5 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident That Is Not Your Fault

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Accidents happen all the time on the road, but being a part of it is surely not a pleasant experience. It’s frightening, and many of those who were part of it, no matter if they are guilty or not, start panicking and aren’t able to make decisions reasonably. Many attorneys suggest for these people to try to stay as calm as they can, so they can call the police and contact their lawyer. Even the law recognizes motorcycle accidents as something that they need to work separately from the other types. For example, the motorcycle driver can easily become a victim on the road, and suffer injuries, because their bodies are exposed and they can easily suffer lifetime damage if an accident happens.

You need to learn more about the rights you have in specific cases, and motorcycle accidents are something you must pay attention to, especially if you have a two-wheel friend you love deeply. Sometimes, people who are part of that accident are aware enough to take the initial steps, which are crucial for the case. If the cyclist dies or is not able to talk, then the case takes another turn and their families also have to work with a lawyer, so they can get the justice they deserve.

Sadly, motorcyclists are still not safe on the roads, but they have the right to use them just like cars and trucks. They are so underestimated, and that’s one of the reasons why they are often victims of negligence. At this point, they have to call their personal injury lawyer, so they can get compensation for their suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

But, if an accident happens, you need to do these things:

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1. Move away from the scene, but don’t touch anything

You need to get to safety if you can because the conditions on the road can be really cruel. If you can, call the police, and contact someone from your family. Don’t remove the protective gear, because it may compress some injury and protects you from bleeding. You don’t know how hurt you are, and because of the adrenaline shock, you won’t feel any pain in the first place. That’s why you must act immediately, call your family and the police, or report the accident to 911 (or the emergency service in your country). If you feel you can’t do it all by yourself, you need to call one person you trust, for example, a friend or family member, so they can do these things for you, and arrive at the place of the accident to help you cope with the shock better.

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2. Stay aware to witness

After the police arrive, you should tell everything you remember, every tiny detail of the accident, especially if the hitter runs away, leaving you behind. They need to gather enough evidence. If you are able to do that, take pictures before the police arrive, so you can use that material later, when negotiating the terms with the insurance company.

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3. Speak to your lawyer

As we described, clearwater motorcycle accident lawyers are a must when it comes to motorcycle accidents. It can make a huge difference in proving you were innocent. Also, they can fight against insurance companies who offer to pay the lowest amount possible, frightening the victims that if they try to fight for more, they will lose the little they have. Don’t contact the insurance company before the attorney arrives.

The situation is getting even more complicated if the victim can’t do these things alone, and the family must act on their behalf. Sometimes they are too injured to talk and tell what happened. In this case, some of the close people to the victim must take the things in their hands, talk to the lawyer, and see how things would go, especially if medical treatment, surgery, or long therapy is required.

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4. File a report to the police

The police will open a case, and they will create a report based on your side of the story. The family or witnesses must do the same in case the accidents involve death or injury that stops the victim from talking to the police. All these accidents have more than one aspect, and the easiest one is when the victim is contactable and slightly hurt. But, in any other case, it becomes very complicated, especially for the family.

Also, after the medical examination, all injuries and symptoms must be reported to both the police and lawyer. Sometimes, the police can come to the hospital, to get the file they will need to work on the case. Based on this police report, the insurance companies will pay out the needed amount to cover the expenses and damage, but also they may find the hitter who run away from the place of the accident, or who denies the guilt, even though it’s obvious the cyclist is completely innocent.

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5. Don’t give statements to the insurance company

They are here to protect you, but not completely. While you are still stressed, you must avoid talking to them. Start the payment requirement after the police did their job and you have a lawyer to represent you. They will usually stick to the first thing you reported, without covering the rest of the needs, like repairs of the vehicle or required medical treatments. Simply, don’t do that, before the police report is completed, and you have the complete file in your hands.


Sadly, motorcycle accidents aren’t rare. They happen all the time, and the victims, if they can, should act properly, as we described in this article. So, it’s the police, emergency, family member, attorney, and the insurance companies at last place. That’s the only way you can be sure you will get the justice you deserve.

If it ends with wrongful death, the lawyer will help you get most of the compensation, in honor of the person you lost. It’s the same in a case like that, so don’t skip any of the steps, so you can be sure everything is done properly.