Technological Innovations That Changed Our Lives

Believe it or not, but technology has left a mark in our lives. Hasn’t it changed things for us? Previously, you had to travel to get food, and now, you can order online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Likewise, the feature of online shopping is making everyone lazy to step out of their homes, but it is working in favor of businesses and customers.

Honestly, this is not the end of innovations; you have to welcome bigger and better innovations. After all, the future is all about self-driven technology, robots, smart homes, and self-driving cars. Every person is surrounded by technology in a way; they can’t realize the wonders it is doing for them. So, let us see how technological innovations changed our lives.

Voice Assistants

Source: MarTech Series

You might be living on the moon if you haven’t heard of Alexa or Echo-dot yet. It is a virtual assistant found in many homes, you have to pass instructions, and it follows it. It is a device that gives you automatic updates about everything. For instance – you want today’s newspaper, and it would read it out for you. After all, who thought they would be listening to music and making calls by giving orders to a robot.

These devices are more like Siri on your iPhone, but you don’t need to carry it everywhere. They have a long-distance range and can listen to you from far away. Besides, marketers also predict that in the coming years, people would use voice, rather than tapping their fingers. After all, don’t we enjoy sending voice messages to each other?

Internet of Things

Source: Computerworld

IoT is changing lives; they have come up with some impeccable technological trends that are difficult to ignore. It introduces the feature of smart homes where you can switch on and off lights through your smartphones. Similarly, it allows you to lock the doors of your entire house by making a few clicks.  Well, if you are looking forward to it, then do check for some incredible ideas.

Hence, alongside promoting a secure environment in the house, it is making lives easier. Older people living alone are getting systems installed for emergencies. These systems analyze their health and call the ambulance in any unforeseen circumstances. Hence, these technological innovations provide more support to humanity than other things.


In just a couple of years, phones have become mini-computers. It is crazy to think that we managed to go from the landline bulky phones to wireless small computers in only a few generations.

It was a gradual process but you can check the web, make calls, use various apps and even work on your phone. Even though technology has progressed, it still happens that we misplace our device and cannot find them. Technology has made our daily lives easier: we can now be less attentive because technology will help us. For example, if you left your phone and cannot remember where, use the service, which will make a free call to your number and you will find the phone.


Source: The Economic Times

Everyone thinks of coughing money on shares and making some investments, but did you ever think of virtual investments through virtual currencies? The concept of cryptocurrencies is making this possible since the bitcoin is considered to be the best investment in today’s world. Hence, this online world has also become a trading platform, allowing people to make loads of money.

At the same time, through blockchain technologies, you can also spend this money on footing your bills or online shopping. The transaction fees are way lower when paying cryptocurrencies than credit cards, helping you save some bucks. Besides, it makes international transactions easier since there is no middleman – banks or financial institutions. Honestly, technology has unmasked things that one couldn’t imagine, truly changing our lives.

Digital Media

Source: Instaboom

Who doesn’t enjoy social media and its amazing features? Nowadays, more than an entertainment platform, it is a market where people sell and buy things. It is allowing people to make purchases without getting out of their homes. In the beginning, people were skeptical about casting away money on a product without looking at it, but now, 91% of the people prefer online shopping.

Similarly, it has allowed kicking off an e-commerce business easier, even if people are short of finances. These e-commerce businesses don’t need any store, office, or employees because you can manage everything on your own. Alongside exposing you to countless opportunities, it is providing multiple benefits to everyone as well.

Online Payments

Source: Online Payments

Every bank has come up with its online banking app, allowing you to make online payments, pay utility bills, and transfer money into different accounts. Hence, it is offering a virtual banking experience that is changing how things work. You no longer have to stand in line to foot your electricity bills or pay children’s school fees. Everything gets done by tapping fingers.

Similarly, businesses have the flexibility of transferring salaries to their employee’s accounts. Besides, they no longer have to wait for banks to open because the feature of online banking is available 24/7, providing convenience to people. It ensures a quicker process since it takes minutes to transfer money into different bank accounts.

Final Word

By every means, it is right to say that technological innovations have changed our lives. It is providing benefits to almost every industry while changing the way things work. Besides, people also appreciate these changes, opening doors for further innovations in the future. So, look above to see the technological innovations that changed our lives.