Top 4 Reasons Why Moving House Is The Worst (And How To Make It Better)


Moving is detested by sensible people everywhere, and for some pretty solid reasons too. Thankfully, it’s not every day that you have to pack your life into a bag and move to a completely new abode.

Believe it or not, moving doesn’t have to be a stress bonanza from your wildest nightmares. After all, moving represents exciting new beginnings in a brand-new home, one that you can make countless wonderful memories in.

As with most of life’s testing escapades, preparation is vital to mission success. At its worst, moving day can make you want to run away and live in the forest with the squirrels, rejecting civilized society altogether.

At its best, it’s a day full of hope and achievement. Here are some common reasons that make moving the worst, and what you can do to make it much better when the big day finally arrives.

1. Inadequate Storage Space


Timing is critical when you’re planning the move. It can be extremely hard to perfect your move-in schedule if you can’t manage to store your belongings in time, or they end up getting spread out among your various friends’ houses, becoming damaged in the process.

The absolute best way to go is to rent a proper storage unit for your possessions. This gives you peace of mind, it helps you keep track of your belongings, and you don’t have to worry about moving everything at once.

Sufficient storage can help you get organized, cleared out, and prepared to make the big move without accidentally losing yourself in a Mount Everest-sized pile of cardboard boxes in the process.

Considering the immense benefits that storage provides, it’s highly cost-effective. Just check out the super options at for a prime example.

2. The Cost


Moving can be unfathomably pricey. Once you consider the cost of the moving company, the boxes, more boxes, the storage, potential rent or mortgage overlap, the therapy you might need after moving, etc.

You likely won’t need therapy (although you may disagree at the time), but you will need more than a few bucks to make a move happen.

Again, planning, planning, and more planning is the best way to go about reducing the ultimate price.

Moving can’t be left to the last minute, no matter how spontaneous of a person you happen to be.

You could always ask your friends for help transporting your belongings and to aid you with any general lifting – annoying for your friends, but it’s normal, and you can help them someday.

A huge amount of the cost comes from the date and time of the move itself, so try planning it for a day in the week rather than a weekend. This could save you both money and stress.

Packing your own boxes can help you save on the moving costs too, as your moving company won’t need to do it for you.

In fact, if you packed your boxes yourself, you might be able to just hire a van and negate the need to hire movers completely, saving yourself buckets of cash. If you can afford it, however, movers are such a massive help, and they tend to make the whole ordeal far less painful.

3. The Stress


Moving is apparently one of the most stressful life events you can possibly encounter. This doesn’t make it any less necessary, and there’s no use complaining about the inevitable!

Of course, this doesn’t make the crushing weight of the stressful oblivion that is moving day any less unbearable in the heat of the moment.

As long as you recognize what you’re feeling stressed about, you should be able to start working through it long before you have to start lifting boxes.

Stress is a normal part of the process. It’s okay to feel worried. Moving is a huge life event. It’s okay to just laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation – this can help you lighten the mood and avoid melting into a pile of stress-sludge.

It’s also important to remember that it will one day end. Soon, you’ll be moved into to your new home, you’ll be settled, and you’ll be free to do whatever you want that doesn’t involve lifting stuff.

By keeping the end in sight, you have something to work towards, a goal to achieve, and a milestone to reach.

4. Endless Stuff


As you start the stuff-packing process, you might find yourself asking, “Just where on Earth did all this stuff come from?” It seems to multiply from nowhere, almost as if it were breeding out of sight and flooding your brain with involuntary memories at a mere glance.

Just when you feel like you’ve packed everything there is to be packed in the observable universe, you’ll stumble across, you guessed it, more stuff.

This is truly one of the worst parts about moving, but it does present a great opportunity for a little decluttering.

Instead of hauling around your endless stuff for the rest of the time, you should think about whether or not you actually need it in your life. Maybe it would serve someone else better, someone with less stuff who would appreciate the donation, for example?

It’s wise to be utterly ruthless in this area, no matter how hard it might be at the time to throw away that old dusty porcelain souvenir you have literally never seen before.

The Advice


Ironically, the advice can be incredibly annoying. Not everyone knows best, and your situation is unique, so on some level, only you know what to do and what’s going to work out.

Everyone has a moving story or two, and they’ll probably want to tell you about it, but not everyone will have had the same troubles to overcome or timings to take care of. Not all advice is good just because it’s labeled as advice. You should do what’s best for you.

Moving doesn’t need to be awful as a rule. Some people even enjoy moving! Ultimately, it’s going to be a fleeting moment in the rich tapestry of your long and happy life.