7 Unique Features That Samsung Phones Have

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Having a Samsung phone like a galaxy a03, samsung galaxy a13, and the latest ones gives you a lot of useful features, but some of them are not something you can find on other Android devices or other platforms. If you are about to buy a new Samsung device or you simply want to become more familiar with the unique possibilities which your phone is giving you, let us introduce some unique features of Samsung phones.

1. Hiding Your Apps

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Having a lot of apps that you don’t use but might be useful one day? Samsung gives you the chance not to delete, but to hide them. With this feature, you can have as many apps as you want without the risk of getting one cluttered screen. Do you want to use this feature? All you have to do is to open your drawer, tap the three dots on the top right, and select Settings. Voila! This is the place where you can hide or unhide your apps on most Samsung phones like Samsung Galaxy a3, Samsung Galaxy a13 and etc. especially the apps which are preinstalled by Samsung itself or Google and are not going to be deleted-Land!

2. Optimize Whenever You Need

Optimization is the key to having one hard die phone and Samsung phones are something at optimizing. If you have ever checked the Battery and device care on your setting, you might have known there is an optimized now button there. By choosing this feature you can take advantage of having a healthy battery, good security, free storage, etc. For instance, you might feel your phone needs to be checked because of some issues, at this moment all you have to do is to tap the “optimize now” button and let the system find duplicates, apps that are killing your battery, etc.

3. The Secret Folder Of Your Own

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Do you have some sort of documents that should be protected by any cost? You don’t have to pay a lot when you have a Samsung phone, it will be your free chamber of secrets. Most mid-range or flagship Samsung phones, like samsung galaxy a03, galaxy a13, and M series, give you a place where you can save all your precious Data, without getting worried about hackers. Your Documents will be safe and every time you need to check on them you should use a pattern, your fingerprint, or a PIN Code, Otherwise, even you are not allowed in!

For using this feature you should choose settings, Biometrics and Security, and Secure Folder.

4. Recording With Both Rear And Selfie Camera

Everyone needs to record a video or take a photo from their very special moments or even the ordinary ones _ which are still special- and Samsung gives you everything you need to do so. Samsung Galaxy camera apps are very powerful, giving you the chance to edit your photos like a pro, take beautiful photos in dark places, etc.

Looking forward to more? The latest versions of Samsung phones have a feature called Director’s mode. It simply gives you the opportunity to record with both the selfie and rear camera simultaneously.

5. Samsung DeX

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Yes! Editing tools are great but sometimes your files, photos or any sort of documents are too much to handle on your phone and you need to get back to some peripherals on your pc. At this moment take a second to think twice! You have a Samsung phone and the Samsung DeX is at your service. You can use this feature to operate your phone with a mouse, a keyboard, etc. All you need is some hardware and a Galaxy S series phone. This feature is not available on mid-range phones like the A series (Samsung galaxy a13, galaxy a03) or M series (M02, M12,…)

6. Wireless Power Share

Remember that friend of yours who’s always running out of battery or you might be that person yourself. If you or your friends are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, don’t hesitate to use the “wireless power share” feature on your device. With this special feature, you are able to charge other Galaxy devices and even accessories. You can simply use this feature by choosing wireless power share from your notification panel.

7. Writing On A Locked Screen

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Your screen is locked and all of a sudden you have to write down an important Idea, a number, or anything else. With a Samsung stylus, a locked screen won’t be a problem. You don’t need to unlock it. You can tap the screen with your stylus while holding the top button and right away the writing is available. This feature gives you the possibility of being fast – not furious- but very calm and present in the moment.

8. Getting A Great Variety Of Gestures

Most Android devices offer gestures that help you to use your phone better. So if you tap your phone’s screen once, it wakes up after it has been inactive for a while. If you tap it twice, it helps you zoom the screen. This gesture is especially useful while viewing images on the screen. However, double taps and pinching on the screen are common gestures, and the latest Samsung phones offer you much more than these plain vanilla options. So in a Samsung phone, you can do away with the physical navigation button on the bottom of your phone and get the entire navigation system on your screen instead. To get all the navigation buttons on the screen, you just need to select Setting, then go to the Navigation Bar, followed by the option for Full Screen Gesture.

Apart from this, Samsung models also allow gestures that you swipe from top to bottom and vice versa. Most phones have the option of swiping in the horizontal (right to the left) direction, buy Samsung models allow you to swipe in the vertical direction as well. So if you want to swipe in the vertical direction, you need to go to Settings, followed by Navigation Bar, Gesture, and More, to select the option to swipe from top to bottom.

9. Setting Different Vibrations For Different Callers

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Most Android phones allow you to set separate ringtones for different callers, but Samsung goes one step beyond setting caller-specific ringtones. So if you want to set caller-specific vibrations, all you have to do is go to your Contact List, then select Edit, View More, and then choose the vibration that you like corresponding to a given contact in your contact list. However, at present, there are only a limited number of vibration patterns available, and you will probably have to repeat some patterns; nonetheless, this is a great feature that other companies do not yet offer.

10. Choosing A Single Hand Use Mode

A single hand mode allows you to type and scroll comfortably using a single hand. Most modern phones are really broad, and it is almost impossible for any person to be able to navigate both ends of the screen with equal ease. So there is a feature that scales down the size of the screen in such a manner that you can easily access the entire screen with a single hand. So if you are one of those people who does not like to engage both hands while using their phone, then this feature is a must for you.

11. Transforming The Phone Into A Gaming Device

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Gaming devices have special features like great battery power, device cooling mechanism, quick response time, etc. However, installing the Game Launcher app can transform the latest Samsung model into a gaming device. Once you have installed this app, your battery power goes into saving mode. Moreover, you can mute the noise from your video game without putting your entire phone on mute.