What is Big Data and Hadoop Certification and What Are the Benefits

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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the data that is produced in a single day. It is estimated that, all over the world, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced in one single day. To handle this kind of data, companies hire professionals who have been trained to deal with a large amount of data and provide them with valuable insights that will help their business grow. A Big Data and Hadoop Certification will help you learn the basics of big data and will train you on how to use the Hadoop frameworks to process the data. The training that is provided for this certification will give you a hands-on experience of Big Data Analytics. You will also be given projects to work on and use your newly-learned skills practically. This certification will help you secure a good job. It can also help you to move up the ladder in your organization.

The Big Data and Hadoop certification are one of the best ways to upgrade your career in the Big Data sector. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of big data and get an in-depth knowledge of how big data is analyzed. Once you learn and understand the fundamentals, you will be taught about the tools and methods that are used to extract data. You will also get to learn various debugging techniques and how to write code in MapReduce. Along with this, you will also be trained in Hadoop Distributed File System, YARN, and Hadoop frameworks like Apache Pig, Sqoop, Apache Hive, and Flume.

What are the benefits of getting a Big Data and Hadoop certification?

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There are various benefits of getting a  KnowledgeHut’s Big Data and Hadoop certification. By enrolling in this course and getting certified, you can learn the basic aspects of Big Data management and the Hadoop framework. It is a great way to enhance your qualifications and get additional certification to showcase your skills. As the production and usage of data increase significantly over time, almost all industries have begun to incorporate tools and methods which help them deal with big data and keep up with the dependence on data. Due to the increase in the volume of the data used in the day-to-day operations of businesses, the demand for professionals who have sufficient knowledge of big data and Hadoop framework is also increasing. Therefore, you should get certified as a Big Data and Hadoop specialist to get the best out of this unique opportunity. This certification will be beneficial for both freshers and working professionals. It will help you develop and update your skills and will play a significant role in your career growth.

  • Demand for big data specialists is at an all-time high. As every industry is using data to help with and validate their business decisions, organizations want to hire professionals who have the knowledge to deal with huge amounts of data. The data that has been gathered is often not structured and difficult to understand. Therefore, it has to be organized before it can be of any use. Analysis of the data can only be accomplished after the data has been processed. In the present day and age, there are very few organizations that do not use data as their primary source of consumer insight. This leads to data analysis being a very important part of making strategic business decisions. There are not many people who pursue professional certification in Big Data and Hadoop and therefore the demand for such skilled and talented specialists is high. Organizations are always looking for individuals who can use data to get better insights for them.
  • The Big Data and Hadoop certification will help you begin your career. As a fresher, every person wants a job that is in a reputed organization, pays well, teaches you important things and helps your overall development. Securing such a job right after your studies is a difficult task. Therefore, you should have something that others around you aiming for that same job don’t have. To get an edge over your competitors, you should enroll in a certification course such as the Big Data and Hadoop course. This will ensure that you have unique skills. Employers always look for candidates who have better qualifications and a unique skill set. By completing the Big Data and Hadoop training, you can secure a great job with big companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Cisco. These companies hire data specialists who decipher a large amount of data daily.
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  • If you are a working professional and are unable to get promotions, you should update your skills. This will help your employer notice your efforts. The Big Data and Hadoop certification will be a great addition to your qualifications as it will help in enhancing your career opportunities. You can show your employer that you are a dedicated person who upgrades their skills to suit the needs of the present day. Along with this, if you are looking to switch your careers to a different field or industry, this certification will help you do that. As data is used in every field of work, the opportunities are endless in every place of work. By pursuing and completing this certification course, you can easily apply for jobs in your desired sector. This certificate will boost your confidence, give you practical skills, and will help you make the correct decisions for your career.
  • Data specialists are paid for handsomely for their job. You can improve your earning potential by getting this certification. The average salary of a big data specialist is estimated by ZipRecruiter and is approximately $130,000 per annum on an average. According to SprintZeal, the demand for professionals who are trained and skilled in dealing with big data is at an all-time high. Therefore, companies offer competitive salaries to their data specialists. This Big Data and Hadoop certification can help you improve your salary and move up the ladder in your organization.