Top 7 Ideas to Enhance Your Roof in 2024

A roof is one of the most critical aspects of a home, but it isn’t always the most curb appealing. There are several steps that you can take to make your roof look nicer, as well as make it act more efficiently for your home’s needs.

1. Change Up the Tiles

Not all roofs need to be made of the same small, black, asphalt squares or reddish terracotta tiles. There is a huge variety of different types of tiles that can be applied to add style and functionality.

  • Tiles can come in a variety of earth tones to make a natural-looking mosaic on the roof.
  • These are often made from slate and are not only durable but aesthetically pleasing.
  • There are also metallic colors or materials like copper that can add character and appeal to a home.
  • There are even wood grain texture looks that add a unique factor!
  • The shape doesn’t have to be rectangular either! Going with a more rounded shape or castle type diamond can make the roof look more appealing.
  • You can also choose a fish scale, scalloped, or flat shape to make your roof look more appealing.
Source: Energy Saving Trust

2.  Solar Panels

These dark blue panes are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer functionality. They pay for themselves, save you money on electricity and are a great way to go green! According to Harness, Solar Panels are a great thing to add to a new roof or if you are considering an upgrade.

Many states and localities offer rebates and incentives to help with the higher price tag.
Once the system is paid off, you begin to save money by no longer paying a power company or having a HUGE discount on your bill.

There are some amazing companies out there that can help you to use solar energy to make your home more efficient, look great, and have a long life on your roof.

3. Get Great Gutters

Gutters can be the biggest pain when you have to clean them out. They trap debris, can cause water to pool, or flow from the middle and are a headache to handle. While you’re up there installing a roof or looking for an upgrade, look at your gutters.

  • While you can change the color of the pipe, the water flow, or the aesthetic sections, you can also improve the functionality.
  • You can go with a low maintenance gutter that you don’t have to scrape clean constantly, prevents clogs, and doesn’t stain.
  • This can save you money later from having to have them repaired or replaced not to mention the damage they could cause if the water isn’t responsibly redirected.
enhance your roof
Source: Medium

4. Consider Additional Insulation or Ventilation

No matter where you live, your roof and attic could benefit from a better-insulated roofing jobs. Any roof can be improved by considering the elements and adjusting.

  • In areas with hotter summers or warmer weather, allowing ventilation and the heat to escape can make your home cooler and lessen the load on your air conditioner.
  • In colder areas, adding insulation can add years to the roof. It not only acts to help with temperature but prevents damage from vast temperature shifts.
  • In areas of cold and heavy snow, using an eave flashing will prevent moisture from entering your home. This is especially important if you have ice dams that form on your roof.

Ensuring that your attic is ventilated and insulated can help with your energy efficiency and save you in the long run. You should make sure that any lining and airflow are maintained.

5. Aim for Efficient

When you select a shingle type, look for a kind that is energy efficient. You’ll want one that not only looks nice but also saves you on your power bill. While the liners, airflow are important as well, every small step you take can improve the look and quality of your roof.

Light colors can help to keep heat out.
There is also metal, reflective, or metallic like shingles that look just as nice as they work.
You can also add a radiant heat barrier- a layer of reflective material to keep heat out.

Source: State Construction Inc.

6. Cap the Chimney

Different from a usual cap that keeps out the animals and rain, you can install an airtight seal. This can save you on energy and keep the warm air in. These are activated by a spring and can be opened from inside with a simple pull on a cord.

This simple step can insulate your home and save on heating.
These are easily installed by a roofer or carpenter during their work on your roof

7. Consider a Raise!

While it costs a little bit, the investment is paid back in value. Having vaulted or higher ceilings are often highly sought after qualities in a home. There are many benefits to doing this and it is a big decision, but worth it for the open feel for many.

  • It makes your home seem larger.
  • It can increase energy efficiency, making it easier to heat and cool.
  • It increases the value of the home.
  • You can add more windows to the home or change doors.
  • Keep in mind, this isn’t possible for all roofs.
  • The HVAC and wiring will also need to be moved in many cases.
Source: Renew

There are several ways to change up your roof for the better. You can add value, efficiency, looks, and the lifespan of the roof. You should consider talking to a professional and see what options are available in your area. You can not only increase the value of your home but change the complete look with some simple roof improvements.