foundation, and cause a lot of damage to your foundation. As you might know, foundation repairs can cost a pretty penny, so if possible, move your flowerbeds someplace else. You can also opt for plants that do not require a lot of watering.

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3. Make sure your central heating system is in order

Why should you do it now when heating your home is the last thing on your mind? Because it is a lot easier to fix a faulty central heating system during warmer days, and not when it is freezing outside and your home feels like a refrigerator. With regular maintenance, you can prolong the life of your furnace, avoid dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and improve the efficiency of the system.

4. Clean the chimney

During the winter and the beginning of spring, your chimney was probably working full time, so this is the perfect season to clean it. Your chimney gets filled up during the winter months, so call a professional and have them clean it and lower the risk of chimney fires.

Source: Impressive Interior Design

5. Check out the deck and patio

Check our deck and wooden handrails. You will be spending a lot more time outside in the summer, so have these wooden elements stained and sealed. This way you will protect them from pesky insects, decay, or splintering. You can also consider adding some water features from Soothing Company if you’d like to add a refreshing accessory to your outdoor space.

6. Add some color to your outdoor seating set

Summer is all about vibrant colors, so prepare your garden furniture for the following season by adding bright pillows and throws to it. To create a space that ties your indoor décor to the outdoors, choose colors and elements that fit into the color palette you have in your home.

Source: The Spruce

7. Get a summer duvet cover

If you want to refresh your bedroom in a second and breathe new life into it, change the duvet cover. Opt for light, summery fabrics like linen or cotton, and try to find sea-inspired patterns and colors, like blue and aqua. Even if your home is not decorated in a beachy way you can add touches of the coastal theme while working within your color palette.

8. Embrace the Boho style

Since Boho is all about nature, earth, natural materials, and freedom, it is a perfect fit for the summer season. Therefore, embellish your home with live, green plants, and hang macramé accessories or decorative skulls from skullbliss.com on your walls. Woven wall hangings will add softness to your bedroom and make your midsummer night’s dream more pleasant.

Source: Architectural Digest Middle East

9. Prepare your porch for parties

When summer kicks in in all its glory, we look for any excuse to be outside. If you are planning to entertain, why should you and your guest sit in your living room or dining room, when you can have a lot more fun in the fresh air? With some small adjustments, you can turn your porch into a dining space, ideal for hot summer months. If you are up for it, you can even give your front door a color makeover and add more style to your outdoor area.

10. Put a rug outside

Nowadays you can easily find a wide variety of outdoor rugs that can add color, pattern, and texture to your outdoor seating area. Try to find rugs with vibrant, summer colors, especially if your seating and cushions are rather neutral. If you want to make sure that your new rug will be a great addition to your yard, match it with the colors of the flowers from your garden. You can easily find rugs of different sizes, styles, and patterns from Kuden Rugs.

Source: Hartford Courant

11. Add outdoor lighting

Nothing can create a cozy atmosphere like well-placed string lights and lanterns. If you have no idea how to decorate your outdoor space with lights, look at the outdoor restaurants for inspiration. You can opt for classic white bulbs or go with colorful string lights.

12. Get a new shower curtain

A shower curtain is for the bathroom is what a duvet is for the bedroom. This item can easily bring summer into your bathroom and you won’t even have to spend a lot of money. If you keep them clean, dry, and properly stored, you can even rotate your shower curtains every season. For an extra touch, get a couple of hand towels that match your new shower curtain.

Source: VCNY Home

13. Light a candle

What is the smell of summer? Is it the smell of flowers blooming in your garden, the smell of the ocean, or a citrusy scent that reminds you of the fruity drinks ideal for cooling off during those hot days? Whatever it is for you, you can easily find a candle with that exact scent. This way you will add another dimension to your summer décor. If you have small children or hyperactive pets which can turn a scented candle into a fire hazard, opt for essential oil diffusers.

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14. Go for a more casual seating area

If you wish to entertain your friends in the backyard, instead of creating a formal seating area, go for something more casual. Floor cushions just scream summer, so make sure you pair them with low-profile tables for lounging.

Your home should be a place where you feel most comfortable, so turn it into your summer haven.