YCNY Annual $1000 Scholarship

Here at YCNY we deal only with cars and cars accessories. This is our passion and our vision is to passionately pass relevant information in the automobile industry.

We love offering community services as we are strong advocate for it, we will be awarding the prize of about $1000 to one student and it is strictly based on merit.

We created the YCNY Scholarship for undergraduates or post graduates and we are offering a $1000 award.

Terms Of Participation

To take part in the $1000 scholarship program you need to write a 1000word on the topic below.

  • If you were given $10,000 for a business startup, what would you do?


This scholarship is only offered to students enrolled in high school, college or university.

How To Submit Your Application

Kindly write a creative and unique content.

After writing the required article you can send the word document to us at [email protected] with the following your details below:

  • School Name
  • Full name, phone number and address
  • Area of study
  • Student id card or any identification to prove you are a student o

Deadline Day

Final date of submission is 31st of November. The recipient of the scholarship will receive the award in 30 days after the chosen deadline. Participating in this scholarship gives us your consent to contact you via email or call.

Also, if you are the winner, we are going to use your college, or name or identification and also your written essay on this site and may also be used for promotional purposes. The winner of this scholarship is responsible for any charges or taxes on receiving the payment.