How to Ride a Skateboard for Beginners?

Skateboarding is a new trend. Most of the young people are learning ways to ride a skateboard. It’s not a tough task if you know the rules properly.

There are some steps you need to learn. Balancing, turning, stopping, etc. are the most important steps. In this article, I will give your proper instruction on this topic.

So, keep reading and learn “how to ride a skateboard for beginners?”


Step 1 Choose the Right Board and Right Place

The first thing is to select your skateboard. You need to be sincere in choosing a perfect size skateboard. The website has shared all the information about skateboard and longboard. You can visit it from there.

Now find a safe place. As a newbie, you may face a little accident. So it better to practice in a solitary area.

Step 2 Stand On the Board

First, try to stand on the board steadily. The beginner will get it a bit tough. As soon as you keep your leg on the skateboard, you will see the board moving. The main purpose is to balance the board. Main the line between the shoulder and legs. If you want to avoid the injuries sign up for Washington DC skateboard lessons and learn from the masters. The regular footer will use the left leg as the forward leg. The goofy rider will use the right leg as the forward legs. Make sure the back leg remains steady.

Source: Dayton Daily News

Step 3 Puss-off

It is an easy step if you give concentrate. Keep your front leg still on the board. Now try to go forward with the back foot.

Simply step on with the back leg and push while ending the step. You may get it easy instantly. Keep practicing for few times and you will surely master it.

Step 4 Shift the Back Foot

Give a good push and you will feel the speed. When you feel the board is on good speed, it’s time to shift the back leg on the board.

It is an easy step. There are no particular rules to shift the back foot. The main thing you need to remember is to maintain the overall balance.

Just bring the pushing foot up and rest it slightly on the board. Make sure the front leg holds the balance. Sometimes people lose balance as soon as they rest the left foot.

Source: Dayton Daily News

Step 5 Turning

This step will be a bit hard for the newbies.  First, maintain the center gravity. That will be low to the ground. Now shift your body forward. If you use the right foot as forwarding foot then forward the body to turn right. If you want to turn left then just rotate your ankles.

If your forward leg is leg then do it vice-versa.

Step 6 Stopping

This is a crucial step. If you don’t know how to stop properly then you must face accidents.

There are mainly 2 ways to stop the skateboard. Let’s see the ways to stop

1. Start moving in a Circle

If you are at high speed then it is a better option to stop. First, build-up good momentum and stop pushing forward. Now try to move in a circle. I will suggest you put some weight on the back.

Soon the board will slow down and you can stop it simply coming down.

2. Footbrake Method

It is a very common way to stop your skateboard. When you are in speed just put the back foot down to the ground and slide a little. It will create friction and your board will lose speed.

Always remember, don’t put the leg strongly on the ground while stopping. It will stop the board instantly and you will fall.



There are some rules you need to maintain. Now I will show up some of them.

  • Select a canvas with flat-sole
  • Don’t try to perform any tricks. When you learn to ride it properly, you can try simple tricks.
  • Make sure the board is appropriate and the place is safe for practice.
  • It’s better to practice with a skater friend.
  • Ensure helmet, knee pads, wrist guard, and other protection.
Source: wikiHow

Final Words

I have already described the basic rules to ride a skateboard. It is a matter of practicing. If you think you can tame it without practicing and falling then you are wrong.

Must wear all the protection before practicing. Give a big time in practicing. I hope you will learn it properly.