10 Amazing Ways to Lower Your Monthly Cable Bill

Cable services are quite popular across the USA because of their strong infrastructure and top-notch quality. If you are a subscriber of quality services like Spectrum cable plans for more details click here, then you might be able to enjoy hundreds of HD channels and on-demand content.

A cable subscription, such as those advertised on s9.com, is a great investment as this allows you to watch live sports, drama, and on-demand movies. Having a cable subscription at home will also prevent you from heavily relying on the internet and ensure that your family and friends can bond together over TV.

But some people will also find it quite difficult to stay on budget with the huge cable bills. Having cable at home can be fun for many, but not all subscribers are fond of paying expensive bills. This is especially true for homeowners who currently have several financial responsibilities on their plates.

This guide will provide you list of all the different and effective ways in which you can lower your monthly cable bill.

1. Consider All the Options

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Before choosing a TV or Internet package, you should know about all the top providers. Read online reviews and find out which provider offers the cheapest and most reliable services. Some service providers’ services might look expensive at first. But see if they are offering any deals extra.

If this is your first time to choose a cable provider, it’s vital that you consider all of the available options and spend time to conduct adequate research. As a paying customer, you should know what the service covers and how much your monthly charges will be. The more you know about these cable providers, the easier it’ll be for you to choose the right fit based on your needs and budget.

Also, consider the price hike after the promotional period is over. If it’s too much, then the service is probably not the right choice for you. Also, consider if the service provider is offering any contracts and if there will be an early termination fee. Only after considering these factors, you should make a choice.

2. The Option of Subscribing to Another Package

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If you feel like the current package is not according to your needs, then you can downsize it. In this way, you can reduce your monthly costs. A smaller package might suit you more. If you can’t find a more suitable package, you can consider switching to another cable provider.

The other provider might provide you a cheaper package with the same services. But do consider if there are any early termination fees. In this way, you can avoid paying extra charges.

3. Get Rid of Extra Cable Boxes

If you have a subscription to a quality TV package, you might also have several cable boxes at your home. Consider if you need those extra cable boxes. Depending upon the kind of service provider you choose, these extra cable boxes might cost you up to $20 per month.

Also, consider if you need a DVR. You can consider watching those shows and movies after a few days. You don’t have to record them and pay extra. If you can compromise on these kinds of needs, then your monthly bill will significantly get reduced.

4. Do Away with the Add-Ons

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Add-ons can significantly increase your monthly cable bill as well. If you pay a monthly subscription for premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME extra, then consider how many shows you watch on these channels. If the number is only one or two, then you should consider getting rid of these channels.

If you a sports add-on, you can also consider unsubscribing to it. This is because you might have to pay an additional regional sports fee as well. This can significantly increase your monthly bill. So, if you are not that big of a sports lover, you should consider getting rid of this add-on.

5. Buy Your Own Equipment

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You should also consider buying your own equipment instead of renting it from your cable service provider. This is because your service provider might charge extra for the equipment. So, have a look at all the available equipment in the market before renting it from your service provider.

You can also consider buying a gateway instead of a separate modem and router. In this way, you can greatly reduce costs. But make sure that the gateway is of the latest version. Because if it isn’t, then you might face difficulty in changing the router setting and enjoying other features.

6. Consider Bundling

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Bundling is another great option to reduce monthly costs. If you want to enjoy crisp TV and Internet services at home, then consider all the bundling options offered by your provider. Choose one according to your needs. This can also allow you to enjoy other perks.

Also, the Internet speeds might be better and the connection might be more reliable. You might be able to enjoy a better channel range and a great TV app. This can enhance your overall in-home entertainment experience.

7. Have a Closer Look at the Cable Bill

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Go through your monthly cable bill in detail. See if some of the extra charges can be avoided. For instance, you might have an add-on that you might not need. Similarly, you might be okay with SD quality as well.

So, you can consider these things to reduce your monthly bill. Having a closer look at the cable bill might also help you to consider other plans and bundles by the same provider.

If you don’t have any idea how your cable bill is computed, reach out to your provider and ask questions. Get as much information as you can about your cable bill and ask whether certain services can be eliminated from your current subscription.

8. Negotiate With Your Cable Provider

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Don’t think that you have no choice but to compromise on a huge cable bill. Go through your cable bill and the services that are quite expensive. After that, consider some factors like:

  • Are you a reliable customer?
  • Do you pay your bills on time?
  • For long have you been subscribing to this provider’s services?
  • Do you have better options are available in your area?

After finding the answers to these questions, call your cable service provider. Build your rapport and ask if the provider can offer you a discount or a better offer. If he/she doesn’t agree, then inform him/her about other service providers’ better deals. If this still doesn’t work, you should switch to a different provider.

9. Switch to a Cheaper Cable Provider

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If your current provider’s services are too expensive for you, consider switching to a cheaper provider. You can seek a top provider’s customer service like the Spectrum support to subscribe to its affordable services. In this way, you can also reduce costs and stay on budget.

You can also ask for help from your friends and family and inquire if they know any cable provider that charges less.

10. Cut the Cord

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Finally, if none of these options has worked for you, you can consider cutting the cord altogether. If you are a hardcore TV show and movie lover, you can subscribe to some reliable online streaming services. Streaming services are usually a cheaper option for you if you already have reliable Internet service at home.

Look For Solutions

Having a cable subscription can be beneficial in many ways, but paying expensive charges can take a toll on your life. This is especially true if your family is growing or if you have more important responsibilities to take care of.

If you see yourself making ends meet because of an expensive cable bill, use this article as your guide to help you save money. With the number of options presented, you’ll be able to find a solution that can help cut costs on your cable bills while still being able to watch your favorite shows and movies.