How to Outsource Vast Tech Skill Software Development in Argentina


Latin America is among the most popular regions for IT outsourcing, and rightfully so. Argentina is at the top of the best outsourcing destinations for a number of good reasons. If you are looking to hire Argentinian tech talent, but don’t know where to start, and what challenges to be aware of, this post will aid you in navigating the local outsourcing market like a pro.

Reasons to choose Argentina

So why is Argentina considered one of the best countries to outsource software development to? For starters, there is a great number of IT professionals due to impressive tech higher education. According to different studies, from 70 to 90 thousand people are currently obtaining Bachelor’s degrees in software engineering and other IT specialties every year. Let’s not forget about numerous private educational programs and great school education, which lead to a pretty high level of English proficiency among the adult population in this LATAM country, so you won’t have to worry about language barriers. Because of good IT education, the number of trained developers in Argentina grew almost five times in the last twenty years, so you will gain access to the more than 100 thousand large talent pool.

Another great advantage of Argentina software development is the budget-friendly nature of it. If you are located in the United States, Canada, or Western Europe, you know that experienced skilled IT specialists will ask for some considerable amounts of money, and that number only grows every month. In Argentina, because of the difference in the currency exchange rate, and overall modest costs of living there, you can bring on board a developer with the same level of experience for two-three times less.

There are many more little positives that you can find. Argentinian people culturally are not so different from us, so communication and integration in the existing development team won’t be a problem. The country has a strong IT infrastructure, and a lot of worldwide-known companies have local offices. Around 95 percent of households have a stable internet connection, which is one of the highest numbers in the whole world. All of this makes Argentina a go-to outsourcing destination for a lot of business owners.

Hiring options

When you decide on a hiring destination, you will need to look at recruiting options. Of course, you can try to find some viable candidates on your own. There are some pretty popular job boards in Argentina, such as Zonajobs, Buscojobs, Bumeran, and Un Mejor Empleo. Even without good Spanish knowledge, there is a possibility you can find a perfect developer for your project there. Don’t forget about social media or sites like Reddit, StackOverflow, and GitHub, local tech talents are active there too.

But if it is your first time working with foreign IT professionals, we recommend asking professionals for help. You can hire a recruitment agency to provide you with viable candidates, but maintaining successful cooperation with developers overseas can be pretty challenging the first time around. So going with an outsourcing vendor is the safest bet for newcomers.


Outsourcing process

So, why choose Argentina software development outsourcing? With this cooperation model agency will not only help you to find and hire tech talent but also will oversee the whole development process, making sure that you will end up with a perfect digital product. Finding the perfect outsourcing vendor is probably the most important part of the process. First of all, you need to know clearly what you are looking for. It helps to know the future app’s programming language, list of basic features, platforms it needs to run on, list of additional technical requirements, and basic team structure. If you already have some IT professionals on your payroll, you may want to use a staff augmentation service, or just hire developers individually. If you are looking to build a team from scratch, going with an already assembled dedicated team makes more sense.

When you have a more clear vision, you can start searching for an outsourcing company. There are a lot of international agencies that work with developers from dozens of countries, and Argentina is probably one of them due to the wide pool of talent and great skill level of local IT specialists. A lot of the US companies also work with Argentinian software engineers because of geographical proximity and great level of English proficiency. Finally, you can try and find some local vendors. Just remember to read some reviews on third-party sites and have a thorough read of the agency’s data security policy. And don’t go with the cheapest offer, it rarely ends well.

Even if you are delegating a large part of control over the hiring process to an agency, try to participate in at least some stages of the interviewing process. Confirming candidates’ level of English knowledge, soft skills, and overall attitude is crucial while working with foreign developers remotely, and still, this part is often neglected.


Challenges of outsourcing to Argentina

Let’s talk about what to remember while cooperating with Argentinian software developers. First of all, you will need to remember about different time zones and geographical proximity. If you are located in North America, Argentina is a great choice, but for European business owners just scheduling a work call or taking a trip in case of emergency will be a real headache.

Tax and labor laws in a lot of LATAM countries are pretty complex, so make sure that your outsourcing vendor provides legal counsel. Navigating all the tiniest details on your own can be trickier than you can expect. Even with Argentina’s business-friendly approach, there are some problems you can encounter, and the company’s specialists will need to guide you through them.

Final thoughts

Argentina is a great place to outsource your app development if you are looking for the perfect balance between a high-quality workforce and more than reasonable prices. With the right vendor, you will have a great experience and hopefully establish a long-term relationship with IT professionals from one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.