CCNA Self-Study Tips

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Today, we will share with you the CCNA self-study tips. Among various IT certifications, CCNA is a very popular one. Many people who want to learn CCNA technology have chosen to participate in the training. Generally, the learning time of the training center is relatively short. In just a few days, hundreds of pages of thick textbooks must be completed, on average, nearly 100 pages are completed every day. There is indeed a certain difficulty. In fact, for people who have certain network knowledge, they do not have to participate in training, they can create conditions for self-study, and they can also get good learning effects. Compared with participating in training, the difficulty of self-study mainly has two aspects, one is the teaching materials, and the other is the experimental environment. Let’s take a look at how to create CCNA self-study conditions.

CCNA Self-study Tips One: To Choose Teaching Materials Suitable for Self-study


There are two main books for the CCNA exam. One is the exam book published by Cisco press (Cisco Press), the book is called “Cisco CCNA ExamCertification Guide”, the author is Wendell Odom and you can check it at The other is an exam book published by SYBEX, the book is called “CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide”, the author is Todd Lammle (this book published by Electronic Industry Press can be purchased in China). For learners, the second book is for beginners. The first book is more suitable for people with high aspirations (such as people who want to take the CCIE exam). Of course, the best way is to read both books.

CCNA Self-study Tips Two: To Create Experimental Conditions

A very important part of the CCNA course is to learn router configuration technology. If you want to learn this part of the knowledge well, it is not enough to just look at the textbook. You must conduct experiments. CCNA requires in-depth knowledge of all Cisco operating systems, IOS (Internetworking Operating System) (CCNA 2.0 exam requires familiarity with the latest version of IOS Ver 12.X). Therefore, if possible, try to do experiments on the actual CISCO routers (the routers involved in CCNA certification are 2500 series). In the IT training center, you can get router configuration opportunities that are hard to get in work practice, and many people who have never seen routers can also get perceptual knowledge. There are also some people who buy a second-hand router by themselves, and then conduct various router configuration experiments. The price of a second-hand router is about 1,000 Yuan. For beginners, the cost of learning is too high. Another feasible way is to use emulated router software, which can implement almost all router functions.

There are three types of Cisco router simulator software that can be found at present: rutersim, krang, and virtual lab e-trainer. Both routersim and virtual lab e-trainer are launched by Sybex. From the experience, routersim is still very good. This software is thoughtfully designed, it has both routers and switches, as well as computer terminals. You can also get a virtual MS-DOS window when you click on the computer terminal and use the ping command to check if your configuration is correct. Due to space limitations, the author briefly introduces them here. Interested readers may wish to study more router simulation software.

CCNA Self-study Tips Three: To Handle the Relationship between Exercises and Experiments


In order to pass the exam successfully, it is necessary to do a lot of practice questions. But don’t hold the expectation that you can encounter many original questions in the exam when doing the questions. Doing the questions is just to help you straighten out the knowledge points. If you want to truly be confident, mastering the real talents and learning is the key. When doing the questions, you may wish to combine it with the experiment. Experiments can deepen the effect of theoretical learning, and doing exercises can further deepen the understanding of knowledge. It also helps to pass the exam. The key is to combine the two parts. Do the exercises under the conditions of full practice, and then take the certification test after you have a certain grasp. After all, IT certification exam cost is expensive. Now many companies do not just look at this certificate when recruiting. Whether there is practical ability, a discerning person can see at a glance. So, don’t just focus on doing the questions to cope with the exam, it is important to learn something more.

CCNA Self-study Tips Four: To Schedule Regular Practice Tests

Although there is a tremendous need for network engineering jobs today, applicants must have a substantial level of practical knowledge to be suitable for these profiles. It is where CCNA certification enters into the picture. If you aspire to gain the understanding and techniques to become a coveted professional, take regular CCNA training examinations.

Scheduling these examinations in advance and deciding a time limit for yourself will help you recognize what you have studied so far. By taking routine tests, you can act on the areas demanding progress and understand your bright and feeble points. They will confirm your crafts and ability in network factors and IP connectivity, services, and automation.

The 120-minute examination in English and Japanese speech will fetch you a virtual stamp to include in your CV to obtain your desired job profile.

CCNA Self-study Tips Five: Subscribe to an Affordable Video Course


Digital courses are the best way to enhance the knowledge of network engineering theories because of their simplicity. But as a test taker, you must not solely rely on virtual video classes to study the exam text.

It will let you learn one concept in two distinct setups, thus building up the concepts. You can locate numerous websites offering affordable digital video lectures for CCNA with well-qualified and trustworthy teachers.

Learning by reading and observing the same theory is beneficial for expanding your awareness and sharpening your skills. It will assist you in achieving success in IT and cybersecurity as you appreciate learning technical text.

CCNA Self-study Tips Six: Sharpen Your Concepts Before the Exam

Test takers often oppose learning new things about a concept right before the examination. But in CCNA, refreshing your knowledge before sitting for the exam is beneficial for increasing the chances of passing with flying colors. If you feel you still don’t have enough understanding about the technology even after going through the textbooks, it is advisable to go deeper into any concept on the internet.

Unless you are sure of building a complete understanding of certain concepts and getting into their fundamental aspects, it is vital to continue digging deeper. Refreshing your knowledge by digging deeper into the theories you skipped or did not fully understand at the beginning will strengthen your spirit and help you pass the examination.

CCNA Self-study Tips Seven: Finish the Available Labs By Yourself


Exam takers make the oversight of only watching the labs in the lessons, but miss out on completing them by themselves. However, in the actual examination, you must do formatting and troubleshooting by yourself by entering the commands.

So, if you don’t wish to be unprepared for the examination, don’t miss out on building ‌each lab in the course.

Parting Thoughts

We hope these seven tips will boost your confidence for the CCNA examination and open all the ways to networking victory. By getting your hands on this universal certification, you can prove to your employer that you are more intelligent and skilled than everyone else.