5 Main Reasons That Prevent the Sale and Rent of Real Estate

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The property is a precious asset to its owner. Therefore, taking good care of this heritage can generate an excellent business opportunity: the possibility of putting it up for sale and rent.

Regardless of whether you plan to sell or rent, you need to understand how this process works and walk the right path to achieve the objective in the best possible way. It is also important to know the processes because due to lack of experience, the owners start to use ineffective strategies.

To help you understand more about this process, we have prepared this content to help you know the main reasons that can prevent you from selling or renting real estate.

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How does the process of selling and renting real estate work?

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To start, you need to understand at least how selling and leasing a property works. We have prepared a summary to make it clearer.


1. Sale

If you want to put a property for sale, it is important to follow some steps that will help in this process:

  • Property valuation: a practice that helps to estimate its real value to help define the sale price
  • Search for legal support: if the property is sold, it will be necessary to sign the contract and ensure that the transaction is done correctly
  • Visits: with the property for sale, it must be available for visits by future buyers
  • Documentation: if interested in proceeding with the purchase, it is necessary to gather the documents that prove the regularity of all the parties involved, the property, the buyer, and the seller

2. Rent

The leasing process is very similar to the sale process. Here is how the steps are similar:

  • It is necessary to evaluate both the property and the region to understand if the monthly rent is consistent with your reality
  • The property must be available to receive visits from those who are interested in renting
  • When someone is interested in closing a deal, it is necessary to provide all the documentation required to sign a contract, including what you need to be a guarantor, if applicable. SkyMarketing has experienced and expert staff that guides the people regarding buying and selling the property.

5 Reasons that Prevent the Sale and Rent of Real Estate:

Now that you know a little about the process of selling and renting real estate, here are some reasons that can prevent this plan from coming to execution.

1. Do not advertise or publicize

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The first reason is very obvious: it is not enough to put only the intention of selling or renting the property. It is necessary to announce this opportunity to the world. It is very common for owners to invest little energy at this point and not make an effective disclosure.

After all, if people do not know about this possibility, they will never be interested or recommend it to friends and possible people interested in the property. One of the ways to not fail at this point is to advertise on your local network, starting with your acquaintances.

Another way is to rely on the support of brokers and real estate agents who have access to a massive network of people interested in buying or renting in the city and all the knowledge and expertise in its dissemination.

2. Ask for non-standard values

Another great reason to prevent the sale or rent of a property is to make proposals with values ​​ outside the market standard. Remember that we put the valuation of the property as a step in the process, right? It is a great resource to understand if the requested value is within the standard.

This step is often neglected, resulting in a low supply or demand to do business. The tip here is to look for professionals who guide this price definition, giving security both for you and those who want to buy or rent. You can also compare your property rates with other properties such as Blue World City.

3. Not making repairs or renovations

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The timing of the property visit is very important. It is there that the interested person is faced with their possible future home, so their expectations can be high. For this reason, the house or apartment must be impeccable. We know that real estate wears out over time and needs repairs and renovations to have better assessed value of a home.

The lack of these actions must not be an obstacle to closing the deal, as the fact is that poorly maintained properties can discourage clients from proceeding with the negotiation. Here, the solution is simple: always carry out the necessary maintenance on the property to have a good appearance and infrastructure so that it does not harm the business.

4. Not using good photos

It is also important that the property advertisement is striking to arouse interest in buying or leasing. Therefore, it is common that the first contact that a person has with the property is through advertisements and photos.

Therefore, it is essential to use quality images that are favorable, showing the spaces from the best possible angles. If you have difficulty in this matter, it is possible to hire a professional or a real estate agent to do this work. Alternatively, you may take an idea of how to take good pictures from other housing projects, such as Capital Smart City.

5. Do not remove negative certificates

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Finally, we bring here how much it is necessary to have negative certificates to complete the deal. For those who do not know, these documents show whether there are irregularities in some of the parties involved in the negotiation, including the property itself. After all, if there is any irregularity, there is a risk that the deal will not materialize. So, it is important to be aware of this documentation.

The points mentioned in this text are essential for the sale or rent of a property to be done safely and efficiently. Therefore, we suggest that you start with these steps and consider them while processing your business.