6 Important Legal Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

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To make sure that your rights are protected after the accident and that you will be able to get the right medical care, you need to think about it in time. This refers to taking preventive measures in the event of a truck accident. That’s why it’s important to learn all about the steps you need to take if you come across a situation like this. This is a very stressful event that can cause massive damage and serious injuries. Then it can be very difficult for you to know what you should or should not do. However, if you are sufficiently informed about the whole situation, we are sure that you will do everything properly.

1. Call the authorities

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So, this is definitely the first thing you need to do. After you ask for help, the police and first aid should arrive at the scene of the accident soon. Then it is important to tell them everything you remember, because that will be your story about the collision. The authorities will thus know all the details of the collision and how it came about in general. Don’t forget to get a copy of the police report. This may not be the most acceptable evidence, but it does contain the necessary information that will be useful during the investigation of the collision.

When we mention important information, we mean the statements of witnesses, as well as sketch of the accident scene, etc. The lawyer will review this report and be able to prove whose responsibility it is. While the insurance company may be trying to put all the blame on you, the expert you hired should show solid evidence to the contrary. This way you will very quickly get compensation for all your losses and the accident suffered.

2. Check your condition

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Of course, there is only one important thing you need to do before calling 911. This is for self-examination, because you need to determine if you are well. At that point, you need to assess what condition you are in. In addition, you must make sure that no one near you is in danger. There are a few items you need to consider, and these are bleeding, broken bones, pain, difficulty moving, but also numbness in the extremities. These are conditions that must not be ignored. This may not make sense to you now, because it is a very painful type of injury, but in the rush of adrenaline, people sometimes do not feel injuries. That is why you and your companions need to do an examination to determine that you are able to move. Otherwise, stay put until help arrives. There is an exception, and that is a situation where your vehicle is in danger of fire and similar.

3. Gathering evidence

If you find that you are able to move and have no injuries, try to gather as much evidence as you can. Of course, if you are prevented, ask a companion who feels good to do it for you. This way you will collect all the evidence from the crash site while it is fresh. It is an opportunity to save all the details and prevent falsification or alteration of information. Data collection involves photographing damage to vehicles, tire tracks and other details at the scene of an accident. It is also important to write down everything you remember at that moment, because that can have a big impact on the outcome of your case.

4. Exchange of information

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This is the next important step you need to take. It refers to the exchange of information with other parties involved in the accident. In fact, the law requires you to do this when it comes to insurance and contact information with other drivers. For example, ask other people to introduce themselves to you. Also ask for information about insurance, address, truck number, etc. Based on this information, you can speed up the claims process.

5. Talk to witnesses

The search for information should not end with the participants in the collision. Look around so you don’t see witnesses. If you see them nearby, look for their contact information as well. You can ask them to stay and give a statement to the police. Their contact is of great importance, because your lawyer will be able to contact them later. Don’t forget the importance of witness testimony. Since accidents attract a lot of attention, we are sure that you will find a lot of people in your vicinity. Maybe someone among them saw what really happened and is willing to confirm it to the authorities. Things like this are in your best interest and so don’t forget to talk to people.

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Our advice is to take notes while talking to them, and you can also take notes if they allow. Anyone who has seen or observed this event in any way is a witness. These can be people who were driving another vehicle, bystanders, etc. If you are not comfortable, you do not have to take witness statements but leave it to the police. Unfortunately, people do not stay at the scene for long and once they leave them it is very difficult to track them down again. One of them may be a witness to help you with the case. Try not to leave things like this to chance, because they are valuable information.

6. Call a lawyer

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If you find yourself in a situation like this, call an expert to represent you immediately. And when we say expert, we don’t mean any good lawyer, but lawyer specialized in such type of things. A truck accident lawyers, like Plattner Verderame, will always find a way to cover all your medical treatments and compensate for the damage. Of course, the sooner you call attorney, the better the outcome of the case will be. Since such accidents can involve even several vehicles, the process can be very complicated.


In addition to all the above steps, there is another one that you must strictly follow. This refers to the posting of content on social networks immediately after the accident. Skip this, because it can only harm your case. If you want to talk to someone, limit yourself to your family, friends and call your lawyer.