Top 10 Blogs & Websites for Your Hunting Needs

Hunting was very famous in the past, especially during the primitive stages. People in this era will hunt to acquire their daily needs, such as food, medicine, and clothing. This has become part of their lives and honed it as an innate survival skill. Nowadays, people take hunting as a form of recreation and hobby. For some, it is a ritual to reminisce and give respect to their ancestors.

With that said, hunting these days has become a favorite outdoor activity for risk-takers and extreme challengers. More people are starting to like the idea of hunting. Most of them want to experience surviving in the wild, hunting for their food, but somehow they forgot how grave the risks are. When you consider going on a hunt, you have to be well-trained, be fully prepared, be knowledgeable of nature, and have self-control.

You can’t just hunt for the sake of your curiosity or just to put a checkmark on your to-do list. Joining a hunt without prior knowledge and training is like going on a battlefield without bringing any weapon. No, you have to be well trained and to do some research on everything that involves hunting. There are many websites and blogs that you can refer to when you want to learn anything related to hunting, including gears, equipment, tips, tricks, and many more.

Websites such as Lunde Studio, Deer&Deer hunting, and Apex predator will provide you with hunting techniques, tricks, guides, what are the best rifles to use for hunting, best gears, best whitetail hunting techniques, and many more. There are hundreds of websites out there that you can check, but if you are looking for the best of the best, we might help you with that. Here is a list of top 10 websites & blogs that you can look up to answer your hunting-related questions.

1. Lunde Studio

Source: Lunde Studio

Your training and knowledge will be useless if you don’t know anything about the right and proper equipment to use when you go on a hunt, especially when you want to try long-range hunting. Lunde studio provides tips and information about anything related to your hunting rifle. The website provides information about the different gears, rifles, scopes, and ammunition you should use on your specific hunt. Lunde Studio can also give you expert advice and strategies in enhancing your shooting skills. The information you’ll get from the blogs and articles came from gun experts, so it is like getting a piece of tried-and-tested advice from professionals and experts. This will even further guarantee how reliable the information is.


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HuntingLife is a website built to give resources about hunting and conservation news to the whole world. This website also provides you with reviews on the best hunting gears to use, gives podcasts about hunting, and many more. The website’s goal is to fully commit to spreading the news about what is happening in the outdoors, how hunting and conservation must team-up, proper protocols when hunting, and ensuring the hunter’s safety when they’re out in the wild.

3. Deer & Deer hunting

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In hunting, the most common animal that the hunters will try to hunt is a deer. If you are still a beginner and want to try this sport, you can start by studying how to hunt a deer. On this website, you can gain knowledge on the proper methods and techniques in hunting a deer. You can also learn more about deers at, their behavior, and biology so you can strategize better. They even share about hunting tactics and hunting products you can use during your hunt. But that doesn’t stop there. They also have information on the correct gears to use, current news about hunting, and different recipes when you want to cook your fresh hunt.


Source: BowHunting

If you want to get in touch with your heritage and try the traditional bow and arrow, then you might want to check out this website. has different articles, bow product reviews, tutorials on how to use a bow, forums, bow hunting videos, and many more. On this website, you would know everything related to bow hunting. You’ll learn more about the different bows, bow accessories, clothing, and gears, down to various tips and advice from experts on how to hunt using your bow and arrow. Take time reading and watching the resources on their site so you can better understand how bow hunting works.

5. Wired to Hunt

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This website is known for its informational podcast all about hunting. The podcasts are all about current deer hunting news, stories, tips, and strategies. They give lots of new specific strategies for the new generation hunters of whitetail. The people behind their podcast and website are all professional whitetail hunters. The podcasts tackle the big game or small game hunting on whitetail or wild turkey hunting. They also share different recipes if you want to reap your efforts and turn them into a delicious meal. Listening to their podcasts is like listening to an expert. Also, guaranteed you can learn a lot from them.


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When you want to know more about all western big game hunting or hunting an elk, this website is for you. Eastman’s website is all educating hunters on bow and rifle hunting. They provide information on the most recent tactics that you need to know about hunting. They also suggest gears and hunting area research for both bow and rifle hunting. If you’re interested in long-range hunting, you can definitely check them out.


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If you are into hunting ducks, then this website is perfect for you. This website is the biggest resource on the internet that is all about hunting ducks and conserving them. They provide tips, advice, and strategies on how to hunt ducks. The website also gives the correct gears and equipment to use when you go for a duck hunt. Additionally, if you find yourself in duck hunting, you will have to be equipped for it. You can start with the nice duck call devices that can be found on sites such as

8. Bone Collector


This website came from a TV show called the Bone Collector TV. The website aims to give entertainment and at the same time educate hunters on how to hunt different types of animals. The website specifies hunting deer, and in the TV show, they have a live deer cam that allows the viewers to observe a deer’s behavior and make different kinds of strategies from that. This is a fun way to learn more about hunting.

9. Addicted to Outdoors

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This website also came from a TV show and is all about a couple who are both interested in hunting. They have blog posts and video episodes that share tips, advice, strategies, and information about hunting. This website can motivate those aspiring hunters because it will show you a full POV on how to hunt, letting you see how amazing hunting would be.

10. Buck Masters

Source: MyOutdoorTV

This website gives entertainment and educates all hunters by giving current strategies and technologies to use when you want to hunt. The information and advice came from well-known and respected expert hunters in their field. They also conduct contests such as the Montana Whitetail Hunt giveaway and another where the winner is entitled to win a Yamaha Grizzly ATV. These contests will give hunters that thrill and make hunting fun, exciting, and challenging. This will also motivate new hunters to join the hunting world and show them how exciting hunting can be.