Revitalizing Your Workforce: The Ultimate Office Perks Guide


Most people want or even expect perks from their employers; that’s basically a given. Quite a few feel that paid leaves, vacation time, and access to insurance coverage are must-haves. Of course, those are standard issue at this point since most employers offer those benefits. That being said, people are beginning to rise above the bare basics these days. Because of that, they’re looking for much more than the norm and setting new standards when it comes to employee perks.

Based on recent reports, most business owners and company leaders believe they’re giving employees ample benefits. In contrast, less than two-thirds of employees agree. With that in mind, many companies are looking for ways to take their perks programs to the next level. Consider some of the following ways to rise above the norm and benefit not only employees but the companies they work for.

Corporate Massage Programs


Massage has risen through the ranks to become a widely recognized and highly popular form of therapy. It generates numerous benefits, including less pain, greater relaxation, and lower blood pressure. Corporate massages, like those available through, are also known for their stress-reducing power. More than 80 percent of the American workforce reports feeling moderate to serious stress at work, and research indicates that massage can reduce stress by at least 80 percent.

Offer Counseling or Support Groups

Some employers may feel that offering counseling at work or setting up support groups for employees is a bit extreme. Studies show quite the opposite is true. With work-related stress levels being at all-time highs, reducing tension and anxiety is essential.

If people are overly stressed at work, it can affect all areas of their lives. It may interfere with their relationships, lead to insomnia, increase the risks of developing anxiety and depression, and detract from workers’ physical health. Being able to voice their worries and stressors to someone, even if it’s a group of peers, can work wonders for morale and general well-being.

Corporate wellness services such as these can help employees who are facing difficulties at work. If you are facing challenges at your workspace in Singapore, why not talk to the professionals and check out some of these programs today?

Be More Flexible


In a recent survey, the majority of respondents said they’d like for their employers to offer more flexibility. That can come in several forms these days. Flexible traditional work schedules are one solution. They can allow employees to balance their work and home lives and give them opportunities to adjust their schedules as needed. It’s only fair to mention that employers need to set certain boundaries in this regard. Otherwise, some employees may overextend their options.

Another option is to offer the possibility of working remotely. Many companies have completely transitioned to remote work at this point, and most of their employees report feeling happier and less stressed as a result. Some businesses operate on a hybrid basis, having employees work at the office at certain times and remotely at others. A growing number of companies are allowing employees more freedom of choice on when and where they work, and they’re reaping numerous rewards as a result.

Promote Fitness Programs

Physical and emotional well-being go hand in hand. Catering to employees’ mental and emotional health is crucial, but fostering physical fitness is equally important. Exercise is an essential component of fitness. Employees who are more physically active are stronger, healthier, and happier, and they tend to have greater immunity against contagions. By extension, they’re more efficient and productive while missing fewer workdays.

Most people want to ramp up their physical fitness efforts, but they have trouble working exercise into their daily routines. In many cases, traveling from work to the gym for a workout before heading home in the evenings just isn’t possible. At the same time, most people can’t work in exercise before work or during the day. Once they get home from work, they have so many responsibilities to take care of there, exercise has to be placed on a back burner.

In light of all that, consider offering fitness programs at work, so employees can work out before or after work without having to commute to the gym. Alternatively, companies can provide off-site employer-sponsored exercise solutions or offer extra incentives for workers who take part in exercise programs. Several other options are also available in this realm.

Offer Healthy Snacks and Meals


In line with the movement toward improved health, companies can offer healthy snack and meal alternatives for their employees. People are bound to choose conventional snacks like candy bars and potato chips at times. Those options are tasty and convenient. They can be considered comfort foods in a sense. Still, many people say they would choose healthier options if they were readily available.

Additionally, businesses can have fresh meals catered for their employees on occasion. This doesn’t have to be an everyday event; once a week or a few times per month will suffice. Farm-to-table meals are becoming increasingly popular. Companies that follow this concept can support their workers as well as local farmers and restaurants. Healthy meals and snacks may generate extra energy without the common afternoon crash that tends to come with other options, and they help to boost employee wellness.

Provide Creature Comforts

Businesses can likewise offer certain creature comforts to benefit their employees. Numerous solutions fall into this category. Standing desks are among the most common. They allow people to sit down when they need to or stand while working, so they can reduce back pain, neck tension, swollen legs and feet, and other typical issues.

Ergonomic keyboards enter the mix as well. They can help ease hand and wrist fatigue and reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome along with other benefits. Equipping computers with blue light filters is advantageous as well. Doing so can reduce headaches and eye strain, lead to better sleep, and promote long-term eye health. Those are only a few small steps companies can take to make their employees more comfortable.

Giving Employees the Perks They Want


People expect more from their employers these days, and several perks are at companies’ disposal. Offering those extra amenities and incentives can increase employee retention rates and attract new talent while improving workers’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Healthier, happier employees tend to be more productive and more driven to meet their employers’ needs and expectations.