4 Types of Slot Tournaments & Where to Find Them

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Being involved in an activity and considering it more than a hobby is amazing. It means that you always have something to look forward to at the end of the day, something that is yours and that makes you happy. Not everyone manages to find that certain something that makes them want to look forward to a new day, preferably one without responsibilities, but those who do know exactly how great it can be. It may take some time for you to shuffle through things people typically do as a hobby. In the end, if sports are not your thing and you already exercise, if you care little for movies, shows, or video games, and if you want more than music and good food to spend your time on, how about trying gambling? Gambling in the modern sense of the word is much different from what it used to mean years, especially decades ago.

Times Change

Back then, gambling meant playing casino games and wagering on their outcome and it was done at local establishments that had casino gambling licenses. Then the internet came and change everything when it introduced online gambling. Nothing was ever the same as now the online gambling variety is a whole industry on its own. The most popular type of games are of course slots, just like it used to be the case with brick-and-mortar casinos. If you have ever been at a casino resort, you know full well how many slot machines there are inside, especially when compared to other games like poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, and the rest of them. The same is true for the online variety as slots are the undisputed kings when it comes to diversity and quantity.

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Why Are Slots So Popular?

Developers and services that make slots have also finessed their craft and incorporated the best gameplay elements, graphic, and sounds that they can which resulted in slot machines with special features, themes, and all sorts of nuances. They are practically video games you can win money from. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular with the new generation of amateur gamblers, but the true real reason has never changed. The original reason why slots captured the attention of anyone who played them is the simplicity of the basic premise. Changing it would mean slot machines are no longer the same game everyone loves and keeps coming back to.

Put a coin or money inside, pull the lever, and look at the symbols spin. You either win or you lose. Whatever happens, happens in a few seconds. And then it is time to do it again. Quick, easy, simple, and fun. Nothing has changed in the online world, except there is more fun and the possibilities are endless. Modern software controls the random number generator instead of the old school mechanics so the chances to win are even lower, but nobody thinks about that when they are having fun. There is no way to get better, to tactics, or outsmart the machine. This is not poker. It is all about luck and randomness, resulting in miniscule, barely existent chances to win even the smaller prizes let alone jackpots.

Enter Tournaments

As weird as it may seem, slot machines are actually so popular that there are even tournaments dedicated to them. In the second part of the article we talk about all the different types and where you can enter one. If you are passionate about gambling, it will surely be interesting for you. It will also be fun if you are just starting to gamble and want a new way to play the slots you already tried. The premise is easy: the players chose the game, paly it over a period of time, and whoever collects the most winnings gets the grand prize at the end of the contest.

When it comes to finding them, you are able to do it on most casino online but also in land-based establishments. Most of them are public so that more people can get in on the action. Chances are your chosen casino has one right now. They are affairs that usually last around 20 minutes or 250 spins on average, but some last for hours, days, maybe even a week. Most are quite exclusive and short though. There is a leaderboard with the top-scoring players and how much they have won so far, which is the amount you will want to get on.

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1. Free Tourneys

These do not require an entry fee and basically anyone can play them. All you need to do is register at the online casino and open an account. These are also called free roll tournaments and often include a lot of free spins and other prizes other than cash. Risking no money to win some? Yes, please!

2. Regular Deposit Tournaments

These function just like any other time you play a slot. You need to deposit a certain amount of money and you gamble away until you have balance. The winnings are calculated towards a better position on the leaderboard and whoever wins the most with a set amount gets the prize. There can also be an unlimited deposit tournament where everyone is free to continue spinning for as long as they want.

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3. Invite-Only Tournaments

For these tournaments to come your way, you need to be doing something special. If you are a VIP or a long time member of an online casino, you should not worry too much. Players who spend a certain amount gambling and go over a threshold can also get invited to slot tournaments. Basically, you need to be a player in good standing with the game operator, the casino, or with whomever organizes the competition. Do not bother looking for an invite if you do not get one already.

4. Grand Prize Tournaments

Cash is the obvious reward in most gambling competitions, but oftentimes there is a special reward waiting for the champion of a slot tournament. It can be a valuable prize that is not money. Although prize pools are typically in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes it can be a car or a valuable commodity like the newest smartphone or a huge TV.