Tricks to Speed Up Your Australian Citizenship


When it comes to some legal matters, regardless of the type of the issue, many people, mostly due to lack of knowledge, are pessimistic and think that much time is needed. Now, all this gets even more troubling when it is about something of vast importance, like taking a mortgage, insurance, and even applying for citizenship. This last one is particularly tricky as every country has certain rules and regulations regarding who can apply for their citizenship. In more cases than not, many forms and criteria need to be met to even start the whole process and get a chance to apply. Furthermore, those experiencing certain problems regarding this issue need to know that many migrants are applying, and due to everything going on in the world, this trend is not likely to end any time soon.

So, before filing or even considering applying for citizenship, make sure you have a chance to get it, as otherwise, you will just waste your time. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if it will solve many problems like getting a job, much easier paperwork, and even healthcare. That is why we will now focus on the tips and tricks about how to speed up getting citizenship and, to be more precise, Australian citizenship.

The time as the main issue


As what those who applied for citizenship before you can confirm, this process takes time. The government officials in charge of deciding whose citizenship will get approved, which is, in this case, the Department of Home Affairs, carefully go through all the files, documents, and other papers of every case, and due to having thousands of them per year, this overcrowdedness is the main reason why it takes so long. If we look at the statistics, we will notice that more than 70 percent of applicants receive a final decision within 18 months, which is, compared to some other countries, even though it might seem long, actually a pretty short time. Now, to get here, you need to fulfill all the requirements and take a citizenship test first.


The exam is not the first step, and we need to fulfill some requirements before we get to it and have the opportunity to pass it and get Australian citizenship. The main requirements are to live in this country permanently for one year, do not leave it for more than one year at the moment of applying, and three or more months before it. When it comes to years, the range is from 18 to 59. If these requirements are fulfilled, it is time to file the application and wait for the interview, which is always done before the exam. It is done because of two reasons, and these reasons are to prove the identity and suitability for the exam. Proving suitability means checking the requirements that we already mentioned, and proving the identity is pretty simple. All we need to do is to have a valid ID or some other document with a photo. If everything is okay, it is time to do the test.

The process


One thing you simply need to know about the Australian citizenship test is that learning, and not just the basics but some specifics of the country and its people as well, is a must. It is the only way to pass the test with 100% marks and be one of the first to obtain it, and it might also speed up the whole process. Trying to pass it by relying on pure luck is never a good idea because it is impossible to get citizenship in that way. As for the test itself, it is a 20 question type one, with questions divided into three testable areas:

  • The country and its people (history, traditions, symbols, and state info),
  • Beliefs, rights, and liberties,
  • The law in Australia (how laws are made and your role and in how the country is run)

Of course, the basic knowledge of the English language is a must here, and the pass mark is 75% and, to reach this goal, you have 45 minutes to finish the test. It is more than obvious that it is necessary to know the language to understand and answer the question, and there are no special questions related to grammar and vocabulary on the test. If you are interested to learn more and seeing what some of the tests may look like, visit, and take the opportunity to practice for free.

Checking for an available spot

For those who are too impatient to wait for their appointment or think that it is too far, checking for available spots for taking the test can be very useful. It sometimes happens that someone cancels their appointment, and that can be a great opportunity if you see it in time. Because of that, it is crucial to visit the website often and wait for a chance to jump in if there is some spot available earlier. People who are lucky enough can speed up the whole citizenship process and find the spot for taking an exam in a few days. It can be a great thing to get the test earlier, but keep in mind that it is crucial to be prepared for it to pass it.

To summarize


Getting Australian citizenship is a process that requires time and studying, and it is impossible to finish it in a few days. Because of that, it is crucial to fill out the application in time and take enough time to learn all the important facts about Australia and the people who live there. Passing it without good preparation is almost impossible, and it is up to you and how willing you are to put effort into it. Better scores on the exam can speed up the whole process, and it is necessary to check the website regularly to be the first one to see if a spot for taking it is available sooner.