Top 6 Hottest Tourist Destinations in Vietnam for 2024

Visiting a foreign country that resides in the southern parts of Asia is bound to be exciting and beautiful. Well, since we’re discussing it, one such country is in fact Vietnam.
Most of you know or at least recognize Vietnam one way or another. Some of you might know it because of the war and others because of being the world’s biggest rice exporters.

But regardless, Vietnam is a beautiful country with stunning views and breathtaking scenery. If you look at the country from a world map perspective, you’d instantly notice how lengthy it is. It resides in Indochina and borders Cambodia, Laos, and China. The country also has access to the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand from the east and south.

But these are only general things about the country, and the title says something else entirely.

If you happen to be visiting the country anytime soon (which you should), then these are the hottest tourist destinations for 2024.

1. Sapa

Source: Civitatis

A lot of tour guides mention Sapa, but they fail to mention why it is so special.
Sapa is a very small town with under 10,000 inhabitants in the northern regions of the country, close to the Laos border.

What’s so special about this place is the surrounding areas. The town itself lies in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, and it is a very popular trekking destination.

The best sighs can be seen here, and it can make anyone fall in love with the romantic beauty this country offers. If you happen to be visiting Vietnam, then you most definitely have to come here and do some trekking and exploring. Not only will the town and region revitalize you with fresh air, but will also help you connect spiritually with nature and self.

2. Ha Long Bay

Source: Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a very special place for the country and its inhabitants. Not only is this a UNESCO protected World Heritage site, but one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay lies in the northeast parts of the country, on the South China Sea. The place is a scatter of smaller and biggest islands that can be explored by boat. But in between all of them is a formati9on of large mountainous rocks that make the whole place very special.

What’s even more exciting is that Ha Long Bay has a lot of caves for you to explore. Each of these is located in the mountainous rocks and poses a very popular activity that tourists cannot wait to do. Out of all the caves in the place, three are categorized as mammoth caverns. Upon visiting one, you will instantly notice why these three are so special and so popular.

3. Hue

Source: The Crazy Tourist

Hue is a town in central Vietnam and was once the center of the great Vietnamese Empire. Hue is a cultural and historic hub, with many temples, pagodas, and historic landmarks attracting tourists every year.

The small town is so historic and well-known that UNESCO has labeled it as a World Heritage site, the 2nd of the country. Hue has also access to the South China Sea, and you can even visit there to experience one of Vietnam’s most beautify beaches. Easily categorized as the most royal place in all of Vietnam, Hue will be a historic and cultural experience matched by no other.

To visit Hue, and every other destination in the country, you must obtain a Visa. And while there are some Visa-exempt nationalities, the best way to know and be sure about it is to visit this website. Here, not only will you get answers on every Visa-related question, but you can also obtain one before your travels.

4. Ho Chi Minh City

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The name of the city might sound unfamiliar. Its historic name is Saigon and lies in the southern region of the country. The city has access to the South China Sea and it is a very popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world.

This city is very special; so special that no one misses the chance of visiting it.
If you do a quick Google search, you will instantly notice why it is so special. Namely, Ho Chi Minh City is popular for its contrasting colors. It is the border between the new and old in the country. The city is also the commercial hub of the country, and it is one of the most vibrant and energetic places in all of Vietnam.

Once you visit Ho Chi Minh, you will notice the sheer number of motorcycles that allow people to easily navigate the city. One thing you must do in Ho Chi Minh is sample the radiant nightlife.

5. Phu Quoc

Source: Blue Swan Daily

One thing the country has is exotic beaches with golden sands and calm seas. If 50% of your country’s border was with the sea, then you too would be widely-famous for it.
But none are so renowned and known as Phu Quoc beach. Phu Quoc is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. If you see it on the map, you’d think it belongs to Cambodia, but it is, in fact, part of Vietnam.

Unlike other islands around the world, Phu Quoc is untouched by modern development and technological advancements, making it the perfect vacation getaway.
There are lots of things to do in Phu Quoc, but the vast majority of the island is a National Park. Also, the island is a protected marine environment that the Vietnamese take very seriously.

6. Hanoi

Source: World Travel Guide

The capital of the country, Hanoi is an elegant experience that lies in the northern parts of the country on the delta of Red River. The capital is widely renowned for its century-old architectural style due to Chinese and French influences.

A mixture of both cultures, Hanoi can charm any traveler that chooses to pass by it or reside it in. With lots of places to see and explore, Hanoi should be on the very top of your bucket list, if you’re interested in architecture, history, and culture.