Maldives Finest Offers Private Island For Exclusive Holiday

Some of the top international brands operate resorts in the Maldives and luxury resorts holidays are always irresistible for anything who knows Maldives. If you have never heard this name, despite taking long haul vacations every year, there some be something very wrong. But, not after today. You are now going to learn some amazing facts about the Maldives and something special that very few knows exists in the world.

Maldives is a tiny country in Indian Ocean that is formed with over a thousand coral islands where white sandy beaches are abundant, and tourism is the lifeblood of the economy. Unlike other beach holiday destinations what makes Maldives so unique is that the islands are so tiny, and every island is little bit different from others. Basically, there is a lot to explore and experience in the Maldives even if you take holiday twice a year.

The country is an independent democracy with multi-party political system and independent judiciary. Despite too much politics, everyone respects tourism as it is their survival and source of prosperity in absence of virtually any other economic activity. The population is less than half a million which are spread over 200 local islands, about a quarter lives in the capital Male’ and rest at different atolls which are group of islands.

Some tiny islands have population that is as low as 300 people. It is a developing country where English is widely spoken as a second language. Despite being so tiny they have their own language and alphabet; it is called Dhivehi.

Gorgeous islands are well known for luxury tourism while affordable tourism takes place in 4 resorts and local islands where guesthouses offer cheap packages. Luxury holidays in 5 star resorts is the main thing the country has known for in the international travel community. The country is visited by over a million tourists every year, twice the size of their own population.

If you have been to Seychelles of Phuket beach you might be thing that those were amazing. That is until you visit the Maldives. Marketed as the sunny side of life, Maldives offers resorts where public cannot interrupt for sale of some merchandise.

Maldives resorts are exclusively rented by the government for tourism, locals live on separate islands. This is the kind of freedom you need when you are on a long-haul holiday, relaxing on the beach.

Luxury resorts don’t just have superb beaches but architecture of the villas, dining facilities, water sports and many makes this is a wonderful product that is worth spending.

Everything is so perfectly arranged in most of the resorts if not all. Your paradise vacation starts as soon as your flight lands at Velana International Airport. Specialist luxury travel agents can arrange your welcome either at flight stairs or when you exit the terminal.

Welcome at flight stairs come with a premium but it also much-needed comfort and convenience as you proceed directly to lounge where your passport gets stamped as you sip drinks. Baggage collection and other matters are all taken care of by the assigned staff and soon you will proceed to the transfer that takes you to your holiday island.

If you want to be assured for ultra-luxury pampering in the dreamy world you may want to book a well-known international brand such as Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, St. Regis, or Ritz Carlton.

One & Only has been there for over a decade but these brands do well maintenance of properties to keep the charm. Waldorf Astoria Maldives and Ritz Carlton have opened recently and currently trends as best luxury resorts in the Maldives.


However, the highest ultra-luxury available in the Maldives at present is the exclusive private where you can enjoy a top-secret escape. Spending holiday on a private island is more like living in your own world.

There is freedom and space to relax the way you like, nobody is watching you as you go lazing around. It comes with top luxury accommodation either on the beach or over the water. You can decide where you want to stay, even switch in between as your mood swings. There are no limits and restrictions that block your joyful moments in privacy.

It is the perfect setting to enjoy a totally private holiday in Maldives with you and your partner. There are no strangers around to wonder who you may be, or if you could be a celebrity.

Super rich people often can’t enjoy holidays due to interruptions by the public. Think of a celebrity that the whole world knows. Being a celebrity, you would want to be decent looking in public and have presentable habits as well. There are many other restrictions that may prevent you from really enjoying a holiday.

The only way to be yourself while enjoying a holiday for such a celebrity or businessman would be to rent a private island that offers luxury in all aspects. You will also need the world’s best food that is second to none. Being in your own world should be a limiting factor for high-class services. For example, you may want to do watersports such as jetski or flying boarding. You may also want to do scuba diving or sports fishing with an expert.

Such an island should offer literally whatever you wish. Millionaires and billionaires who are ready to pay whatever reasonable price means world’s top holiday option should address all guest preferences and cater as much as possible.

You may wonder how you may go about finding such a destination from thousands of hotels around the world and how may want to ensure that a particular hotel would be as good as it appeals. But, in reality it is very simple. Maldives is a destination that enjoys great reputation for top luxury holidays for celebrities and Maldives Finest offers the perfect private island where you can enjoy highest luxury in total privacy.

The private island offered by this travel agent is strategically located at a convenient travel distance from the main airport and they arrange luxury yacht to pick you up. It sails to about 45 minutes you will be on your private island with personal butler taking excellent care. It is a tiny island with extensive facilities including a full-service spa. There are only 3 villas on the entire island; one is a water villa with 2 bedrooms and the other is 3-bedroom beach villa, the third is a residence villa on the island if you needed it to accommodate family members.

There are 11 food and beverage outlets in the near by Waldorf Astoria Maldives resort where you can dine, it takes only 3 minutes to get there, and shuttle boat is available at all times. If you wish to stay dine in privacy of the villa that is perfect as well, or the pristine beach can be prepared the way you like. This is the ultimate in luxury private island experience, there is nothing like this anyway in the world.