Products and Practices to Avoid When Using Hairpieces

Hairpieces for men

Non-surgical hair replacement systems like men’s toupees, wigs for women, men’s wigs, and women’s hair toppers are becoming increasingly popular solutions for individuals dealing with extreme hair loss, thinning hair, widening parting lines, and receding hairlines. They offer versatility, convenience, and the ability to transform one’s appearance instantly by adding the right coverage while giving a fresh, youthful look.

No matter which hairpiece you use, their maintenance is the key to making these delicate hair units last longer. Proper care, the right products, and hairpiece supplies can make your hair system look great every time you use it.

Several blogs and videos tell you what to use to make your hair system last longer. However, it is equally important to know which products and practices to avoid when using a hairpiece so you do not damage them.

Explore the products and practices that hair system users should avoid to prevent damage and maintain the overall quality of their hair systems.

Harsh Shampoos, Conditioners & Leave-in Conditioners

Harsh Shampoos chemicals

Shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals that are harsh on natural hair, so using them on hairpieces is an absolute no-no. These harsh ingredients can strip the hair system’s color, cause tangling, and weaken the hair strands causing them to fall off and look unnatural, defeating the whole purpose of using a hair replacement system in the first place.

Opt for sulphate-free, gentle products designed explicitly for synthetic or human hair systems. Organic hair care products have nourishing ingredients that help maintain the softness and shine of your hair system.

However, it is best to use wig-friendly shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners specifically designed for use on hairpieces to get a clean and deeply moisturized hair unit without causing any kind of damage to the hair system.

Peroxide & Ammonia-free Hair Colorants

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to never color your hairpiece by yourself. You should never color it at all, especially if it is a synthetic hair unit. However, if really needed, people using human hair systems for men or human hair toppers and wigs for women can colour their hairpiece as they are made of 100% natural Remy human hair, which retains the color deposits better without getting much affected.

If you need to color your wig or hairpiece, do not use hair colours with alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia. These are extremely harsh chemicals that will definitely ruin your hair system. Buy hair colourants containing natural ingredients that are alcohol, peroxide, and ammonia-free to help revive and enhance your hair unit for a better look.

Heat Styling Tools

Heat Styling for men

Suppose you are using a synthetic hair system. In that case, it is best to avoid using heat-styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, or hot rollers, as the material is generally incompatible with high heat.

Excessive heat can damage synthetic hair systems, leading to frizz, melting, and even hair strand breakage. If you must style your hair system, use low heat settings and opt for heat protectant sprays specifically formulated for synthetic hair.

Heat styling tools can be used on human hair hairpieces; however,  it’s essential to apply a heat protectant and use moderate temperatures to prevent any kind of hair damage to the unit.

Alcohol-Based Hair Styling Products

Alcohol-based hair products dry out the hair system, leading to frizziness and tangles that diminish the lifespan of the hair unit. Most readily available hair styling products, such as hair protectant sprays, gels, and mousses, contain high levels of alcohol detrimental to your hair unit.

Hairpiece users should replace alcohol-based hair styling products with water-based or alcohol-free products that are safe to use on human hair systems. These products provide hold and control without compromising the integrity of the hair fibres.

Low-Quality Adhesives and Tapes

men hair system adhesive

Non-surgical hair replacement systems for men generally require strong adhesives to keep the hair unit intact for extended periods. This makes wig glues and tapes essential supplies for hair system users.

So, if you want a secure hold, invest in high-quality adhesives and tapes specifically formulated for hair systems that suit your skin type instead of settling for regular glues, household tapes, or low-quality adhesive products. These cause irritation, hair breakage and decrease the longevity of the hair system.

Rough Towel Drying or blow drying

Hair systems are delicate and should be handled carefully, especially if it is a v-looped hair system for men, as the hair strands seem to shed quickly. Remember that it is not your natural hair, even if it is real human hair; they are not rooted to your scalp, so they are not as strong as your hair, nor can they regrow. So, you should never vigorously towel dry your hair system as this will cause tangling, shedding, and damage.

Instead, gently squeeze out excess water from the hair system and pat it dry with a soft, microfiber towel. Avoid wringing or twisting the hair, leading to hair breakage and a compromised appearance.

Let your human hair hairpiece air-dry instead of using a blow drier, even on a low setting. This will help retain its good appearance as well as increase its longevity.

Improper Brushing Techniques

Improper hair Brushing Techniques

When using hairpieces, ‘gentle’ is the main word. Do you know how some of us brush our hair like we are fighting with it? Yep, you can not afford to do that with a hairpiece. You can not even use a regular comb or brush for them.

Using the wrong type of brush or applying excessive force while brushing can lead to hair breakage and damage to the hair system’s base. Avoid brushes with sharp bristles or those designed for natural hair.

Instead, opt for wide-toothed combs or brushes specifically designed with hair systems like nylon looped bristle brushes that are gentle on the hair strands. Start brushing and detangling from the ends, working your way up to avoid pulling on the hair strands.

Incorrect Storage and Handling

Proper storage and handling are crucial for maintaining the shape and quality of your hair system. Avoid folding or cramming the hair system into a small space.

Instead, store your hair system on a wig stand or wig hanger for best use. Even a breathable container to maintain its shape and protect it from dust and direct sunlight will work well.

Maintaining the quality and appearance of your hair system requires avoiding certain products and practices that can cause damage or premature deterioration. Following the abovementioned guidelines ensures longevity while avoiding pitfalls for seamless and natural-looking hairpieces.

You can seek professional consultation if you need help with which system is best for you based on your lifestyle. With the right approach, hairpieces can be a transformative tool, allowing you to express yourself confidently.