Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2021

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In this superfast moving world, there is this trend that every other person wants to be a doctor or engineer, but the world is not just that much is stupendously proved by Ryan Garcia. Ok then, Ryan is an American boxing icon who is very passionate toward boxing and has made it his life.

Today is known as America’s best boxer with the title ‘Third Best Active Lightweight’.King Ry, Flash are his nicknames. Not just this there are many insights which you never knew about him. To explore the interesting facts, keep reading!


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About Ryan Garcia

Ryan is the one who not just went after his passion but has spent each and every day with complete dedication towards achieving the best which can be reflected through his social media. Not just one day or two three months, he has toiled for almost years to stand as the dynamic personality he is today. To fulfil his dream to be a boxer intrigued him since childhood.

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Early Life And Family

August 8 is Ryan’s birthday and 1988 is his birtyear. This 22-year-old boxer guy is from California, USA. He has four siblings, one brother and three sisters. His brother is a professional in boxing like him. His parents were a backbone to him and supported him at each and every step of his life. Still, his father is a great trainer for him whereas mother is his personal trainer and commercial assistant.

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Career And Achievements

Ryan’s journey to be a boxer began when he was a 7-year-old kid. You will be surprised to know that he has won the title name of ‘National Amateur Champion’ fof fifteen times. We can acknowledge through his present achievements as to how dedicated and hard-working he is. Speaking about his boxing career, till date he has won all 21 matches and has never lost out of which he directly knocked out 18 of his opponent for first attempt itself. His career became professional when he was 17 on 9 June,2016. He also earned the title of ‘Lightweight Champion’. He even sought after the gold medal winner, Luke Campbell and was able to defeat him along with several others.

He owns a YouTube channel through which he shares his life experiences and some of his fighting videos. His tatoo video is the most famous one which says that he even does funny videos. Most of his videos have earned 1M views.

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Some Things You Never Knew About Ryan

He comes from a mix of Amera and Mexico descent. He always carries both the flags with him no matter where he attends the matches along with getting himself dressed in both flag colours.

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Ryan Garcia Net Worth 2021

$10 Million is his total approximation of his income which mainly comes from his boxing career, his YT channel and through promoting some brands on Instagram. It is seen that his net worth is boosted and as he a still a teen, so there is much more success to come.


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