Is It Possible to Send a Birthday Cake Internationally

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Delivering food worldwide is not a new idea, especially when we want to send a birthday cake to someone who lives in a different country, but is important to us. There are plenty of services that support international shipping, or they have offices and stores in the country you want to send to, so a lot of problems are already solved. So, even though it seems like you can buy the cake and then give it to the shipping company, and expect an efficient delivery, it doesn’t work completely like that. For example, if you are in Europe, let’s say Hungary, and you want to send a cake to someone in India, you can use international or Indian delivery services because no matter what, you want the product delivered completely fresh to them. If you look for a service for that, it’s worth checking Giftstoindia24x7. Click here to send cake to India. It’s simple like that. It works for almost all the countries in the world that have similar services.

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Making your own cake and sending it abroad is not a good idea, because a lot of delivery companies have strict rules about the food. There is always a risk to be damaged during the process, or even spoil, and that’s not the goal of this action. The easiest way is to contact a pastry or candy shop based in the city your person lives in, and check if they can accept your payment. There are even delivery websites that provide the complete service. You only need to choose the country and city, do a quick Google search, for example; where to find cakes in Sydney, then find the pastry shop you prefer, check their offer, and fill out the forms with the details and special wishes. Then you need to enter the person’s details, as the name and address you want the cake shipped to, so you can complete the order and proceed to pay for it.

But, is sending a cake internationally a good idea? If you can contact a shop that will do that for you, then yes, it’s an exceptional idea to surprise someone who is important, but far away from you. On the other hand, as we said, if you make or buy a cake, and have it delivered to another country, then we suppose that there is no such a service who will accept it, and even if there is, the product won’t be fresh and nice when they take it.

So, the answer to the question in the title is that we can send cakes all over the world, but by using the services who work with food delivery internationally.

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How they do that?

Once you find a reliable service, you have to join their website by creating an account. Then, proceed to list the location, so they can alert the responsible people for that. After you do it, you have to choose the product. Include all the important details in the order, like the color of the cake, or skipping the ingredients that may cause allergies. At this point, only services in the particular country will receive the details. Once you confirm the order and choose the delivery time, you can pay for it. And now you wait for it to be delivered and for that phone call to see the surprise of the person you sent it to.

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How to efficiently send food internationally?

If you want to send some food that is not available there, you have to keep in mind a few things. Home-made food is a big “no” because it should be stored under special conditions, and let’s be real – the companies will either charge a lot for that service or won’t store it properly. It’s better to teach them how to cook it, instead of trying to ship it from Europe to Asia, for example. But when it comes to store-bought food that is properly packed, sealed, and has a list of all the ingredients on it, then some companies will do that. In general, most of the shipping services will only accept packed food that has a shelf life longer than six months from the day it’s taken.

Your expectations should be realistic. A lot of people are using shipping services for international delivery, but you have to keep in mind that food products are a little bit specific. Most of these services will recommend you not to send products that should be refrigerated or frozen during transit because no matter how hard they try, there is always a risk for it to spoil during the transit until it reaches the destination. For example, the cakes should be fixed so they won’t turn to the dough, but no company is able to accomplish that. Also, check if some food is restricted in the country that you want to ship to.

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Knowing the need of the people to send food internationally, a lot of companies decided to gather the pastries, restaurants, and food chains in one delivery service, that connects people all around the world. As you can see, you can use the local services in the particular country, or the international websites that support this type of delivery. It works the same as ordering food for yourself. You choose the food provider, list the products you want to buy, and then enter the address where they should be delivered.

Birthdays are special days, but it’s been longer than one year as we are in a pandemic and many families and couples are still separated because of the travel restrictions. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthdays and special days, knowing that there are international delivery services that can be very helpful when you need to send a gift to them.

Once again, we will repeat that sending homemade food is not recommended, or in some cases, it’s even forbidden. Be respectful of the rules, and use the local services in their country. That’s the only way to be sure they will get the cake nice and fresh and have a special birthday.