The Best Transcription Services And Software In 2023


If you have ever transcribed audio or video files into textual format then you definitely don’t want to repeat your experience. The transcribing process is very slow, exhausting, time-consuming, and thankfulness. An individual will struggle for hours to receive a small piece of a job done.

That’s why professional transcription services like Transcriberry are in demand. A customer only needs to share podcasts, videos, audios, or other files. Then experts will do the job and transcribe content into textual format.

What to do if you need transcribing help

Customers have many reasons to transcribe content. You may need it for work, education, personal purposes, etc. Usually, users do this annoying job because they want:

– to make content accessible and searchable for other people;

– to improve the speed of content creation because speaking is faster than typing;

– to create textual versions of audio and video files for easy sharing;

– to convert audio or visual data into textual for future reference.

Don’t worry about the reason for using professional help because you are interested in high-quality results only. That’s why your first step is to select the most suitable option for you: automated or human transcription services. There are both advantages and disadvantages to each option.

For instance, human transcriptionists have the highest accuracy level but their services cost more money and take extra time compared to using automated software. You’ll definitely prefer this option if you need to transcribe business documents you have no time to edit after your transcriptionist.

At the same time, automated apps’ accuracy level goes up to 80% and takes a few minutes to convert your files. Such an approach is great for students who need to transcribe speeches or lectures into textual formats because they will only refer to the original source and edit quotes in the academic papers. So it’s up to you to decide the most appropriate solution.

The next and final step is to select the software or company you want to work with. Remember that if you are interested in high-quality results you should make a wise choice.

TOP-10 options to transcribe your content


Here is the list of reliable and trustworthy options you can rely on. Among them, you can find human experts in transcription and applications based on speech recognition technology. Which one is better – this is only you can decide. Pick up an option that suits your expectations and requirements the most.

Here is the full list of services you can use. All of them are trustworthy, reputable, responsible, and professional.


This is one of many professional services that can provide a customer with comprehensive assistance. But it definitely differs from others with a long list of positive signs. is the best choice for influencers, bloggers, journalists, marketers, teachers, students, and other people interested in transcribing. They will find essential services there: human and automated transcription. In the future, the company plans to establish subtitling which means perspectives for customers.

Transciberry is a team of professional transcriptionists with excellent skills in converting verbal content into written content. Its experts are well-known for their huge experience and expertise in this field. As a result, you are welcome to use assistance for your purposes anytime and anywhere.



If you need an expert opinion to choose among available transcription teams, then take a look at Sonix. It is famous for its cooperation with worldwide giants like Adobe, Warner Bros, Uber, and others. In general, there are more than 40 million customers who use Sonix regularly.

You can find great automated solutions for subtitling videos and transcribing audios. There are just 3 simple steps between you and the final draft of your content: create an account, upload your media, and polish the transcript. The process takes up to 5 minutes only.


Otter is a company that takes all benefits of modern technologies and provides every customer with them. It is one of the audio transcription services that uses Artificial Intelligence to make a written copy of audio and video files.

The main particularity of is an opportunity to integrate the service with popular communication software and make a real-time transcription. Feel free to import files from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meet, and other software.

You can use desktop software or install an app on an iOS or Android smartphone. It means you can successfully work with verbal content using any device you are convenient with. There is a free package that provides customers with 600 minutes per month.



The company Transcribe by Wreally has multiple transcribing options for customers. You may order their so-called Magical Automatic Transcription, Voice Type with Dictation, or Self Transcription. The first option is based on automated software and the next two are performed by professional human transcriptionists.

Here are other essential advantages of Transcribe by Wreally: it supports more than 60 languages, works offline, and has strong data protection. That’s why many customers use regularly. Take into account that the price for its services is quite high: be ready to pay at least $20 per year for automated and human services.


Descript transcription experts are keen on transcribing audio only but their great performance makes the company be on the list of the best transcription teams. It guarantees customers 100% accuracy because all jobs will be done by human experts.

Lately, the company has increased the number of services and added a  screen recorder, video and podcast editors. Get these options for free if your file is no longer than 3 hours. Besides a professional approach, also takes care of your security and data confidentiality.



If you are looking for open-source software for transcribing verbal content then here it is. It allows a customer to use all important options like pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. to control the process of self-transcription.

Every user is able to use for free. Besides, there are many extra advantages people like. For instance, automatic backups, mouse-free navigation, combined text and video editor in one window, offline services, etc.


If you need free transcription software and can use self-instruments then hurry up to try Inqscribe. Despite certain limits in the free version, customers have an opportunity to transcribe audio and video files without any issue.

What is great – is you can use even if you don’t have a similar experience and your computer isn’t the most modern one. Its intuitive interface and useful tutorials will easily explain to a user how to make things right. Thanks to low system requirements, you don’t need very powerful gadgets to make transcriptions.



Most iOS and macOS users know about Trint. This company’s assistance is known for great compatibility with Apple gadgets. All Trint transcription services are available on the official website and in the App Store for mobile gadgets. Besides the full compatibility with Apple devices, is also a great choice for Windows users.

At the moment you can transcribe content from 31 languages. The variety of supported formats also impresses. Among the most popular input formats are MP3, AVI, M4A, WMA, etc. You can save the final draft of textual content in DOCX, CSV, HTML. and other formats.


If you are not sure what type of transcription assistance to select you may find answers on Audex. This company has both options for human and automated help. The first one guarantees 99% accuracy compared to the second one with 80% accuracy. Anyway, there is also an inbuilt editor for customers who want to correct textual content.

Just take into account that doesn’t have any free plans. You need to pay $1.2 per minute of human transcription or buy a subscription of $30 per month or $12 per hour of automated services. Good news – you can receive an extra discount by ordering 10 and 20-hour audio at once.



If you plan to use both options – the assistance of human experts and automated transcription software – then Rev is a great choice. This company offers customers a variety of services based on professional human skills and Artificial Intelligence. It’s your chance to rely on modern technologies to reach your goals.

It is said that the Rev team is able to transcribe content with 99% accuracy. This is an awesome level of professionalism that not every team of experts can be proud of.

Customers may order not only transcribing but also professional subtitling services. Besides, the company works around the clock so urgent orders are processed quite fast. This is a great advantage and unique feature of Rev.

All these professional services are the best you can find on the market. Using such great tools you’ll be able to boost productivity, save time, and organize essential content in proper formats. So take all the advantages of working with transcription teams and prefer only the best to reach your goals!