7 Ways to Safely Ship Fragile Items in the Mail

Shipping for long distances has never been this easier. However, extra care should be taken when delivering fragile items. Usually, when you go shopping, you might have observed the shopkeepers carefully packaging fragile items like ceramics or glasses. But, long-distance shipping may require even more care. Because the packaging may also damage in the due time. Although the shipping partners do their part in ensuring safe and intact delivery of fragile items, knowing a few extra tips and tricks ensures you deliver these items unbroken or undamaged.

There is one thing to remember here. No matter how careful your shipping partner is, those bumps on roads are inevitable. How do you take care of your fragile products in such instances? This article guides you through numerous ways of shipping fragile items in a safe environment to avoid damage to your products.

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Ways to safely ship your fragile items

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1. Use small boxes for packaging

It may sound unusual and risky. But to avoid damage to fragile products it is better to use small boxes for packaging. If you use small boxes, you can use multiple other packaging boxes over it to make sure the product doesn’t damage.

Also, using a smaller box eliminates additional space and makes sure that the product is air-tight packed to avoid sliding and moving of the object inside the packaging. It restricts the movement of the product. Hence, the product doesn’t move around in the box while traveling and is firmly held in place.

2. Cushion material

The general rule of thumb while packaging fragile items is to use cushioning material. It ensures that the product is safely placed in between the smooth surfaces. Even if the product moves inside the box, the cushion material acts as a protective cover for the product.

You can use anything for cushioning the product. Bubble wraps, newspapers, cotton, fabrics, or even cardboards are used as cushioning material to protect the product from damage due to bumpy roads or inevitable falls.

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3. Double box

One way of ensuring double the safety of your fragile products is double packaging. While double packaging is just a norm, you can use any number of boxes to ensure that the product inside stays safe and intact.

You can also place cushions or foams to add an additional protection layer. However, as the number of packaging boxes and protective layers increases, your invoice for shipping the product too becomes expensive.

4. Foam or peanuts

Some shipping agencies use peanuts or even foam nuts to provide a protective layer for the product. These items provide air-tight packaging for the product that is placed inside the packaging. They are not as hard to damage the product. So, they are safe to use and not expensive as well.

In this method too, you can use additional layers for additional protection. Like you can use peanuts along with the product and use double packaging for additional safety.

Source: blog.midatlanticpackaging.com

5. Mentioning the product on the box

Shipping agencies usually ship a lot of products or objects at a time. Although they ensure safety and protective measures, sometimes they may not give enough attention to ensure the safety of the product inside. It, thus, happens that your product may be damaged. But, if you write or mention what is inside the package, the shipping team can take enough care of your box.

If you don’t like mentioning what is inside the box for privacy purposes, you can simply mention that the package contains fragile products and ask them to handle them with care. Even this method will help the team understand the severity of the issue and they will handle your product with care.

6. Use high quality packaging

If you are so worried about your products, shipping, and packaging, you will have to spend a little more to take care of your products on your own. Some travel or shipping partners use cheap and affordable material to save the costs.

But, you can either mention or buy the packaging material on your own. These high quality packaging materials are highly resistant to accidents and unexpected hits. So, your products are considered safe and will reach the destination intact.

Source: blog.midatlanticpackaging.com

7. Shipping insurance

If the items inside are valuable and precious on top of being fragile, you can avail a shipping insurance just to make sure you are safe and protected in terms of your monetary resources. But, just because you are insured doesn’t justify careless handling or sub-optimal packaging of your fragile items. You still have to be careful enough and follow any or multiple methods that are mentioned above to save your product from breaking or damaging.

These are just a few methods for smooth shipping experience of your fragile items. You can use them individually or use multiple methods at once for additional protection as they add more layers to your products.


Shipping longer destinations used to be tougher. It is a complex task to ship fragile items even now. It requires multi packaging, human supervision, and careful handling to avoid any kind of damage to the packaging. It is essential to ensure the safety of the packaging as well to make sure the fragile products inside too stay safe.